Newsletter - 22 July 2021

Issue 21


Principal's Report

Appreciations – As our community wrestles with a fifth lockdown and subsequent return to remote learning, we appreciate our students, parents/carers and staff team for the manner in which you are managing these ongoing challenges.

Our Specialist team and classroom based educational support staff members have been onsite daily to support onsite learning for the children of parents who work in essential services and have no alternative supervision available, as well as vulnerable students.  They do a really great job and deserve our acknowledgement.  Due to the requirement for class teachers to be active online daily, the Specialist team’s preparedness for supervising onsite has been of key significance.  It is for this reason that we are yet to provide specialist learning during the first week or so of remote learning.  Please read further information about access to the Specialist program in the Wellbeing Wednesday note (below),

I would like to specifically acknowledge senior leading teacher, Anne Reciszen and educational support staff member, Russell Newman for preparing loan iPads for approximately 20 families.  These are in addition to the more than 50 iPads that were provided permanently to families earlier in the year.  These were ready to be collected by families by 9 am last Friday.  This efficiency ensured that every one of our students was ready to access online learning from the very start of Remote Learning 5.0.

News this week

The extension of lockdown and consequently continuation of remote learning until Tuesday of next week was announced by the Premier, Dan Andrews last Tuesday.  Each time there has been a new announcement and a new situation for us all to negotiate, we have limited time to make suitable adjustments.  As always, we make subsequent arrangements and inform our community as quickly as we possibly can.  We appreciated the uptake in the numbers of parents and carers registering to access push notifications via Updat-ed.  In some cases, you may be new to Updat-ed, or have acquired a new phone, or tablet. Either way (sometimes led by a text reminder), it is our current method for keeping you all in the loop.

Remote Learning Families Survey
As we move into the extension of remote learning, we are keen to glean an overall picture of our school and to keep the communication channels open around how your children and family are managing. Each week of remote learning, we will release a survey which will focus on different key areas, including your child's remote learning experience, their motivation and engagement and importantly, your child's health and wellbeing.

We encourage families to complete these surveys, as the information received will help shape our planning for further remote learning and as we prepare for a return to onsite learning.

This week, the survey can be accessed here :

The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your ongoing support.

School Sport Update
Unfortunately, during lockdown, a series of sporting events have had to be cancelled or rescheduled.  Our Specialist Coordinator, Stratos has some information to share in today’s newsletter on page 4.
Please ensure you take note.  As we are still hopeful of running our inaugural whole day Athletics day for students in grades 4 -6, there are some YouTube links provided to support the students awareness of some of the athletics events.  Please share these with your children in grades 4, 5 or 6 as it will assist with the shortened preparation for this day.

Coming up

  • Remote learning has been extended to Tuesday of next week. We are very hopeful that virus controls have had enough effect to enable students to return to onsite learning by next Wednesday. Should this be the case, we will again be communicating return arrangements, presumably next Tuesday, via Update-ed.  
  • Of course, we do not know this for sure, consequently should lockdown be extended, we will introduce an adjustment to our remote learning arrangements for all grades with the inception of Wellbeing Wednesday. This will be a day of learning that is less focused structured literacy and numeracy and more about how we are all managing. The daily WebEx check in will be followed by some creative and active learning, as well as access to the entire suite of specialist learning activities.  While we are hopeful that a return to school will mean we will not need to start Wellbeing Wednesday this week, should we have to manage further iterations of remote learning, we can expect this change to feature from Week 3.
  • Video assemblies continue to be posted via Updat-ed each Monday and can be accessed on our website. Make sure that you check them out for Pupils of the Week, information updates and some great access to learning and student led initiatives.  As we do not have the indoor space to effectively meet onsite, we can anticipate that video assemblies will continue to regularly feature.


Coming Events





AFL Clinic at Shorten Reserve—Grade 5’s


CERES Excursion 6SM, 6TS, 5LC - 9:00 - 2:45pm


Prep information session and school tour


School Athletics Carnival Grades 4, 5 & 6


Curriculum Day


Father’s Day Stall


Spring Light up the Night Event




Pupil of the Week

Week 2 Term 3




Harvey Stirling


Apologies to Harvey for the incorrect photo used in last week's assembly.

