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Welcome to the new Soundgarage Website! 


This is the new home for resources we use in your children’s Soundgarage lessons - every resource we use at school will be available here (so no more crumpled bits of paper at the bottom of bags!). We have uploaded these, and a range of other resources to keep you busy and playing music at home.


Use the school resources tab to find Footscray West Primary School, and then navigate to the relevant page.


You may be asked to enter a login and password for some of the resources, which is as follows:

Login: MFI

Password:  55GG77


We hope you find this new resource useful! If you have any questions or feedback about the website, please contact John at



The Soundgarage Team








6SM performing 'Post Malone'




6MP performing 'Post Malone'



6TS performing 'Circles'


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