Newsletter - 25 November 2021

Issue 37


Principal's Report


We had such hopes for our Winter Solstice event, however of course after COVID intervened and multiple postponements eventually led to cancellation, we were hopeful of at least having a full day to celebrate our students' art works in the Orchard.  With the threat of rain intervening, even those plans for the Summer Breeze event were modified.  Thanks to the Specialist team, who with the support of the grade 6 students and teachers, the Orchard was transformed over a couple of hours into a world of creativity and excitement.  We planned to simply video and photograph our pop up expo, but due to the efficiency of the curators, a significant number of classes were able to make their way through the magic myriad.  A few of the works will be shared in the newsletter and assembly video, however a more comprehensive presentation has been prepared by the specialist team and will be shared to classes today and on Friday.  A very BIG well done for all who contributed despite the many challenges.


News  ...

Prep Wildlife Exposure incursion - Our Preps had a special day yesterday, an incursion was held for the first time for … a long time.  Xavier from Wildlife Xposure, brought in an amazing range of animals that the children had the opportunity to gently handle.  The included pictures will represent that so much more effectively than my words.  A big thank you to Anna for organising the visit and Karri for preparing the video that will feature in next Monday’s assembly video presentation.  I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I watched it - nor will you!


Compass - At the end of last term we shared the news that as a school community we would introduce the Compass School organisation and planning system to FWPS in time for the beginning of next year.  Since the first day of this term, our staff have been using the system daily for student rolls and some other administration tasks.  Any one who has signed their children in early or late before or after an appointment, will have been pleased with the seamless functionality.  This week we went further when our Assistant Principal, Liz (our resident Compass guru), sent out the Compass log on details to all our new 2022 Prep families.  The purpose - receiving vital Transition information and being able to access the name of their class teacher and the location of the classroom, as well as an opportunity to book a time for next week’s first transition visit,  was a major motivator to get nearly one hundred families registered in double quick time. 

For our current families, your onboarding opportunity is just around the corner.  Ensuring we have your correct contact details is a very important aspect in reducing the additional effort in making corrections.  We will provide additional information every week in the newsletter, as we work towards having 100% of our families registered and using Compass.  Other systems that you have got to know, such as Updat-ed will be then deleted, making Compass our one stop communication.

COVID update  -
 We have been very open in stating that every day at FWPS without a COVID case is a great day! Having had a great run over the last month compared to many local schools, our work day was quickly diverted when we learnt of a case in one of our classrooms.  We don't feel it necessary to share every aspect, whether it be a student, staff member or contractor, or even what class or classes have been affected, as we very quickly communicate the key messages to the staff members, parents and guardians and of course the students who are affected.  In a development over the last week it may be a comfort for families to learn that adjusted protocol requires students or staff who are contacts of a confirmed case to now only need to receive a negative result on an initial nasal and mouth swab test (PCR), provide evidence to school and then be able to return.  The rapid antigen test (RAT) that can be administered at home can be collected on this initial visit to a testing centre.  Families are then encouraged to use the RAT with the child who was the close contact each school morning until the (5) tests are used.  We now anticipate that the majority of the students who were collected during early today may be back at school as by tomorrow.  A Department of Education letter summarising the recent amended practice is included here: Close Contact Parent Letter - DET

Through School Transition - Last week we outlined how our usual double TST sessions would be shrunk to a single event, now planned to be held on Tuesday, 14th December during the final week of this term.  This change was driven by dual reasons; a plan to reduce the number of students mixing across cohorts and grade levels, as well as being the very first day that we will be able to return the students to the Wallaby building after nearly a year of building repair works.  As a result, all students and teachers will be able to conduct their TST visit in the classroom they will be housed in next year.  In an additional adjustment, we have invited all Prep 2022 children to visit their new classrooms too.  At the beginning of the school day, students in grades 1-6 will return to the yard area after quickly attending their classes for the roll and to collect items they will need.  Senior staff will meet with the cohorts and read the students names out direct them to their 2022 classes.  Once our current students move off to their classes we will be then inviting our new grade prep students into their new classrooms.  This is an innovation like many, borne from COVID restrictions and many adjustments.  The preps visit will be from 9.45 to 10.40 am, hopefully a time of a Goldilocks’ duration - not too long, not too short.  On this day, new students to FWPS (grades 1 to 6) and new teaching staff will also be attending for the first time.  More information will be shared in subsequent news

Facilities update -  We are hopeful in a two step move we will have our office team back in the Wallaby building by Monday 6th December.  We plan for 2021 grades to be back in place one week after, in time for the Through School Transition event.