Isaac T


Apologies to Isaac for the incorrect photo used in last week's assembly.



Always participating in our Reading groups and having a positive attitude during remote learning. Well Done!



Your amazing efforts in writing to join two ideas together using the word ‘and’. You include detail in your writing which is great to see!



Engaging confidently and positively in our online meetings and for demonstrating personal best on tasks. Brilliant!



The fantastic commitment you show towards your Oxford Words and reading. Wonderful effort!



The amazing effort you are applying to build on your reading skills. You are a super star!



Confidently volunteering to read his character description for the assembly video. Thank you for sharing Ari.



Being an active participant in all WebEx meetings and for completing all of your online learning tasks. Top effort Ky!



Applying her personal best effort when completing her online tasks. Fantastic!



His enthusiasm and positive attitude towards remote learning. Partho has been applying his personal best and producing excellent work as a result. Well done Partho!



The great effort you applied to your coding tasks. Well done!



Being a fabulous classroom helper and a caring friend during playtime.



Your perseverance and applying a growth mindset when completing academic tasks both at school and online. Sensational effort!




Asking clarifying questions during remote learning and presenting his work in creative ways. Fantastic effort Sam!



The fabulous effort she has put into online learning tasks and her great participation in WebEx meetings.



Your continued effort and focus with your online learning.



His amazing efforts in online learning. Well done for asking questions, handing in all your work and for trying your personal best!



Applying a growth mindset during remote learning. Your persistence with metaphors and technology was fantastic. Keep up the good work, Tilly!

Olivia Hickman


Encouraging others and going the extra mile to make others feel positive about themselves :)



Consistently completing your online learning tasks and contributing to class Webex meetings. Fantastic effort, Otis!



Contributing so well to all remote learning activities. Great effort Oscar!



Putting a great deal of effort into her 2-D shapes tasks.



His dedication, commitment, and engagement with remote learning. Jacob was indeed a problem solver with some IT tech questions for the 4DW learning community!

Jack Bao


The excellent effort you have put into your work this year. Well Done!



Explaining her multiplicative reasoning when playing a game of Multo. Excellent strategies, Allegra!



Tackling remote learning with determination and persistence. Well done, Leo!



The incredible effort that you applied during our reading sessions for renewable energy.



Her perseverance and increased engagement in remote learning. We love your input Mae!



Great start that you've made to remote learning. Keep up the effort!

Lily B


Your dedicated effort to complete all the remote learning tasks. Top job Lily!

Jeremy Quach


Always listening to staff members and his kind nature towards everyone he is around. Thank you Jeremy, we appreciate it! 

School Sport Update

With the interrupted start to the term three school sports program the following information is an update on the current situation and our plans going forward.

Western Region Cross Country - Students who were scheduled to participate in the Region Cross Country at Brimbank park last week will be provided with an update as to the rescheduling or alternative planning for the event once it has been forwarded on from School Sports Victoria.

Winter Sport Division Finals – These will not be going ahead due to the current lockdown as they were scheduled for today at Keilor Park Indoor stadium. Our mixed Netball team which qualified for the Division finals will be notified as to any changes or rescheduling of the event as information comes to hand.

Senior School Athletics Carnival – Our inaugural School Athletics carnival to be held at Newport Athletics track on Friday 6th August will still be going ahead as planned subject to restrictions being lifted. The pre planning and coaching of students in grade 4 to 6 at school will need be fast tracked and all students will be provided with video demonstrations and instructions from Little Athletics Victoria in all disciplines offered on the day (see below). Students will be able choose a minimum of three and up to four events to compete in on the day (Two field + One track/two track). Students in grade 4 - 6 have already been instructed on the expectations and running of the day during planning week. Permission notes and opportunities to select events will be made available next week whether it be online or at school. Each event is capped in the number of participants allowed (30 per field event and 60 per track event). More information will be provided to students and parents regarding spectator attendance closer to the date.

