Enrolment: Step 3 (Enrolment Process and Forms)

Starting Primary School: The Enrolment Process

The first step to enrolling your child at Footscray West Primary School is to complete a Student Enrolment Application Form, which is available in hardcopy from the school office or can be downloaded here: https://www.vic.gov.au/enrolling-foundation-prep


All new enrolment forms need to be lodged at the school before Friday 26th July, 2024.


If you are a separated family, one parent will need complete the Student Enrolment Form and the other parent will need to complete the Alternative Family Student Enrolment Form. Please contact the school office for further details.


When submitting the Student Enrolment Form, also attach:

Please note:

To commence primary school, children must be five years old by 30th April in the year they start school.


At Footscray West Primary School, we accept enrolments for the following year from Term 2 onward. We do not manage a wait list – so we do not accept enrolments beyond the next school year.

If you have enrolment questions, please contact the school office.

Upon receipt of your enrolment, an appointment may be scheduled for you and your child/ren to meet with the Principal or Assistant Principal to further discuss your application.


Enrolment Submitted – What’s Next?

Families of kindergarten children are encouraged to submit their enrolment form for the coming year by end of June. You will be emailed your placement offer by Friday 9th August 2024. Our transition program is held between October and December.



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