Argyle Street Main Gate - the main gate will be unable to be accessed from Tuesday 30th November through to and including Friday 3rd December due to new concrete being laid.  The Habitat Haven gate 25 metres to the south will be used instead. 

Coming up

Next week - Week 9 … starting 22nd November) 

During week 9 (starting 29th November) - Camp@School

During next week, the grade 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s will be running an onsite camp program as our practical substitute for overnight camps, something we sadly have not been able to do for two years.  The grades 3 and 4 will run their program on Tuesday and Wednesday, while the grades 5 and 6 will run theirs on Thursday and Friday.  While I have heard there are some terrific ideas in the planning stage, our staff team are keeping their cards close to their chest.  A big appreciation to the 3-6 staffing teams for all the additional work associated with this initiative.

Prep transition visits - Our K-P Transition coordinator Karri, along with the support of our Admin team, has been busily planning for Prep 2022 students and parents to visit around the many restrictions.  With our plans well organised, even with adjusting rules, we have maintained a plan for all students to visit a prep classroom and meet their teacher over the entire week, one grade per day.  Parents received their child’s grade placement this week, along with a comprehensive list of transition information  allowing them the opportunity to book an individual class visit with their child’s teacher for next week.  This offer has been comprehensively taken up by parents, with over 3/4 of families booking a place within the first 12 hours. Amazing!

During week 10  (starting 6th December)

Prep 2022 play visits

Due to the current reduction in restrictions, we feel more confident (with fingers crossed) in inviting our 2022 Prep students and parents and carers for a play visit to the yard from 3.45 pm on either Tuesday, 7th or Thursday 9th December.  All information that pertains to our Prep starters is of course sent to families directly and in much greater detail!  We anticipate that there will be a second hand pop up uniform stall operating for the new prep families on those two dates.  We are also having a conversation with members of our Parents’ Association to hold a stall as well for current families, likely to be held towards the end of the school day on Wednesday, 8th December.

Due to changing restrictions we are pleased to announce our entire PRep 2022 cohort will get to  visit on our Through School Transition day (see above).

During week 11 (starting 13th December)

Grade 6 Graduation … will be held at school in the Gecko building during the afternoon of Monday, 13th December.  While we are disappointed that for the second year running our event will be unable to host parents and family members, due to our incapacity to use an external venue meeting our needs, we were left with our only option of using our own space.  In an upgrade from last year, our event will be livestreamed, as well as, like last year, being available afterwards in video form.  We know that with the collaborative work of our staff and student teams, we will again ensure graduation will be a memorable experience for our grade 6 graduation cohort.

Through School Transition - Tuesday, 14th December (see above).

Park to Park grade 5 and 6 excursion day

We are pleased that this year we will be able to proceed with our annual Park to Park activity and picnic day for the students in grades 5 and 6.  This will be held on Wednesday, 15th December, starting at Pipemakers Park and concluding at Coulson Gardens in Maribyrnong. Students will be bussed to Pipemakers Park for a jog or walk to Coulson Gardens along the river.  Our students will have the opportunity to chat, play, and enjoy a [picnic together.  In a historical ‘rights of passage’ our grade 6 students are allowed to collect the signatures of their peers and teachers.  These bespoke graduation shirts.

Final day of term … will be on Thursday, 16th December at 1.30 pm.  Our TheirCare after school program will run from this earlier time.  A Curriculum Day for staff has been approved for Friday, 17th December.  A pre Christmas Holiday program will be run by TheirCare on that day and continue the following week.  Bookings through TheirCare.

