Newsletter - 10 June 2021

Issue 17


Principal's Report

Remote and flexible learning ceases today

I am sure many of our parents and carers, students and staff felt relieved to hear the news delivered yesterday by the Acting Premier Mr Merlino, that all schools in metro Melbourne would revert to onsite learning from tomorrow.

Of course, we all understand by now, that such announcements come with a few exclusions and restrictions.

First up:

  • It will be back to ‘kiss and go’ at the gates, as we are reuired to reduce the number of non-essential visitors onsite.  In the eonctextof our reduced yard space, this includes parents and carers. Parents and carers will be able to access the office via the Blandford St administration entrance.
  • We will return to the practice of all entrance gates being opened at 8.50 am and all but the gate to administration (now temporarily located on Blandford St at the rear of the school) closing at 9.10 am. After that time, all students will be required to access the school via the school office by signing in at the school office.
  • Students can enter from ANY gate in the morning from 8:50am
  • Students in the afternoon will need to leave by a gate designated for the area of the school where their classroom is located. In most cases this will be a gate closest to where their classroom is. 
  • Students will leave in family groups first. All siblings will exit via the gate designated for the YOUNGEST sibling in their family from 3.20pm 
    • For example - If there is a Prep and grade 6 in a family.  The grade 6 child will go to the prep child’s class and will leave the school via the prep gate which is the Main Argyle St gate, departure planned from 3.20 pm
  • Students who do not have a sibling at FWPS will leave next from the gate designated for their grade group.
  • Grade 1s and grade 4s will exit at the Blandford St gate, cross at the school crossing to be collected by parents at Shorten Reserve
  • Grade Preps and Grade 5s will exit the Argyle St main gate
  • Grade 2s (Bilby) will exit the Argyle St Habitat Haven gate 
  • Grade 3s (Koala) will exit the Argyle St Crossing gate 
  • Grade 6s will exit the Blandford Street vehicle gate
  • Students exiting via the Blandford St pedestrian gate will be accompanied by their teachers, all will be directed via the crossing to Shorten Reserve. Parents collecting their children will need to wait at Shorten Reserve (near Blandford St crossing).
  • Students with bikes and scooters will depart last. All students with bikes or scooters will assemble at the gazebo.   If one or more children in a family have a bike or scooter, all siblings will leave together through the gate designated as the exit gate for the youngest sibling. (eg. Grade 5 child, grade 3 and grade 1 siblings will leave last from the Blandford St pedestrian gate).

It is now a Victorian Government requirement that if you enter the school grounds you register via the QR Code Service for contract tracing.  The QR signs can be found at all entrances and at the office. 


  • To our students, so many who were online and trying their personal best despite returning for a 4th stint of remote learning.
  • To our staff, whether assisting at school, or working from home (and thanks to our parents and carers who took the time to provide some wonderful appreciations for our teachers’ efforts).
  • At the conclusion of remote learning would any of us be confident we won’t find ourselves back dealing with future lockdowns?

News …

iPads – Families who have borrowed iPads for home learning will be encouraged to return them with power cords tomorrow, or perhaps returning to uniform, packed lunches and an early start is too much of a test, then please do so on Tuesday straight after the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

Cancellations and postponements (continued from last week)

  • Winter Solstice event - With an understanding that large groups will be restricted for a considerable period and not wanting to cancel the event, we will schedule, a renamed event during term 3. A date is yet to be confirmed.
  • Excursions and incursions that were booked for this week and the final fortnight of term have been cancelled or postponed. If this affects your child you will be informed by your child’s teacher.

School Council … met remotely on Monday having enjoyed a couple of face to face meetings this year.  We did appreciate from hearing from our parent members when it came to describing the challenges of returning to supporting their children learning at home.  We also heard from our three council members who are practising teachers. 

Some other points of interest were:

Facilities sub-committee reported that:

  • The working bee planned for Sunday was cancelled, but we are keen to plan one for mid term 3. Keep a look out. 
  • Our solar project aims to install 50 KW system on the Dingo roof. This project was postponed last year due to COVID.  We have a $20,000 grant to assist defray the costs.  This needs to be spent by the end of the year. 
  • A volunteer Work Team of grade 6 student captains are keen to work with me and some grade Prep representatives on providing a specific play space for the prep children.
  • There are a number of projects being managed by Taleb, our maintenance man. They include moving power and alarm connections to the shelter shed prior to demolition.  PKS and PAF will soon have access to a plumbed water through outside Platypus. 

