Newsletter - 11 November 2021

Issue 35


Principal's Report

Reminders - MASKS!

Please ensure that your child has a mask with them at school if they are required to wear one.  It is not a school responsibility to provide them and despite media reports of many being purchased for schools, we have yet to receive any consignments of masks since our return to onsite learning.  As the elastic bands frequently break on disposable masks, if a disposable mask is the mask of choice everyday, please ensure your child has one in hand and at least one as a spare in their bag.  Senior students should be able to manage this without collecting them daily from the office.


Staff leadership roles - I regularly find that I am sharing good news about the wonderful staff at FWPS.  This week, a leadership panel composed of our Assistant Principal, Liz, our soon to be acting Assistant Principal, Carolyn and myself, met with all our prospective team leaders.  Next year we will be travelling on a new learning path, as we formally develop our learning teams from ad hoc to actual Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).   At FWPS a comprehensive professional training model will be supported by a change of leadership design.  Building on our well established Tribes and Classroom Ideas that Really Work (CITW)  approaches, the development of a PLC model will enable us to take  the next step in our abiding plan to become a great school.  As each of our prospective middle level leaders met with us, we were delighted to hear of their passion and ambitions to support their learning and that of team members and the students within their care.  As we conclude the most enervating of years, our leaders’ enthusiasm for our school community provides a wonderful sense of optimism.

News  ...

Wallaby Building repairs finish in sight!

We are now back to being able to use the main gate after a few days of adjusted arrangements.  We may have a repetition of these circumstances within the next couple of weeks when the concrete will be replaced.  Please note that the front gates are closed at 9 am and late students need to access the office before attending class.  For parents leaving from Argyle street after the main gates are locked, exit using the Koala ramp, via the single green gate next to the car park boom gate.

We now have a firm plan for moving back from the oval relocatable buildings.  In order to limit the changes for our 7 classes situated on the oval, we will first move administration back to Wallaby from the afternoon of Friday 3rd December (and over the weekend) and the classes from the following Friday and weekend.

Picking up your children during lunch times

Please note that with all class levels back at school, we have reverted to the dual recess and lunch arrangements that we put in place at the beginning of the school year to accommodate the reduction of play space due to the Wallaby Building repair project.

Senior school - grades 3 -6

Junior School - grades P-2

Recess - 10.40 to 11.10 am

11.30 t0 12.00 pm


- eating time 12.50 pm

- play time 1.00 - 1.50 pm


- eating time 1.40 pm pm

- play time 1.50 - 2.40 pm

It is challenging to collect the children during the lunch breaks.  If you do choose to collect your child early, please send a message to your child’s teacher beforehand.  If this is to occur during lunch, arrange for the pick up to occur at the beginning of the break, so your child can be waiting when you arrive.  When we have lots of parents collecting students early, this can be challenging.  Please do not collect your child directly from the classroom without first attending to signing your child from the office. It is not practical to endeavour to collect your child in the last 5 to 10 minutes of the class day.  When the pick up is that late please show the courtesy of waiting until the students are dismissed. 

This is also a chance to remind parents that when ordering lunches through the canteen please make sure that you assign the correct time for your child’s grade level and thus their order will be prepared for the correct recess/lunch. Senior & Junior ordering tabs are located at the top of the ordering page. 

In tumbling rain on Wednesday a trio from 2JI cooperatively carried the lunches and kept themselves dry!

We have confirmed that in 2022 with the Wallaby Building repairs behind us and the entire oval available for student use, we will return to a single stream recess/lunch model.  There will however be an adjustment to our class and recess and lunch times to better accommodate our planning and teaching model.

Current COVID management in schools
There is still in place a policy of ‘stay at home when unwell and get tested.’   We have heard in the media that there has been a shift to the use of triple antigen home testing as playing a part in returning students to school more promptly than the current circumstances allow.  Despite this change, all unvaccinated students will require an initial negative test when informed they are a personal close contact (PCC), a followup negative test on day 6 and then on return to school agree to provide daily rapid acting triple antigen test results over the following week.  Of course this is information that we have just received and we have no knowledge of the steps required for our school to receive the rapid testing packs at the time of writing.

As stated in Department of Education advice provided this week:  It is important to note that rapid antigen testing does not replace PCR testing for the purpose of diagnosis of COVID-19 in children, staff and students, regardless of their vaccination status. Staff and students should adhere to current school policy and public health advice. Anyone unwell must remain at home and get tested for COVID-19 with a PCR test, even with the mildest of symptoms, regardless of a negative rapid antigen test result.  Please contact the department’s COVID-19 hotline on 1800 338 663 for more information.