Repeated Reminders


Please ensure that your child has a mask with them at school if they are required to wear one.  It is not a school responsibility to provide them and despite media reports of many being purchased for schools, we have yet to receive any consignments of masks since our return to onsite learning.  As the elastic frequently breaks on disposable masks, every day, if a disposable mask is the mask of choice, please ensure there is one in hand and at least one as a spare.  Senior students should be able to manage this without collecting them daily from the office.

Students who have not returned 

For the small number of families who have chosen not to return to onsite learning, we have collated some fabulous learning links on our school website at: They are of course available for every family to access.

 Leaving FWPS?

We are still hearing from some of our students that they think they might be leaving. It is really appreciated if the parents can contact us.   If your family is planning to move to another school for the 2022 school year we require to hear from you NOW in writing.  The complex task of forming class lists is a continuing priority presently and we need the student lists to be accurate. This does not apply to Grade 6 leavers, but of course does include younger siblings.

Please complete in the following link : Leaving FWPS in 2021


Coming Events



Week 9
29 Nov - 3 Dec
Camp@School Program - various "camp" activities for Grades 3-6
Thurs 2 Dec Parents Assoc Annual General Meeting (AGM) 7pm
Tue 7 / Thur 9 DecPrep 2022 play visits - 3:45pm
Mon 13 DecGrade 6 Graduation Ceremony in Gecko
Tue 14 DecThrough School Transition 
Wed 15 DecPark to Park grade 5 and 6 - Pipemakers Park
Wed 15 DecMufti Day - Gold Coin Donation for The Good Box 
Thur 16 DecLAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR 2021  -  1:30 PM FINISH
Fri 17 DecCurriculum Day - TheirCare program to operate. 
Fri 18 Dec - Wed 22 DecTheirCare Holiday program
Mon 10 Jan - Fri 28 JanTheirCare Holiday program
Mon 31 Jan 2022FIRST DAY of Term 1 2022 - All students

Pupil of the Week






He displays confidence when working with numbers and articulates his thinking, explaining strategies used to solve division problems. 



Your efforts to independently write using correct sentence structures.



The positive way you take on challenging tasks and being a helpful member of our class. 



The superb effort and commitment, you apply to all your learning.  Well done.



Effort you are applying to your writing. You are listening carefully for sounds in tricky words to record them. Well done.



The confidence she showed in numeracy when learning to recognise and order money based on its value. Awesome work! 



The amazing effort you put into researching and writing your information report about Monarch Butterflies. Great work Dana!



His growing confidence in writing and writing with greater independence. Keep up the great effort!



Applying his personal best and working independently when writing facts about bees for his information report. Keep up the excellent work Zane!



Applying personal best effort to write your information report draft. Well done Ababo!



The growth mindset that you apply to all tasks. Keep up the amazing work!



His enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to participate in all learning tasks and being a great role model for others. Keep it up!



Having a growth mindset when drawing a butterfly with a scientific eye. Great attention to detail Parker, well done! 



The great effort he put into writing an information report and making a model of a golden orb weaver spider.



Showing a growth mindset when tackling new tasks.



Being so inclusive and friendly upon his return to school. Well done for always trying your personal best, Miles, keep it up!



Bringing a positive and friendly attitude to the classroom! This showed when Isaac applied his personal best to draft a poem for his celebration website. Great work!



Showing care and concern towards others.



Being a friendly and supportive classmate. Keep up the positive attitude, Ari!



Planning and writing a creative narrative. Well done Wiremu!



Your terrific oral language presentation about Boxing Day.



Being an inclusive and welcoming classmate as well as for all your effort in reading. You've made some fantastic progress!



Using your initiative to complete tasks in your own time. Awesome work!



The effort she has put into clearly showing her multiplicative and systematic thinking. Excellent use of efficient strategies!



Always following the Tribes Agreements and for applying your personal best to all tasks. Keep up the fantastic attitude! 




Always working hard and spreading positivity and humour everywhere you go. Keep smiling, Will! 



Performing your poem so confidently and being so well-rehearsed.

Oliver Flight


Always following the Tribe Agreements and being a helpful and encouraging classmates.

