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Individual student reports



At Footscray West Primary we have a whole school approach to assessment. This enables us to have a comprehensive understanding of each student achievements. Assessment instruments include benchmark and progressive achievement tests in core learning areas, pre and post unit assessment, classroom work, work samples and observation. Students also develop the capacity to set goals, reflect on their learning and self-assess as part of this process.


All gathered data is regularly analysed and used to inform our evidence based approach to teaching as well as within our staff coaching program.


Parents are provided with comprehensive written reports twice yearly in June and December, and are supported by learning diaries or digital portfolios that include curriculum rubrics/feedback comments on your child's achievement across the curriculum. Time is provided for parents to meet the teacher early in term 1 and then to discuss student reports in June via parent teacher interviews or student led conferences.  If needed, parents can make a time to meet with staff after report distribution in December.


Parents and teachers also meet regularly across the year as needs arise. Parents are welcome to make appointments with class teachers at mutually agreeable times.


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