Videos for all events from Little Athletics Victoria below which will assist students in practising for their preferred events. Note that practise for these events at home can be done using alternative equipment and modified areas within your families capabilities.

Shot put – Discus -

Long Jump – Triple Jump -

High Jump -

Running -

Hurdles -


Stratos Tzanoudakis
Physical Education and Specialist Team Coordinator


Dear parents, guardians, staff and friends! 

What a strange week last week was for all of us. We had just got into the swing of the term when lockdown 5.0 hit. Friday was a day in which Nelly and Luke were able to use as an opportunity to reset the room and play spaces. We are super excited to have all the children come back and see the changes after this lockdown!  


In the last week we have played basketball outside, built lots of Lego and some afternoons just taken the opportunity to sit and chat as a group. These chats have led to some very interesting and funny conversations with lots of children joining in.  


Although we have had a bumpy start to the term all the staff and children are excited for the term ahead, we have lots planned for this term and would love to hear what you would all like to see at TheirCare as we are always looking for new ideas and input from children and their families. Any feedback of the recent holiday program would also be deeply appreciated, and we can use this feedback to inform future holiday programs which are already in the planning stage. More news to come. 


This week’s TheirCare Star of the week is Jeremy Quach, for always listening to instructions and his kind nature towards everyone he is around. Thank you Jeremy.

Just a reminder to all parents to make sure when we are all back that you’re checking the lost property at sign in and out! We also have quiet a few items from the holidays that do not have names on them as well as lots of drink bottles. 

As a part of our community engagement, this week we will be starting a food drive to donate to those in need through the asylum seeker resource centre. If you can all start to look at your pantries and follow this space to see when we will be collecting. They are looking for items with an extended shelf life. For a more exact list have a look at;  

For all families, if you have any questions about TheirCare and would like to come and have a chat please come visit us in Emu Corner in the morning or afternoon. Alternatively you can contact us on the details provided and we will help you as best we can. 

TheirCare Team: 
Luke, Nelly, Louise & Eleanor 

Contact Details: 
Service Phone: 0487004072 
Service Email: 
Head Office: 1300 072 410 


The Lunchbox

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Lunchbox during the last tumultuous 18 months. Fingers crossed we are back on site soon and that Semester 2 brings no further interruptions, and we can focus on our passion of providing healthy, balanced food for your children at school.

As many of you will have personally experienced, COVID has impacted all small business, The Lunch Box is no exception.  Whilst we have previously absorbed price increases limiting the impact to you, we have now really felt the rising costs across business insurances, staffing costs, food prices and other business-related costs.

As a result, we have had to tweak our business model and have had to implement a minor price increase on some of our regular items.

Based on your feedback we have managed to maintain your favourite items across the menu as well as adding delicious take home snacks to our ‘And to Finish’ menu.  We hope you will enjoy the convenience of this added service.

Again, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to the semester ahead.

Keep safe & healthy,
Lindy & The Lunchbox team


Come and join us on our Science and Engineering Day!

The day consists of a series of free workshops. Students of all ages and experience levels are welcome to complete software and environmental engineering workshops tailored to different age categories.

Robogals Melbourne is holding a Science and Engineering Day as part of the Robogals Science Challenge 2021. The Robogals Science Challenge is an international online STEM competition run by Robogals Asia Pacific to complement our core workshops and engage young women and gender diverse students to become involved in STEM beyond the classroom. For more details regarding the Science Challenge, please visit the Science Challenge website.

The Science and Engineering Day will consist of a series of free virtual workshops held on Saturday, 24 July 2021 from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Students of all ages and experience levels are welcome to complete software and environmental engineering workshops tailored to different age categories. You can find out more about our challenges on the document attached. We hope to see your students participate in this event!  

Date : Saturday, 24th July 2021

Time : 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Location : Online (Zoom link to be provided upon registration)

Cost : FREE

Registration Link :

For any questions regarding this event, please contact or We hope to see you there!