Lily B


Your insightful contributions to our classroom discussions. Wonderful effort Lily.

Alex Pipilikas PAK


The kindness and positivity she shows everyday at TheirCare. Thank you Alex!

Salvation Army Xmas Drive

Please drop off to the office by Wednesday 8 December.

Salvation Army Xmas Food Drive

Mufti Day - Wednesday 15 December

JSC Wordsearch

An update from the FWPS Parents Association

Hi everyone,

With restrictions easing and ‘life’ opening back up again, we’re really looking forward to a great year ahead for the FWPS Parents Association. Some of the things we talked about at last week’s Committee Meeting included the Prep 2022 Family Welcome Packs, school beanies, Grade 6 graduation, Uniform Shops, School Talks, and some initial discussions about aiming to run another Trivia Night next year.

If you’d like to be a part of the Exec or Committee, or just get a little closer to the group to see what happens and how things work, then be sure to come along to the AGM next Thursday, 2nd of December, 7pm at Harvey & Rose. The evening will involve a quick look back on the year that’s been and thoughts for the year ahead, the Exec and Committee elections, and then a chance for people to have a chat over some food and drinks.

Nominate for a role:

(by 28/11/2021)

Visit the FWPS PA e-registration form and select the role you’re interested in.

If you have any issues with the form, please email us.

Register your attendance:

(by 28/11/2021)

Please email

We’ve also prepared a flyer to give you a bit more of an idea about what each of the Exec and Committee Roles does, and what it means to be a general Committee member – look out for this on the PA noticeboard in the Breezeway, or let us know if you’d like a copy!

So have a read, nominate yourself, or grab a friend and come along to the AGM…. we’re aiming to make 2022 a really great one for all FWPS kids and our school community (particularly after the last couple of years!) and we’d really love your involvement, input and support to help make this happen.

And an extra reminder about the upcoming 2nd hand Uniform Shops.... on the 7th and 9th of December for Prep 2022 families, and a general one on Wednesday the 8th of December. Come along to grab a bargain, and if you’re able to help out with any of the shops, please let us know.

If you have any questions about the above, or in general, please email us at:

Or, if you’d like to join the PA, please follow this link: FWPS PA e-registration form.

All the best, from the 2021 PA Exec
(Sharee, Kate & Tinny) & PA Committee


Dear parents, guardians, staff and friends! 

It is getting closer and closer to the end of the year and we can’t wait for Christmas. At TheirCare children will begin to create decorations and decorate the room for the festive season. We might even begin to write some letters to Santa with our wish lists! 

Nelly will be off for a week and a bit to support a new service in Altona, in this time we will have Eleanor, Callum and a few other casuals helping our service. We are so grateful for our amazing staff which makes it easy for Nelly and Luke to support other services.  


With the weather getting hotter and hotter we need to be reminding all children to wear their hats and make sure they bring them from home and school to TheirCare. There are also lots of hats in both the school and our lost properties. 


The Christmas and 2022 Holiday Program has gone live and you can now book. We will be running a pupil free day on the 17th of December and the holiday program will begin on the 20th of December till the 22nd and then continue on the 10th January. We can’t wait too see you all!  

This week’s TheirCare Star of the week is Alex Pipilikas for the kindness and positivity she shows everyday at TheirCare. Thank you Alex! 

We continue to collect donations for ASRC and we appreciate all of your generousity. If you would like to donate there is a collection box at the front of the office and in the TheirCare room. They are looking for items with an extended shelf life. Currently the key items they are looking for are Tuna, Honey, Tomato paste, pickled vegetables, peanut butter, sweet and savoury biscuits, laundry power, toothbrushes, disposable razors. 

For other things and a more exact list have a look at;  

For all families, if you have any questions about TheirCare and would like to come and have a chat please come visit us in Emu Corner in the morning or afternoon, alternatively you can contact us on the details provided and we will help you as best we can.

TheirCare Team: 
Luke, Nelly, Louise & Eleanor 

Contact Details: 
Service Phone: 0487004072 
Service Email: 
Head Office: 1300 072 410