Newsletter - 9 September 2021

Issue 28


Principal's Report

Appreciations - We have much to be proud of despite the long lockdown and the many challenges that rule our lives.  Who would have thought that we would see as a milestone, something as unexpected as being double vaxxed?   On some days we may feel we have to really call on our reservoir of resilience to cope and find ways to be appreciative.  A beautiful spring morning, a Zoom meeting that goes without technical hitch, a coffee and walk in the park.  We too are proud and thankful of the FWPS community that we are part of.  I am grateful for our staff, whether onsite or working remotely for their passion, flexibility and positive mindset.   I feel appreciative when I speak with our students, whether those who attend daily or occasionally, our school and class captains who I meet online every Thursday and our community of parents who have had to manage the practical aspects of supporting their children’s learning, while working full time and without the support and distractions that grandparents, family friends and organised sports and activities would normally provide.  To you all - I say thank you,

Footy Colours Day this year will be held next Wednesday and will form the whole school start for that day, when with the assistance of our grade 6 captains’ crew, we will present a special Footy Colours Day assembly.

Of course as most students and staff won't get to wear their Footy (or sporting) colours to school, we are encouraging you to dress up and share your picture with us at:

** (If you submit a photo for Footy Colours Day you are giving permission for it to be it will be published in our weekly newsletter and on our website.)

Now we also normally ask you to bring a gold coin donation (as we do for every mufti day), the money raised being directed to our very own state school charity, States School Relief.

However, this year as we will not have this opportunity, we are encouraging families to make a donation online.  In order to have an incentive and indeed to have some fun at the expense of none other than myself …. we are seeking a combined minimum contribution of $500 as a benchmark before our new Assistant Principal, Liz takes clippers to my hair and shaves my head.  We plan to film and upload highlights (perhaps lowlights) on the day. 

We would love to receive lots of small donations to support our chosen charity at: Link to Go Fund Me Page

We will check out the tally at 4.00 pm on Thursday afternoon and if the minimum figure has been reached - bingo!

NAPLAN - The National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy was reintroduced this year after a year’s COVID hiatus in 2020 for students in years 3 and 5 in primary schools nationwide.  Results were delivered to school last week and due to continued remote learning, we posted them home to all families this week, rather than sending them home with the children, as is our usual practice.  Please be patient if you have not received them by the end of next week, as we understand that Aus Post deliveries are currently take longer than we are used to.  Members of the School Improvement Team and the grade 3 and 5 coordinators and classroom teachers have had an opportunity to review individual and cohort results.  A preliminary report based on cohort and subject results will be provided for our School Council at our next scheduled meeting on Monday and a summary will be provided in next week’s newsletter.

Careers Week - You may have noticed that within our online classes our Junior School representatives, with the support of their class teachers, have been engaged this week in some activities and perhaps some dressing up to encourage some thinking about what sort of career or profession the students might be interested in working towards.  We look forward to sharing some of these in next week’s newsletter. 

Next Friday is the final day of term
It may be a moot point for most, but school officially concludes term 3 at 2.30 pm next Friday.




Pupil of the Week






Showing great resilience in maths, growing in confidence, and having a 'can do' attitude! Keep it up!



The effort you put into recording neat and clear diagrams to solve subtraction number sentences. Efficient problem solving!



Applying your personal best to all online tasks and engaging well in all our WebEx meetings. Terrific effort! 



Your contributions to our class WebEx meetings and for the effort you have applied to your learning tasks.



The wonderful job you did at sounding out tricky words during our writing session. Keep up the amazing work!



Joining all social WebEx meetings, teaching groups and completing all your online tasks. You have shown persistence and enthusiasm throughout this term.

Penny U


The great effort you have applied to practising and then delivering your toy presentation. You spoke so clearly and confidently. Well done!



Applying a growth mindset and having a go at tasks. Jayden should also be commended for continuing to develop his confidence and contributing to discussions. Well done Jayden!



Always applying your personal best effort to all online tasks and for your terrific contributions to WebEx meetings.