Students who have not returned
For the small number of families who have chosen not to return to onsite learning, class teachers and members of the leadership team have endeavoured to contact every family.  Where a very small number of families currently have chosen not to return to school, it is deemed parent choice - unauthorised absence.  This is consistent with the Department of Education policy.  While we have empathy for families expressing these concerns, this is not something that we are able to actively support.  We will be happy for families to access the online learning that we do have in place and where learning activities are posted to the Google Classroom.  However, there will not be feedback on learning provided and the students will be marked as absent.

We have collated some fabulous learning links on our school website at:

Coming up
During week 8 (week starting 22nd November) - Summer Breeze event - Remember during term 2, when we had plans of holding a Winter Solstice arts event?   We were bedevilled by changing dates, as COVID restrictions ruled our lives at home and at school.  While we are back at school, we all know that things aren't exactly as we would like them to be.  Nevertheless, a big appreciation to our Specialist teaching team who will work with our grade 6 students to prepare a 3D art display for the orchard and a video  music and performing arts presentation . A team of grade 6 students working with Suzie and Luke will turn the Orchard into a temporary gallery on the Tuesday and on Wednesday, 24th November the curated presentation in the Orchard will be a feature for all grades to visit.   Unfortunately, due to our continued COVID challenges, this event will only be able to be viewed in person by the student body.  Highlights will of course be captured for assembly, newsletter and our social media feed.

During week 9 (starting 29th November) - Camp@School 
We know this is at best, a substitute, but we are keen to see that the students in grades 3 - 6, who normally would have attended camps this year (and last) will at least have opportunities to engage in (some) of the activities that may simulate that 'being on camp' mood.  We will provide an outline of the program next week and no doubt capture some video and pics to share in our assembly video.  A big appreciation to the 3-6 staffing teams for all the additional work associated with this initiative.

Prep transition visits - Our K-P Transition coordinator, Karri has been busily planning for Prep 2022 students and parents to visit despite the many restrictions.  With our plans well organised, even with adjusting rules, we will maintain a plan over the entire week for all students to visit their prep classroom and meet their teacher.  Parents will receive the child’s grade placement during week 8 and then have an opportunity to book an individual class visit with their child’s teacher for the next week.

During week 10  (starting 6th December) - Though School Transition visits
Each year during the penultimate week of the school year, we provide the students with the opportunity to meet their new teacher and classmates and where practical in the classroom they will be learning in.  This year, the first of these visits will occur on Tuesday 7th December.  We will provide more details as we get closer to the time.

Prep 2022 play visits
Due to the current reduction in restrictions, we feel more confident (with fingers crossed) in inviting our 2022 Prep students and parents and carers for a play visit to the yard from 3.45 pm on either Tuesday, 7th or Thursday 9th December.  All information that pertains to our Prep starters is of course sent to families directly and in much greater detail!  We anticipate that there will be a second hand pop up uniform stall operating for the new prep families on those two dates.  We are also having a conversation with members of our Parents’ Association to hold a stall as well for current families, likely to be held towards the end of the school day on Wednesday, 8th December. 

Leaving FWPS?
We are still hearing from some of our students that they think they might be leaving. It is really appreciated if the parents can contact us.   If your family is planning to move to another school for the 2022 school year we require to hear from you in writing NOW!.  The complex task of forming class lists is a continuing priority presently and we need the student lists to be accurate. This does not apply to Grade 6 leavers, but of course does include younger siblings.  Please complete in the following link : Leaving FWPS in 2021


Coming Events



Wed 24 NovWildlife Exposure Incursion Preps
Wed 24 NovSummer Breeze Event - Students only - Orchard
Week 9 29 Nov - 3 DecCamp@School Program - various "camp" activities for Grades 3-6
Tue 7Through School Transition 1
Tue 7 / Thur 9 DecPrep 2022 play visits - 3:45pm
Mon 13 DecThrough School Transition 2 
Mon 13 DecGrade 6 Graduation Ceremony in Gecko
Wed 15 DecMufti Day - Gold Coin Donation for The Good Box 
Thur 16 DecLAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR 2021  -  1:30 PM FINISH
Fri 17 DecCurriculum Day - TheirCare program to operate. 
Mon 31 Jan 2022FIRST DAY of Term 1 2022 - All students

Pupil of the Week






The fabulous attitude and pride you apply to writing tasks. Keep up the amazing effort! 



His effort to independently read. Well done!



The growth mindset and effort you apply to tasks- keep it up!



Always following the Tribes Agreements and for being a caring and supportive friend. 

Well done Patrick!



Comparing the capacity of different containers. Keep up the great work!



His brilliant note taking skills when learning about the importance of Bees. Keep working hard Ari! 



The facts that you shared with the class about grasshoppers. We loved learning that they are herbivores.



The enthusiasm she has shown when completing all learning tasks with great effort! 



Coming back to school and demonstrating a very mature attitude. Scout is applying her personal best effort to complete tasks on time and working independently.



The terrific progress you made in your reading. Great effort Yusuf!



The wonderful information report you wrote about ticks. You used your personal best effort to write facts in your own words.



