Our Staff in 2023

Footscray West Primary School Staff 2023


Leadership Team



Brendan Millar




Liz Beasley

Assistant Principal



Carolyn Lockie

Assistant Principal



Lisa Peterson

Learning Specialist - Wellbeing and Inclusion

Libby Buck

Leading Teacher - Curriculum and Pedagogy



Towela Sinkonde

Leading Teacher - Curriculum and Pedagogy

Karri Barker

Leading Teacher - Disability Inclusion

Daniel Whiting

Numeracy Co-Lead







Prep Team


Year One Team
Kimberley Tong

PKT (Instructional Leader

& Prep Transition Coordinator)

  Joanna Inness 1JI (Instructional Leader)
Laura Montebello PKT   Jessica Smart 1JS
A. C. PAC   Linda Edwards 1LE
Anna Kurvink PAK   Libby Buck 1LL
Brooke Danaher PBD   Laura Montebello 1LL
Lauren Baker PLB   Trang Nguyen 1TN
Year Two Team   Year Three Team
Caitlin Wilkinson 2CW (Instructional Leader)   Medha Kaul 3MK (Instructional Leader)
Daniel Whiting 2DW   Caity Gray 3CG
Hayley Reynolds 2HR   Michael Padgett 3MP
Troy Fisher 2TF   Tess Maddison 3TM
Year Four Team   Year Five Team
Jess DuPlessis 4JD (Instructional Leader)   Shannon Mason 5SM (Instructional Leader)
Anthea Fitzpatrick 4AF   Lee White 5LW
Madi Sparvell 4MS   Mikala Connor 5MC
Tim Cannan 4TC   Towela Sinkonde 5TH
      Helena Lizos 5TH
Year Six Team      
Marco Pitisano 6MP (Instructional Leader)   Administration Team
Lauren Crump 6LC   Sandra Campbell Business Manager
Marshal Claybourne 6MC   Yvonne Healy Office Manager 
      Natalie Hill Administative Assistant
Specialist Team   Rachael Harrison Administative Assistant
Stratos Tzanoudakis Physical Education (Instructional Leader)   Zowi Marshall School Nurse
Andrew Tudor Physical Education      
Giuliano Iacuzzi LOTE Italian   Education Support Team
Kerrie Ahrens LOTE Italian   Sarah McEwen Student Wellbeing Officer
Jessica Russell-Davies Performing Arts   Jodi Hatherley Library
Helena Lizos Performing Arts   Angela Dickson Learning Support
Susie Belcher Visual Art   Giordana Sacco Learning Support
Kerrie Ahrens Visual Art    Russell Newman Learning Support & I.T.
Jane McCracken Music   Nick Taylor Learning Support
David Rattigan Music   Marion Cole Learning Support
Heather Patterson Tutor Learning Initiative   Nicole Odzovski Learning Support
      Lisa Neilson Learning Support
Soundgarage Instrumental Music Team   Quang Ho I.T.
Maddie Owen Program Coordinator   Taleb Sleiman Maintenance
Gary Young Instrumental Music Teacher   Rick Lavender OH&S
Henry Sgroi Instrumental Music Teacher      
Sarah Jack Instrumental Music Teacher      
Dean Banova Instrumental Music Teacher      

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