Coming up …

Parent/Teacher interviews and Student Led Conferences

Last week I confirmed that remote WebEx meetings would be the standard option for our annual mid-year Parent/Teacher interviews (Student led conferences in grade 5-6).  These were due to be held next week, the second last week of term 2, however, due to the postponement of the Winter Solstice event, we can now return P/T interviews to our preferred timing, the last week of term.  Due to the nature of online interviews, we will leverage the opportunity to spread these out over most of the final week of term.  This will occur by using our planning week model, when classes receive all specialist classes during the same day, therefore provding all members of each team the chance to work on a project without the responsibility of managing their grades.  This will provide each team with the opportunity to meet with parents and carers during the day and into the early evening on their designated day.

Reporting Student Progress Timeline




Student reports

… will be sent home with the students addressed to parents/carers

Week 9

Wednesday 16/6

Parent/Teacher interviews last week of term 2

Interviews may be booked from 9 am to 7 pm on:

Monday 21/6 – grade prep

Tuesday 22/6 – grade 1 and 2

Wednesday 23/6 – grade 5 and 6 (student led conferences)

Thursday 24/6 – grade 3 and 4

Specialists will conduct interviews over 2 evenings Wed 23/6 and Thurs 24/6 

Bookings will open on Tuesday 15 June 

Week 10, Term 2


Monday 21 to Thursday 24 June

We are looking forward to one day with the students onsite, before we launch in to the final fortnight of term 2.


Coming Events



Mon 14 JuneQueen's Birthday Public Holiday - School Closed
Mon 21 22 June to Thurs 24 June Parent/Teacher interviews and Student Led Conferences (G5-6) via WEB-EX 
Fri 25 June LAST DAY OF TERM 2 - Early Finish 2:30pm

Parent Teacher Interviews & Student Led Conferences

Parent Teacher Interviews and Student Led Conferences will be conducted  via WEBEX.   

Bookings are now open!    See below for how to book.

Interviews may be booked from 9 am to 7 pm.  The following dates and times for each year level are:

PREPS          MONDAY 21st JUNE       from 9:00 am  -  7:00 pm           

GR 1 & 2's    TUESDAY 22nd JUNE     from 9:00 am  -  7:00 pm             

GR 5 & 6's    WEDNESDAY 23rd JUNE   from 9:00 am  -  7:00 pm          

GR 3 & 4's    THURSDAY 24th JUNE     from 9:00 am  -  7:00 pm               


WEDNESDAY 23rd or THURSDAY 24th JUNE from 4:00 pm - 7:00pm

FRIDAY 25th JUNE    from 9:00 am  -  11:50 am    Andrew’s PE classes only  (2BD, 3JS,PAF, PKS, PHS& 1JN)


Please use the below links to book a time for your child/children.
These interviews are an opportunity to discuss your child/ren’s progress with class and specialist teachers.

Discussions are strictly 10 minutes only. Students are encouraged to attend these interviews and grade 5 and 6 students are expected to present at their Student Led Conferences.

The smooth running of our parent-teacher discussions relies on everyone keeping to the timetable.  Please consider other parents and end your session on time.

If you need more time with a particular teacher, arrange a separate meeting or phone call.  Teachers will provide one interview, for each child, for every family.

Please contact the office if you require assistance with bookings and Interpreters if requested. Phone: 9687 1535

Go to :

Enter Code: hq4af and hit GO
Enter your details
Select the teachers you wish to see
Select the appointment times that suit your family best

When you click FINISH, your interview timetable will be emailed to you automatically.  If you do not receive your email immediately: -

Check your junk mail folder AND make sure you have spelled your email address correctly.

You can return to at any time, and change your interviews—until the bookings close on Friday 18 June @ 4:00 pm 


Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2021

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge is now open and at Footscray West Primary we already have a considerable number of children participating.

The challenge is open to all students from Prep to Year 6. It is not a competition; but a personal challenge for children to read a set number of books by 1 September 2021.

If you are a student Prep – Year 2 you will be automatically registered and will complete the challenge at school.

If you are a student Year 3-6 you need to:

  • Register as a challenger to get a login and keep a record of your reading on the challenge website
  • Read 15 books during the challenge with at least 10 from the official booklist

All children who meet the Challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier and former Premiers.

If your child is keen to join the Reading Challenge please let me know in the library so they can be entered on the database and assigned a username and password to access the website.

To read the Premier’s letter to parents, view the booklists and for more information about the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge, visit:

If you have any queries  or want more information please see me in the library.