Newsletter - 2 September 2021

Issue 27


Principal's Report

Appreciations- A big appreciation to our specialist teachers and our education support staff for the wonderful assistance with students of vulnerable families and essential workers attending on site.  Their support has been vital, as our classroom teachers are fully committed providing live WebEx lessons daily and are unable to effectively do so and be included on our onsite roster.

Welcome to our new school nurse, Terry Mason who will start at FWPS on Monday. We were delighted to secure Terry, as his experience and knowledge will be very helpful during the period that he is replacing Zowi Marshall.  While currently we have relatively few students on site, this period will enable Terry to become familiar with our policies and practices and to ensure that administration requirements are up to date following the longer than expected period it has taken to find a suitable replacement.

NAPLAN - This week we received our student results for the National Assessment Program in Literacy and Numeracy held mid, term two.

Students in grade 3 and 5, supported by their teachers and parents, have reason to be pleased with their results in the national assessment program that was paused in 2020 but returned this year with an expectation of a more ‘normal’ school year.  While the reality has been far different, it does provide a level of comfort, that despite the months of lockdown and extended remote learning last year, the state results, as well as our own school results, did not indicate that student learning had been negatively impacted.  While we are very aware that NAPLAN provides a relatively narrow summary of student learning achievement, it is nevertheless a positive outcome that reflects well on our grade 3 and grade 5 cohorts, their class teachers, parents and carers. 

In more normal times we send the assessments home with the children. Due to the extension of lockdown and remote learning, this year we will post all the results home. This will remove the need for parents and carers to come on site during this period of reduced face to face interaction.

Surveys - Our latest parent and carer survey was responded to by a smaller number of parents than the previous surveys. We are sensing feedback fatigue, so will back off on our surveys for now. Thank you to all who have responded to our recent informal survey program, the feedback you have provided has been very helpful in modifying how we support your children during remote learning.  An appreciation to our Assistant Principal, Liz for her thorough management of our remote learning survey initiative.

Remote learning - While yesterday’s announcement of an extension of remote learning through until the end of term three was hardly a surprise, the actuality may be a little flattening.  We however at least now know where we stand for the next few weeks. Teaching teams will use the last Wednesday of term as a planning day for term 4.  This final Wellbeing Wednesday for term will also feature a Footy Colours Day live assembly as our whole school start to the morning.  This will be a promotion prior to Footy Colours Day (see below) on Friday, 17 September, the final day of term.

Careers Week - Our Junior School Representatives have been busy promoting Careers Week for next week’s remote learning.  Teachers along with the grade’s JSC representatives will be posting activities to encourage participation and a sense of fun.

Footy Colours Day - For many years, the last Friday of term 3 is the day we celebrate Footy Colours Day.  While AFL paraphernalia dominates, it is an opportunity for all in our community to celebrate your favourite sport or even hobby.  Usually, we bring a gold coin donation along.  When we put all the donations together, we might end up with nearly $700 that is donated to State Schools’ Relief, state education’s own charity that supports students with stationery, clothing and school resources.   This year we will provide an online option to enable our community to make an equivalent donation. 

An added incentive will be revealed next week …

Whilst it's not the Father's Day we may have chosen, let all of us Dad's make the most of the love and extra time at home with our families. 




Support for families

Hi Parents and Carers,

The Wellbeing team at FWPS want to ensure that families stay connected and supported during remote learning.  We are able to provide some tips for keeping students on track and sources of support for students and families. 

Please also remember the following services: –phone, chat or email   1800 55 1800 

Mental Health emergencies in adults – Mercy Mental Health Triage: 1300 657 259 

Mental Health emergencies in children – Royal Children’s Hospital Telephone 1800 44 55 11 (Free call) Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm or 9345 5522 

Nurse-on-Call – 1300 60 60 24. 

Health Advice – 

Parenting issues –  Parentline 13 22 89 

Personal  crises –  Lifeline 13 11 14 

Best wishes, 
Kaye Cameron (Social Worker) 

Pupil of the Week






The enthusiastic effort you put into retelling stories and including great word choice. Well done for having a Growth Mindset! 




The wonderful effort you put into creating your 3D cat and identifying all the features. Amazing!



Working hard to improve her knowledge of the alphabet letters and sounds they make. Well done -keep up the terrific effort.



The enthusiasm you show for our online meetings. We love to hear your contributions to our class discussions.



The amazing job you are doing with independent writing. You are listening carefully for the sounds you can hear in tricky words. Keep it up!



