Assessment & Reporting


At Footscray West Primary we have a whole school approach to assessment which is rigorous and planned to enable responsive teaching. The assessment tools include diagnostic, formative and summative assessments which provide both achievement and progress data which are used to inform teaching and learning planning and programs. All gathered data is systematically and regularly analysed by the teaching teams in our Professional Learning Community meetings. We also focus on developing our students’ capacity to set goals, reflect on their learning and self-assess as part of this process.


Written Reports

Twice yearly, in June and December, parents are provided with comprehensive written reports, through the school’s Compass Parent Portal. These reports provide parents with information about their child’s achievement and progress against the Victorian Curriculum F-10 achievement standards in the classroom learning subjects, as well as our specialist programs.

Each report contains:

  • Outlines of the curriculum covered in the reporting semester.
  • Teacher judgement scores against the achievement standards of the curriculum, including an indication of progress from the last time the curriculum area was reported on.
  • Five-point scales when reporting on student achievement and progress for all curriculum areas, which are age/year level-related (with the exception of EAL).
  • A five-point scale when reporting on students’ work habits in specialist programs
  • Attendance data
  • A list of students’ extra-curricular involvement across the semester

The reports also indicate how children present as a learner and member of our learning community, through the Learner Profile and general comments.


Verbal Reports

Time is provided for parents to meet the teacher early in Term 1 to share information about their child as they transition into a new year level and grade. Later in Term 1, families are invited to a Kids Share Open Afternoon, where students have the opportunity to share their learning and progress informally with their family, in the classroom. In June, we host parent teacher interviews (or student-led conferences for older students) to discuss the student reports and children’s progress.  If needed, parents can make a time to meet with staff after report distribution in December.

Parents and teachers also meet or converse regularly across the year as needs arise. Parents are welcome to make appointments with class teachers on Tuesday afternoons during non-meeting times.


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