Applying your personal best when using problem solving strategies in numeracy. Keep it up!



Consistently attending morning WebEx class and engaging with peers by posting entertaining comments. Great effort!



Doing her personal best effort during our small group WebEx maths sessions. I am really proud of the growth mindset you have being showing Madi! Keep up the great work. 



The great work she did in maths comparing the mass of items.



Confidently completing and sharing her maths work in the small group session.  Well done!



Doing her personal best in remote learning. Keep up the hard work, Romy!  



His fluent and expressive reading during online literature circles. Your read aloud was fantastic to listen to - well done, Malvyn!



Encouraging others and going the extra mile to make others feel positive about themselves.



The effort you put into writing your information report about Cockatoos. Well done, Ari!



Contributing well to all WebEx sessions and sharing your amazing knowledge with the class. So many great ideas Lucas!    Well done.



Your excellent information text about the Grey-Headed Flying Fox.

Your personal voice is evident in this text. Fantastic!



Being a kind and caring classmate. Your positive attitude and kind nature is appreciated by all of your peers.



Excellent effort you have put into completing the remote learning tasks this week. Well done!

Charlie T


The effort he has put into writing an interesting information report on skateboarding.



Giving valuable feedback to your peer's information report and working hard to apply feedback to your own writing. 



Applying a growth mindset during Maths sessions.



Sustaining his exceptional effort in learning throughout remote, including his excellent business project on Australia Post.

Arlo M


Seeking feedback and assistance more regularly during remote learning. Keep it up!



More confidently completing your online maths tasks. Keep up that great effort Saskia!

Nasra 1HP


Always using manners when speaking and showing respect to the TheirCare space by packing things away and keeping the room tidy. Thank you Nasra!

The Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2021 Finishes Next Week

Congratulations to all those students who have completed the challenge so far this year.

A final reminder to all those students who are taking part in the Reading Challenge this year that the Premiers’ Reading Challenge ends Wednesday September 15th.  Please make sure you enter all your books online and mark them as finished by the end of that day.

If you have any problems please let your teacher know and they can contact me.




Dear parents, guardians, staff and friends!

This week we have been playing two very big, very long games of Australian Monopoly and Disney Monopoly. The children are learning the value of money and how to make good investments. It has been a great learning experience for everyone. This week we also did some Fathers Day craft and made some hama bead creations for our Dads. As usual, we all stayed active through a combination of outdoor play and Just Dance indoors when it was wet and very windy. For the first day of Spring we had a walk around the school grounds to see what signs of Spring we could see around the gardens, we saw lots of birds out and about finding food and some flower blossoms.


Unfortunately, we have now been advised that we will still be in lockdown for at least the first week of the upcoming school holidays. This means that current restrictions for attendance will roll over to school holidays and permits will be required. We will be running in line with the schools' requirements for attendance which means that there must be no alternative arrangements for care and no parent/carer working from home in order for children to attend. As a result, we have also had to cancel incursions and excursions. As soon as we are made aware what the second week will look like, TheirCare will be in touch via email.

Holiday Program


This week’s TheirCare Star of the week is Nasra Ukud in 1HP, for always using manners when speaking and showing respect to the TheirCare space by packing things away and keeping the room tidy. Thank you Nasra!

Just a reminder to all parents and children to make sure when we are all back that you are checking the lost property at sign in and out! We still have quite a few items from the previous holidays that do not have names on them but have had to pack these away for the meantime as the pile was getting too big. So if you are missing anything in particular from last holidays please ask Nelly. Unfortunately if they are not collected by the upcoming holidays we will need to donate or dispose of them to make room.

As always, if you have any queries during lockdown please do not hesitate to email or give us a phone call 😊

We really hope we will be seeing you all again soon! Until then stay safe and look after one another.

TheirCare Team:
Luke, Nelly, Louise, Callum & Eleanor

Contact Details:
Service Phone: 0487004072
Service Email:
Head Office: 1300 072 410