Anyone visiting Footscray West Primary School during school hours must report and sign in at the office.

If you need to collect your child early from school you must sign them out and give their teacher an Early Dismissal Pass from the office.


Playground supervision before and after school

  • The grounds are supervised from 8:45 – 9.00am and from 3.30 -3:45pm
  • Staff on duty wear clearly identifiable vests
  • Children should not be left unattended at school outside of supervised hours
  • Out of Hours Care is provided onsite by TheirCare 

The playground and oval are fully supervised at recess and lunch

  • Staff on duty wear clearly identifiable vests

Families who live locally are encouraged to walk to school

  • Preps and Juniors are not permitted to walk to or from school alone
  • Preps will only be dismissed by their Class Teacher when a parent or designated carer collects them
  • All students should travel directly to and from school and must use school crossings
  • Supervised crossings are located in Argyle, Essex, Blandford and Barkly Streets

If you do drive:

  • Cars must be parked legally and at a safe distance from all school crossings
  • Fines may be issued for double-parking or parking in no-standing zones
  • Parents’ cars are not to be driven or parked in the school grounds
  • The car park is for staff parking only.  Parents may only use the car park before 8:00 am and after 4:00 pm to drop off or collection of students attending TheirCare.


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