Newsletter - 27 May 2021

Issue 15


Principal's Report

COVID19 Update

The Acting Premier has just announced a seven-day lockdown due to the recent outbreak of COVID19.

This will commence from 11.59 pm tonight Thursday 27th May, proposed to end at 11.59 pm Thursday 3rd June.  

We will have an immediate return to Stage 4 restrictions.

Tomorrow (Friday, 28th May) will be a ‘Pupil free day’ for all students. 

School will be closed.

From next Monday, remote learning will be provided for all students.  Only children whose parents or carers meet the recognised essential workers criteria and vulnerable students will be eligible to attend and only during times they cannot be supervised for learning at home.

Their Care before and after school program only will operate for families who meet the above criteria. 

Let’s hope this short-term pain gets things under control quickly.   Parents and carers are required to make supervision arrangements for their children.  If you are a recognised essential worker, you will need to make contact, with me via the following link prior to 1.00 pm tomorrow (Friday, 28th May), so that your child’s attendance can be considered and the school can arrange appropriate supervision.

OnSite Supervision form for recognised workers and vulnerable students

Your child’s teacher will communicate next week’s remote learning program tomorrow (Friday, 28th May).  

Please keep an eye out for further notifications via our app - ‘Updat-ed’ over the next few days.

Appreciations …

Reporting day on Monday – Teaching staff appreciated the dedicated time on Monday’s curriculum day for reporting and assessment purposes. 

News …

National Reconciliation Week takes place between 27th May and 3rd June each year.

These dates commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey: the successful 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision.

National Reconciliation Week highlights the importance of positive relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader Australian community.

The theme for 2021, More than a word. Reconciliation takes action, urges the reconciliation movement from awareness towards braver and more substantive action.

This year marks 20 years of Reconciliation Australia and almost three decades of Australia’s formal reconciliation process.

Education Week – Building Connections

Teams have been keen to 'Buddy Up' this week to celebrate Education Week and focus especially on Building Connections. We will look forward to sharing some pics in our next assembly video.

Prep 2022 info sessions
Today with after a few organisational adjustments, we proceeded with our planned penultimate Prep information session and tour.

The next information session was due to be held next Thursday 3rd June.  Due to the sudden return to lockdown, this session will be postponed.

Wallaby building repair report – On Wednesday we met with Ian, our contract project manager and chief architect, Michael, to discuss how building repair plans are proceeding.  We are pleased to report that the works are on track, the internal underpinning has been completed and external underpinning is due to be completed within the next week.  There will be much internal and external repair work yet to occur, as it looks like a bomb site.  We can anticipate that repairs and renovations will continue through until at least the end of term 3.

Coming up …

Working bee – Sunday, 6th June has been set aside for our first working bee for many, many months.  We are now considering how likely it is that we will be able to now plan for this to now take place.  We will review the status next week and communicate accordingly.




Coming Events



Fri 28 MayPupil Free day
Mon 31 May - Thur 3 JuneRemote Learning
Fri 4 JuneWorld Environment Day 
Sun 6 JuneSchool Working Bee - 9-12pm.
Mon 7 JuneThen & Now Mrs Sargood Incursion - 2JI, 2LP, 2ES
Tue 8 JuneThen & Now Mrs Sargood Incursion - 1TN, 2BD, 2LE
Mon 14 JuneQueen's Birthday Public Holiday - School Closed
Wed 16 June Then & Now Mrs Sargood Incursion - 1CW, 1LB, 1HP, 1JN
Mon 7 JuneCERES Excursion - 5HK, 5KT, 6MP, 6MK
Tue 15 June & Wed 16 June Parent/Teacher interviews and Student Led Conferences (G5-6).
Mon 21 JuneCERES Excursion - 5LC, 6TS, 6SM
Wed 23 June Winter Solstice Event
Fri 25 June LAST DAY OF TERM 2 - Early Finish 2:30pm

Pupil of the Week



Your interesting and insightful contributions to our class discussions about recycling, reusing and reducing waste. Superb! 



Displaying the Tribes Agreements of Mutual Respect and No Put Downs. You are a bucket filler and you help others to make good choices.



Persevering to complete challenging tasks and being an inclusive member of our class.



Always following instructions and listening attentively in class.



The amazing effort you applied to create a princess bus for share time. Your attention to detail was amazing!



Being a kind and considerate class member. Thank you for always using your manners, Matthew!



Working hard on your reading at school and at home. Your hard work is beginning to pay off so keep up the great effort.

Penny U


Consistently applying her personal best effort to all tasks and being a kind member of 1JN.



Consistently being an inclusive and supportive member of 1LB. Nora is always encouraging her peers to make good choices both in and out of the classroom. Well done!



Listening attentively and contributing enthusiastically to class discussions. Terrific job!



Your valuable contributions to class discussions and confidently sharing your learning with others. 



Showing greater participation during class discussions especially when learning about math problems.



Doing his personal best when listening to instructions and participating in whole group discussions. Keep it up Phoenix. 



Great improvement in reading. Keep up the great effort. 



Writing a wonderful persuasive text.



Showing great leadership skills and responsibility in her Environments Team role! Well done for constantly doing your personal best and being the best representative our grade could ask for!  



Consistently bringing a positive attitude to the classroom and for always applying his personal best effort. Terrific work, George!



For encouraging others and going the extra mile to make others feel positive about themselves.

Jack B


Always trying your personal best and being a kind and helpful friend to others. 

Charlie M


Using a growth mindset in maths when you were working on the split strategy. Well done Charlie!



Being diligent with your home reading.



Her fantastic attitude to learning. Well done for always sharing your ideas and for giving your personal best at all times. You've got an excellent attitude, Evie.



The excellent effort you have put into your work this week. You're a star!



Consistently demonstrating attentive listening and a readiness to learn. Keep it up!



The level of effort and detail that you put into your weekly homework reflections. Fantastic effort!



Always following the Tribes Agreements.

Ollie C


Eagerly sharing his science knowledge about electrical circuits the class



The effort that you put into understanding new concepts in numeracy.



Sharing your ideas about our energy decisions with the grade. Keep up that wonderful effort Lachie!



His helpful nature in the afternoons when cleaning the gym and for his want to develop and positive attitude he has shown in recent weeks.

Winter Solstice ‘Light up the Night’ Festival

Our Winter Solstice ‘Light up the Night’ Festival will be a whole school celebration of the Arts and will be celebrated for our whole community on the evening of Wednesday, 23rd June.  Bookings are open, however Sessions 1 and 2 are now full.  Due to strictly limited places, a maximum of 5 people per family, may attend.

Please go to Winter Solstice Bookings and enter code byf88.  

World Environment Day 2021 5th June 2021

This is our moment.

We cannot turn back time. But we can grow trees, green our cities, rewild our gardens, change our diets and clean up rivers and coasts.
We are the generation that can make peace with nature.
Let’s get active, not anxious. Let’s be bold, not timid. 

How Do We Celebrate?

People around the world celebrate World Environment Day with parades, concerts, clean up and re-cycling initiatives, tree planting groups and all kinds of green action initiatives that are meant to promote and inspire people in every community to work towards maintaining our beautiful planet and battling pollution. 

What Can We Do?

Re-use glass jars                            
Re-use plastic bottles
Put paper in compost bins
Re-use and Recycle plastic bags
Use cloth bags for shopping instead of plastic bags
Put your rubbish in the bin
Pick up rubbish lying on the ground
Always wash your hands after picking up rubbish
Plant a seed
Care for plants and animals
If you can’t re-use it, refuse it.

Together we can be Generation Restoration!               

From the Environment Team