Prep 2023 Enrolment

Prep 2023 Enrolment Information

Please watch the Prep 2023 Transition Information Video by following this link:



Enrolment forms are now available at the office. 


Please also ensure you reside within our school zone at



Starting Prep
Starting Prep is a big step for your child and for the whole family. Footscray West offers pre-school information sessions, Kindergarten visits, classroom activity programs, and social events so everyone can settle in and enjoy this exciting time.

Prep start dates for the coming year and dates for pre-school events are available on the School Calendar.


Prep Timetable

  • School hours for 2023 are 8:50am – 3:20pm. 
  • For the first month Preps attend school Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, with Wednesdays reserved for teacher assessments.
  • After the first month, Preps attend Monday to Friday.
  • Preps and Juniors must be accompanied by an adult to and from school.
  • Preps will only be dismissed by the class teacher when a parent or designated carer arrives to collect them.
  • Children must be picked up at the specified time.
  • Before and After School Care is provided by TheirCare, held on site in Emu Corner. Please enrol on line @ or ring 1300 072 410.



  • You can enrol your child for Prep from May of your child’s 4 Year Old Kinder year.  It will assist the school if you enrol by the end of August, as class numbers and funding for the new school year are organised at the end of October.
  • Enrolment forms are available from the office.
  • Victorian children are eligible to enrol in Prep from 4 ½ – 6 years. Your child must have turned 5 by 30th April of the year they begin Prep to start in that year. They may commence school in the year they turn six.
  • Most children live locally in the surrounding suburbs of West Footscray and Maidstone. Currently the school has an enrolment zone, so we invite you to contact us to discuss enrolment options.

Footscray West offers a comprehensive Transition Program for children and families.


Feel free to drop by or contact us with any questions you have about starting school at Footscray West.





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