Dear families,


You will all be aware that next week we will continue to take part in remote and online learning due to the extension of the lockdown. The way that lessons are delivered will continue as they did this week, with only a few slight changes to how we will be working and interacting with your children.


Each day, teachers will be running two small group sessions where they will work with the children specified in the classroom timetable. 


We ask that students come to their reading session with some paper and pencil or a small whiteboard.


For numeracy focused sessions, please come along with some paper and a pencil or a small whiteboard and 20 objects that can help you to count. 


If students attend a small group lesson with their teacher, they are not required to submit the task for that day for that subject. Eg. If they take part in a reading group session, they do not have to submit work for the reading lesson posted online- unless they really want to! This is to ensure that family workloads are not too big.


The days and times for small group lessons will be included within our weekly timetable that will be posted to your classroom stream at 4pm on Sunday. You will notice that we have planned for Friday- this is to ensure that we can all be prepared in the case of a further extension. We will keep our fingers crossed that we are seeing the students in person and not through a screen!


We will continue to hold a class meeting each morning at 9:15am to take attendance and touch base with the class as a group. Keep your eyes and ears open for anything your teachers ask you to bring to share during these morning meetings!


Just a reminder to please plan eating breaks around our online meetings to ensure students are focused. 


We will provide detailed feedback for one piece of work each day for every student. Please use this feedback to help understand the areas that you can work on with your child.


If your child’s classroom teacher is supporting students who are working onsite, there will be no online meetings that day and no feedback provided on work tasks. This will be communicated to you by the classroom teacher through the class stream when required.


Thank you for your continued support. We are so impressed with how our students and families have transitioned to this different way of learning!


Take care and stay safe,

The Prep team




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