Settling into 1CW so well during Remote Learning and sharing her thoughts during class meetings. Welcome to FWPS!



The effort you put into all online learning tasks. This week you have been a maths wizard, working extremely hard on your division tasks.

Louie A-C


The enthusiasm he his brings to all meetings, as well as applying his personal best effort to all tasks. Fantastic!



Always being a positive and enthusiastic presence during whole class and small group Webex meetings. Zoe has also been working hard to use her imagination during narrative writing. Keep up the great work Zoe!



Applying your personal best effort in all online activities and participating in small reading and maths groups.



Enthusiastically reading with expression during your reading conference and improving your reading skills. Keep up the great effort!



Engaging with his peers online and applying his Personal Best effort when solving multiplication problems. Terrific effort!



Her wonderful contribution to book week through sharing her knowledge of Cinderella. Well done Ana! 



Always coming to class WebEx meets, doing her personal best and for the great videos she has been making to share her learning. 



Submitting some great videos demonstrating your understanding of class tasks.



Being so persistent and resilient in home learning. Well done Archie, especially for your efforts with arrays! Keep up the good work!



Applying her personal best to understand concepts in maths. It is terrific to see you frequently asking questions and applying extra effort. Well done, Kara!

Harry M


For showing a positive attitude towards all tasks. Keep it up.



Your interesting and descriptive information report about Saltwater Crocodiles. Fantastic effort!



Working well on arrays in maths and working independently to complete worded problems. Great effort Simmi!



Your enthusiasm in all of our Webex Meetings. Keep up the great effort.



Being a kind and thoughtful classmate who always gives her best. Your attitude is inspirational and much appreciated.

Felix C


Fantastic effort you are putting in during remote learning. Well done!

Charlie V


Representing our class diligently all year as one of our Junior School Representatives.



The effort you have put into researching New Zealand's history for your information report. Keep up the good work!



Applying your personal best effort to your homework reflection this week



His consistent effort with remote learning and contributions during lessons online.



Giving thoughtful feedback to your peers and working hard to apply feedback to your writing.



Your consistent effort during remote learning. Keep up that positive attitude Justin!

Oliver Clark



Always being cheerful, kind and caring at TheirCare. Thank you Ollie!

Careers Week


Dear parents, guardians, staff and friends!

This week we have been keeping active throughout lockdown and doing a lot of Just Dance together. We have been playing group games and trying something new with some new games. We decided to do some Book Week dress-ups ourselves using the Performing Arts dress-ups and had so much fun! With another lockdown extension looming we are still yet to find out what the holidays will look like, but holding out hope regardless.


Bookings are now open for our upcoming Spring holidays! The theme this holidays will be Monster Mayhem. We are hopeful that we can get on top of this current outbreak and have everyone joining us these school holidays for loads of fun. We are really looking forward to the incursions and excursions, and we hope to see lots of new and old faces.

This week’s TheirCare Star of the week is Oliver Clark in PAK, for always being cheerful, kind and caring at TheirCare. Thank you Ollie!


Just a reminder to all parents and children to make sure when we are all back that you are checking the lost property at sign in and out! We still have quite a few items from the previous holidays that do not have names on them but have had to pack these away for the meantime as the pile was getting too big. So if you are missing anything in particular from last holidays please ask Nelly. Unfortunately if they are not collected by the upcoming holidays we will need to donate or dispose of them to make room.

For now we will be putting a hold on our Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Food Drive until after lockdown and will keep you posted about this.

As always, if you have any queries during lockdown please do not hesitate to email or give us a phone call 😊

We really hope we will be seeing you all again soon! Until then stay safe and look after one another.

TheirCare Team:

Luke, Nelly, Louise, Callum & Eleanor

Contact Details:
Service Phone: 0487004072
Service Email:
Head Office: 1300 072 410

Father's / Special Person's Day

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, we regret that we will not be able to hold the Father’s Day stall for a second year running. Stall co-ordinators, Rebecca and Maggie have been busy preparing gifts, but unfortunately these will now have to wait until next year.

But we can all still make our dad’s/special person’s in our lives feel appreciated on Sunday the 5th of September.

How about getting your creative juices flowing and making one of these fantastic cards and a DIY nuts and bolts keychain.

For breakfast you could treat your dad/special person to some delicious blueberry pancakes from the recipe below. And for dinner you could try your hands at this dry rub recipe which is perfect for any type of meat or roast veggies.

However, you choose to spend the day, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy Father’s Day.

Lots of love from the Parents Association