Grade 1 & 2

End of Day Pick-up Arrangements


Hello Grade 1 Families,


Now that we have moved into our new classrooms on the oval we will be dismissing all grade one grades from their classrooms. We will direct students to the oval side of the portables as there is plenty of room to allow families to social distance while they wait.


If you or an older sibling wait for your child at a designated meeting place they will make their way there after being dismissed down the stairs and onto the oval.


If your child has a specialist class (eg. PE, Art) in the last session of the day they will be dismissed from that classroom. As Italian lessons take place in generalist classrooms, students will be dismissed from their own classroom if they have Italian in the last session of the day.


Please speak with your child’s teacher if you have any questions regarding the new end of day arrangements.


Caitlin, Jess, Trang, Lauren and Heather 



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