Integrated Studies

The curriculum at Footscray West Primary School is based on an integrated approach with a strong emphasis on developing skills of inquiry. Through our Integrated Curriculum children explore the domains of Science, Humanities, Civics and Citizenship and Design Creativity and Technology. We seek to give students wide-ranging knowledge, skills and processes to ensure they are confident, thinking active members of our society.


Our Inquiry units are based on the 4 big ideas of:
1. Who am I?
An exploration and reflection of, the different aspects of a students’ personal development towards an appreciation of who they are and their places in various learning communities.


2. Where are we?
An exploration of our place in the world, and an understanding of how we impact on our surroundings and how our surrounding impact us.


3. How things work?
An exploration of how and why technological, scientific and social systems are designed, developed and used to improve people’s lives.


4. Why is it so?
An exploration into why natural and manmade systems and events affect our lives both locally and globally.


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