Newsletter - 19 August 2021

Issue 25


Principal's Report

Dear FWPS Community,

We understand the extension of the current lockdown may not have been a surprise, however the reality of the continuation and addition of stronger restriction measures may have cause to increase a greater level of anxiety for you and your children to deal with presently.

It is only by continuing to collaborate and doing what we can, when we can, calmly and thoughtfully that we will continue to make the best of the current situation.

I draw your attention to the following links, which were posted in yesterday’s Updat-ed post. The DET has provided a number of supporting resources for families during this time. These include:


We share deep and ongoing appreciation for our students, families and staff who are rallying together to get through Lockdown 6. The Delta variant is a moving beast, and with the ongoing commitment of all to do their part to minimise movement in the community, we will eventually come out the other side.

Thank you to the many families who have reached out to send positive messages to their child’s teacher and/or ES support team. Your gratitude is very much appreciated and needed by our staff at this time.

I would like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of our substantive Assistant Principal, Liz, who at short notice and after a relatively brief time at FWPS, has taken on the Acting Principal role. A very big thanks to the office team, along with members of the leadership team for their trenchant assistance. A couple of weeks ago I learnt that my mother had experienced a fall at Corangamarah, an aged care facility in Colac. As an elderly person with significant health issues, she was assessed as palliative. In wishing to be with her at this time, I took leave and my wife and I moved temporarily into the family home in Colac so we would be able to be subject to regional COVID restrictions. Last week my father’s health declined rapidly and he died last Thursday at the amazing age of 99 years and 9 months. We were privileged to be with him at this time and will remain in Colac for the funeral tomorrow. While my mother’s health remains tenuous, I am unsure when I will return to onsite duties. As a family we are in debt to Corangamarah’s wonderful staff and in particular I wish to acknowledge the support of my friends, colleagues and members of School Council.

School Council

The School Council met remotely on Monday evening to discuss a number of ongoing issues and projects at FWPS. These included:

  • Curriculum Day - As mentioned in the newsletter last week, a Curriculum Day was due to be held on Friday but with the extension of remote learning and the challenge of actually allowing all staff onsite, the date has been put back until a more appropriate time. We will keep you posted once a new date has been set.
  • Wallaby Building Repair Project - Recently, we received positive news that the cause of the Wallaby Building subsidence has been determined. The stormwater system on the Argyle St side is ineffective and due to the consequent poor drainage, a constant trickle of water has been running under the building’s footings. The subsequent expansion of the sub floor in the middle of the building has caused significant cracking and contorting at the Koala end of the building, in particular. The project will now be extended during Term 4 in order to allow the developed scope to include replacement of the storm water drainage and then to complete landscaping. There will be a period during the works when the path at the front entrance will be closed for all foot traffic. We are hopeful that will coincide with the school holidays.
  • Solar Project - After a hiatus last year, we are moving forward with the exciting plan to install a substantial solar power installation on the Dingo building roof. We are currently assessing quotes and are hopeful we can finalise the project this year.

Cancelled Events Due to the Extension of Lockdown

The extension of lockdown brings the cancellation of further events at FWPS. The Wildlife Exposure incursion for Grade 3/4s will not be going ahead, nor will the Interschool Athletics Carnival.

While both the 3/4 Camp and already postponed Winter Solstice event are just after the expected return to onsite learning, certain restrictions may still be in effect and we will need to make a decision about the viability of these events soon. Once a decision has been made by the leadership team, in consultation with staff, we will inform families. We thank you for your understanding that these decisions are complex.

Feedback from our last Families Survey - Wellbeing Wednesday

We were thrilled to hear from our respondents that the introduction of Wellbeing Wednesday was overwhelmingly positive (>90%). This aligns with the increased “spring in students’ online step” that our staff reported anecdotally this week. We acknowledge that while this day is a chance to engage with the Specialist programs, to catch up on incomplete tasks for the week or to undertake less directed literacy and numeracy activities, that some families chose to use this time to engage with other activities, and we want to reassure you that this is equally valued and important for wellbeing. This said, we know that every element of the remote learning program doesn’t suit every family, so we encourage you to share these thoughts in the Families Survey below (with your contact details) so that we can follow up to discuss alternatives.    

Remote Learning Families Survey – This week, we are looking for feedback from our families about the live element of our remote program. Please follow this link to share your thoughts, suggestions and insights:

Year 3-6 Inquiry Units of Work

As we progress through Lockdown 6, our Year 3-6 teams will be providing further opportunities for students to engage with their learning with a focus on the term inquiry topic. This is in line with the DET’s focus on other curricular areas of learning for these year levels. This project-based work will further develop the independent learning skills of our middle and senior school students. Classroom teachers will talk more about this with students over the coming days.

As always, we thank our families for their support, gratitude and kind words during these challenging times.

Warm regards,

Brendan Millar – Principal


Liz Beasley – Acting Principal


Pupil of the Week






Interacting in a positive and enthusiastic manner during whole class WebEx meetings. Impressive! 



Being a maths explorer and finding many 2D and 3D shapes in your environment. You also created your own amazing 3D shapes and identified their features. Well done!



Applying your personal best to all your online tasks. Keep up the fantastic effort.



Consistently completing all your online learning tasks and applying your personal best effort to all your work.  Well done!



The interesting story you created which included clear problems and solutions. Well done!



Completing all remote learning tasks using her Personal Best effort- Well done! 



The enthusiasm and energy you bring to class WebEx meetings and for giving 100% effort to all your online learning.



