The students at Footscray West Primary School have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of activities which complement the social, academic, physical, and creative programs at the school.



Grade 6 School Captains and Class Captains are elected each year by their peers. They take a lead role in weekly whole school assemblies, represent the school, support school tours (meet and greet and showing parents around for prep visits), and assist in organising aspects of the socials and graduation.


Musical Futures

A program involving everything digital: music making, performance, animation, digital movies, creating worlds in 3D within a digital community, and so much more.


The grade 1 to 6 students participate in the program.


The 1/2’s have a fantastic time animating their favourite toy using Crazy Talk.  Students write scripts and record their own voice to make the toy talk!


The Grade 3/4’s and 5/6’s have been extremely busy building their own worlds in the Virtual World.  Each student has created their own character (avatar), home, collaborative project, and building contests.  They will also be trialing putting themselves inside the Virtual World through digital movie making!


All exciting stuff!



Attending camp provides children with social and physical challenges, develops independence, and is heaps of fun!


Prep/ Grades 1/2 -  Students enjoy a ‘Night of Fun’ at school.


Grades 3/4 - Students, accompanying teachers, and parent helpers travel by coach to the camp venue and enjoy on-site activities. Recent destinations have included: Phillip Island and Wandin in the Yarra Valley.


Grades 5/6 - Students, accompanying teachers, and parent helpers travel by coach to destinations such as Ballarat and Gippsland for a longer stay and enjoy side trips to areas of historic and cultural interest.


Students unable to attend camp participate in a non-campers activity program at school.



Students in grades Prep to 6 attend a ten day intensive swimming program held at the Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre.

Students who do not attend swimming participate in a water safety program.



Lunchtime Activities

  • Chess – For all interested students
  • Environment Team – Elected reps from all grade levels
  • Clubs – For all interested students
  • Junior School Council – Representatives from grades 1 to 6
  • Sports coaching – For members of school teams


Annual Events

  • Arbor Week/National Tree Day – Led by the Connector Bugs, students plant trees to enhance or beautiful school grounds.
  • Education Week – A celebration of teaching and learning at FWPS
  • Footscray West Cup – Our very own Spring Racing Carnival
  • Harmony Day – Celebrating diversity
  • Literacy and Numeracy Week – Students from all year levels participate in activities and lunchtime competitions
  • Park to Park – Is an end of year celebration for senior students, who run or walk from Pipemakers Park to Footscray Park before enjoying a picnic together.
  • Premier’s Reading Challenge – Encouraging reading, all students can participate
  • School Discos – Junior and Senior discos are held throughout the year
  • University of NSW Math Competition – Held in August each year and open to students from Grade 3 – 6
  • SoundGarage Concert – A night of celebration for particpants in the user pays program


Biennial Events

  • Art Show – An extravaganza of talent and creativity
  • Multicultural Festival – A celebration culminating in our own spectacular day of events
  • Wakkikirri – National competition for Story telling


Optional (user pays)


Music program offers keyboards, digital drums, electric and bass guitar and singing and performance (SAP).



Family members and the community are encouraged to share special skills, talents, and interests. Talk to your class teacher or contact the office on 03 9687 1535.


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