Applying a growth mindset and settling in well to classroom routines upon returning to onsite learning. You are a wonderful and respectful role model. 



Researching his minibeast in detail and ensuring he uses keywords and complete sentences.



Displaying bravery and resilience.



Always following the Tribes Agreements.



Making such a positive return to school. We love to see your friendliness and your ability to collaborate with your peers – keep it up!



Bringing a positive attitude to the classroom and for kindly sharing items and images from your trip with the class. We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your presentation! Well done, Adam.



Being an optimistic, caring, and inclusive classmate every single day.



Confidently contributing to your Literature Circle group discussion. Fantastic effort, Charli!



Putting so much effort into learning division and working well to settle back into the classroom! Well done Harley!

Will M


Settling back into onsite schooling well  by making great contributions and being a supportive friend.



Being alert and showing great care for a student who was hurt. Great job, Ryan!



Being a kind and respectful member of 5HK. Thank you for always volunteering to help others.



His smooth return to face-to-face learning and excellent participation in class tasks.



Your consistent effort and dedication to your learning this term. Keep up the good work!



Being very helpful in class and always setting a good example, keep up the great work! 



Working well and following the Tribes Agreements since we've returned to school.



Being a kind and happy classmate who is willing to help others and contribute to all tasks.



Your friendly attitude and settling back into the classroom this term. Top effort Athei!

Khush 5HK


Amazing respect for the room and doing a fantastic job helping to clean our space last Friday! Thank you Khush for all your help.

Mufti Day - Wednesday 15 December

Salvation Army Xmas Drive

Please drop off to the office by Wednesday 8 December.

An update from the FWPS Parents Association

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re going well, and that you and your kids are enjoying the return to school. We certainly are, and it’s now given us some space to emerge from our own little worlds and ‘get back’ to the PA, which has sadly come second to the demands of our own lives over this last lockdown. So.... a big apology to our members and broader school community that you haven’t heard from us for a while.

To ‘re-boot’ the PA, we’re planning a Committee Meeting on Thursday the 18th of November, 7pm, and welcome both existing and new members to come along to say ‘hi’ in person and to catch-up on what’s planned for the rest of the year and into next year. We’ll send a separate email to PA members to let you know about the meeting, but if you’re not a member and would like to come along, feel free to let us know at

Some of the things we’ll be talking about at the meeting include: PA donations to the JSC and Environment Committee, school beanies, plans for the FWPS Care Cupboard, 2nd hand uniform shop, 2022 Prep Family Welcome packs and more! We hope you can join us!

Also a heads up that we’re planning to hold the PA Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday 2nd of December, 7pm. More information about the AGM will be sent out next week, but please save the date and time, and come along to help set up FWPS, the PA, and most importantly, our kids, for a fabulous 2022. The PA will be aiming to make 2022 a really great one for all FWPS kids and our school community (particularly after the last couple of years!) and we’d really love your involvement, input and support to help make this happen.

If you have any questions about the above, or in general, please email us at: Or, if you’d like to join the PA, please follow this link: FWPS PA e-registration form.

All the best, from the 2021 PA Exec
(Sharee, Kate & Tinny) & PA Committee


Dear parents, guardians, staff and friends! 

Last week we had a fun packed week which we were able to see the return of Louise to some of the mornings and afternoons. Luke was away towards the end of the week and he was happy to come back this Monday. It was great to have more and more children back to TheirCare, we have been doing some amazing Just Dance and we were playing a game called Red Light green Light outside.  


This week Luke will be going to University Park Primary School to support TheirCare Tuesday and Thursday. Callum, Eleanor and a few other staff will be back during the week to support Nelly and the children will be able to see them.


The Christmas and 2022 Holiday Program has gone live and you can now book. We will be running a pupil free day on the 17th of December and the holiday program will begin on 20 December till the 22 December and then continue from 10 January. We can’t wait too see you all! 


This week’s TheirCare Star of the week is Khush Rao from 5HK for amazing respect for the room and doing a fantastic job helping to clean our space last Friday! Thank you Khush for all your help.  

We continue to collect donations for ASRC (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre) and we appreciate all of your generousity. If you would like to donate, there is a collection box at the front of the office and in the TheirCare room. They are looking for items with an extended shelf life. Currently the key items they are looking for are Tuna, Honey, Tomato paste, pickled vegetables, peanut butter, sweet and savoury biscuits, laundry power, toothbrushes, disposable razors. 

For other things and a more exact list have a look at;  

For all families, if you have any questions about TheirCare and would like to come and have a chat please come visit us in Emu Corner in the morning or afternoon, alternatively you can contact us on the details provided and we will help you as best we can. 

TheirCare Team:
Luke, Nelly, Louise & Eleanor 

Contact Details: 
Service Phone: 0487004072 
Service Email:
Head Office: 1300 072 410