Sharing his ideas and showing great critical thinking skills during our numeracy session. Well done!



Working hard throughout our small Maths groups. She has been applying her problem solving skills and using different strategies such as drawing pictures and writing number sentences. Well done!



Applying critical thinking and problem solving skills when completing maths tasks. Terrific effort!



The wonderful knowledge you have developed around forces. You did a great job experimenting how toys move using an inclined plane.  



Displaying a growth mindset and applying her Personal Best effort to engage in online tasks with her peers. Brilliant effort!



Preparing and delivering a fantastic toy presentation via remote learning. Great effort Elijah! 



The great presentation she did about a toy.



Continued effort with online learning.  



Trying his personal best all online learning, by both participating in Webex meetings and handing in all his work. Keep up the amazing work, Lucas!



Challenging herself during maths and for contributing during WebEx meetings. Your effort is one to be celebrated! Well done, Evalyn.



Actively participating in class Webex Meetings. You have such a positive attitude. Grace! Keep it up!



The effort you are putting into completing online tasks during remote learning. Fantastic, Yug! Keep it up!



Making thoughtful text to world connections when reading 'Wump World' and being flexible when researching tiger snakes for your information report! 

Alex H


Your fabulous effort in your work and keenness to contribute to Webex discussions. Fantastic!



Being a great classmate and for giving his personal best in everything he does! Well done, Michael!



Growth mindset and positive attitude she has shown during remote learning.



The effort he has put into learning new multiplication and division strategies. Well done for keeping up a growth mindset during remote learning!



The effort you have put into your remote learning tasks this week. Keep up the good work!



Applying your personal best effort to all tasks during remote learning.



Her enthusiasm, positivity, and willingness to share during remote learning.



Your effort this week in maths to solve worded problems. Keep it up!



Your increased effort and participation during remote learning. Keep up that positive attitude Linda.



Always being so polite and well mannered. You are a wonderful leader and role model for everyone at TheirCare! Thank you Aarna.


Soundgarage Update

Dear Parents of Soundgarage Students, 

We’re writing to communicate changes to Soundgarage payments for Term 3 and Term4. This is due to COVID restricting our ability to provide lessons during Terms 2 and 3. 

Where we cannot make up missed lessons, we will reduce fees accordingly for Term 4. 

We have a free bank of resources for you to continue your lessons from home. These can be accessed by opening the following QR code/link:

Please have a look with your child. Even if you don’t have an instrument at home, there may be fun musical activities for you! 

Ken, Steve, John, Gary and Vernice


Dear parents, guardians, staff and friends!

Another quiet lockdown week has gone by at TheirCare. The small group of children who have been in attendance have been really enjoying some of the new resources at the service. They have been getting into the mini table tennis table, the new ten pin bowling set and the hot wheels car sets. We have really been loving our quality time picnicking together in the afternoons after remote learning, playing lots of games and getting to know one another better.


Luke has headed off on paternity leave for the remainder of Term 3 as his amazing wife has given birth to a beautiful baby girl over the weekend. We will share the details in next weeks newsletter.  

Bookings are now open for our upcoming Spring holidays! The theme this holidays will be Monster Mayhem. We are hopeful that we can get on top of this current outbreak and have everyone joining us these school holidays for loads of fun. We are really looking forward to the incursions and excursions, and we hope to see lots of new and old faces.  


TheirCare Holiday Program September 2021

This week’s TheirCare Star of the week is Aarna Kantharaj in PAC, for always being so polite and well-mannered. You are a wonderful leader and role model for everyone at TheirCare! Thank you Aarna.

Just a reminder to all parents and children to make sure when we are all back that you are checking the lost property at sign in and out! We still have quite a few items from the previous holidays that do not have names on them but have had to pack these away for the meantime as the pile was getting too big. So if you are missing anything in particular from last holidays please ask Nelly. Unfortunately if they are not collected by the upcoming holidays we will need to donate or dispose of them to make room.

For now we will be putting a hold on our Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Food Drive until after lockdown and will keep you posted about this.

As always, if you have any queries during lockdown please do not hesitate to email or give us a phone call.  We really hope we will be seeing you all again soon! Until then stay safe and look after one another.

TheirCare Team:
Luke, Nelly, Louise, Callum & Eleanor

Contact Details:
Service Phone: 0487004072
Service Email:
Head Office: 1300 072 410

Parenting in Maribyrnong

Raising Multilingual Children

When: Friday 3 September, 11am - 12.00pm

Presenter: Melbourne University


Professor John Hajek will talk about the importance of speaking to your child in your first language. He will also share practical tips and strategies to promote the use of first language with your child (0-12years). Burmese and Vietnamese interpreters will translate the information.

Centrelink Information for Families

When: Wednesday 8 September10 - 10.45am

Presenter: Services Australia


This session will include information on the Family Tax Benefit, Childcare Subsidy, Child Dental Scheme, Child Support and maintenance and how to estimate family income for Family Tax Benefit. Information will be shared on the Mygov and Express Plus apps, and any Centrelink updates/changes.

Promoting Resilience - Raising Confident Children

When: Thursday 16 September, 7.00 - 8.30pm

Presenter: FKA Children’s Services


This information session is for families with children 0-8 years of age, and will cover the following topics: Understanding and identifying the components of resilience, understanding developmentally appropriate behaviours and capacities, how to talk to your child to encourage confidence and resilience. Helping your child understand and negotiate the rules of friendship and conflict, guiding behaviour to promote resilience and coping with disappointment, anger and aggression. There will be time for questions as well.