Footscray West Primary School values learning within a supportive environment.

  • The child-centred curriculum is based on the principles of developmental learning and offers a comprehensive education in an atmosphere of co-operation and teaching using research based best practice.
  • The participation of families in school life is highly regarded. Working together creates a successful and caring community in which children can learn and grow.
  • Footscray West Primary has a ZERO tolerance Policy on bullying.

At Footscray West Primary School we have pride in:

  • creating a positive school culture that is fair and respectful
  • building a safe and supportive school environment
  • expecting positive, supportive and respectful relationships that value diversity
  • promoting pro-social values and behaviours
  • encouraging student participation and student voice
  • proactively engaging with parents/carers
  • implementing preventative and early intervention approaches
  • responding to individual students
  • acknowledging the achievements of students, parents, and staff

Our wellbeing team consists of the Assistant Principals, Leading Teachers, our School Wellbeing Officer.
We work in collaboration with class teachers and parents.


We engage with a diverse range of organisations that support our students, staff and parents. Our efforts are focused on many aspects of wellbeing includung the development of whole school programs, student attendance, social-emotional support and we provide interim stop gap measures prior to families accessing individual counselling or specialised help. We also manage the program for students with disabilities and will be undertaing the Disability Inclusion process from 2023 onwards. Our school has a Behviour Management Plan and a set of common Agreements that values positive interactions. Our Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships lessons promote inclusion. We encourage and teach students to have a growth mindset to develop the resiliency needed to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

The school employs a School Wellbeing Officer to support student engagement, attendance and acquisition of life skills. The School Wellbeing Officer works with children, teachers, and parents to promote resilience and engagement. 


Together the Child Safety and Wellbeing Team are our Child Safety Champions!

For 2023 these people are:

Brendan Millar (Principal)

Liz Beasley (Assistant Principal)

Carolyn Lockie (Assistant Principal)

Lisa Peterson (Wellbeing Learning Specialist)

Karri Barker (Disability Inclusion Leading Teacher (Acting))

Sarah McEwen (School Wellbeing Officer)



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