Newsletter - 6 May 2021

Issue 12


Principal's Report

Ongoing school phone problems
Any one trying to contact the school from early last week may have encountered difficulties getting through.  This situation further deteriorated last Friday when all 3 school phone lines ceased operating.  We have communicated this situation to our parent community through multiple posts via Updat-ed our comms app and on the school website. 

To contact the school during this frustrating period, we ask that you email us at:

Alternatively, you can also use the Contact Us facility on your phone in Updat-ed to communicate with us.  Our school email is continually being monitored during office hours, with office team members using their personal phones to contact parents.  If convenient, you may of course prefer to attend the office in person.  In case of an emergency only, contact Brendan directly via his mobile 0408 747 500.

We have had innumerable communications with Optus since that time without satisfaction.  The latest communication indicates the problem may continue into next week.  We appreciate your understanding. 


Amber Babic is a current part time member of our teaching team who has worked at Footscray West for 12 years. In that time Amber has served as a full and part time member of the teaching team, in the senior, middle, junior school and as a specialist.  I am disappointed to announce that today will be her final day working at FWPS.  Amber now lives in Gisborne and with a young family the travel is demanding.  Consequently, when a teaching role became available at New Gisborne PS at short notice, we agreed to facilitate the transfer.  This year Amber has released three members of our leadership team; Libby, Towela and Carolyn, one day a week.  We know she has maintained the high quality of teaching in every one of those grades.  We say goodbye sadly, but know that the children and staff members at FWPS have been the beneficiaries of her warmth, skill, passion and amazing organisational talents.  As an active member of our Winter Solstice Winter Lights working party, I expect that Amber won’t be able to stay away in June.

Thanks to members of the Junior School Council, conveners Medha and Joanna, and all students, parents and staff who supported the JSC Hoodie Day initiative last week. We raised $865.50 towards the AMAZE organisation that has Shaping the future of Autism as it’s stated goal.  We can do our bit too.  Check out what is happening at

A round of applause to members of our Parents’ Association for their outstanding voluntary labour in preparing hundreds of gifts to ensure all students have a full array of items to choose on Friday at our Mother’s Day stall (see note below).

News …

School Council news –The Facilities subcommittee met last evening. It was good to meet together again. As we met at nightfall, we had a virtual tour of school facilities that had been photographed during a sunny day last week.  Of course, the status of the Wallaby building repair was a major topic for discussion.  While later starting due to the complexity of the decanting program, current progress is reported as satisfactory.   At this stage the project is set to be completed in early October. We identified some facilities goals that were not achieved due to COVID.  A major one is the 60 KW solar panel installation that was approved by school council late in 2019 but was unable to proceed during our challenging year.  We have a $20K grant that will reduce the school cost by nearly a third.  The acquittal deadline was fortunately extended by 12 months, so we look forward to completing this priority project during the year.

We will continue to work with regional and central facilities staff regarding our concerns about building capacity in future years.

Working bees are back on!  We have set our first working bee date for Sunday 6th June.  Save the date!

Prep 2022 info sessions – This morning and again this evening we will host our first information sessions for next year’s prep intake. The remaining sessions will be held on Thursdays at 9.30 am on 27th May and 3rd June. Details and bookings are detailed in this newsletter and available via our website.

Mother’s Day Stall – Our Mother’s Day stall, usually an annual event, will return on Friday. Make sure that you remember to ensure that your child packs $5 for their mum, grand-mother, or another special person in their life.  A roster has been shared with classes to ensure there is a dedicated time for each class that doesn’t clash with specialist classes, recess or lunch. 

Coming up … later in term

NAPLAN assessment – The National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy for students in grades 3 and 5 will begin next week. The period of assessment has now been extended to a fortnight, however schools have considerable flexibility on when the assessment modules will be taken.  For further detail please see page 8 of this newsletter. 

SAVE the DATE - Parent/teacher interviews and Student led conferences (grades 5 and 6)
… will be held on Tues 15th and Wed 16th June (after Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday). Booking details (both onsite and remote option) will be provided at the appropriate time.

School attendance
The building blocks of a great education begin with all students coming to school each and every day.   Regular school attendance is vital and missing school days can have a big impact on a child’s future - missing one day a fortnight will miss four full weeks by the end of the year.  Every Day Counts




Coming Events



Fri 7 MayMother's Day Stall - $5 limit
Fri 7 MayRobotic Incursion - 5LC / 6MK
Mon 10 MayRobotic Incursion - 6TS / 6SM
Thur 13 May Classroom Helper Program 9:15-10:45am
Face to face at FWPS
Fri 14 May Secondary School Application forms due
Mon 17 MayRobotic Incursion - 6MP
Thur 20 MayClassroom Helper Program 9:15-10:45am
Face to face at FWPS
Mon 24 May Student Free Day - Report Writing Day
Thur 27 May Prep 2022 Parent Information Session #3
9.30 - 11am
Thur 27 May Classroom Helper Program 9:30-11:00am
Online via Webex
Thur 3 June Prep 2022 Parent Information Session #4
9.30 - 11am
Sun 6 JuneSchool Working Bee - 9-12pm.
Mon 14 June Queen's Birthday Public Holiday - School Closed
Mon 7 June  & Mon 21 June Grade 5 & 6 CERES Excursion
Tue 15 June & Wed 16 June Parent/Teacher interviews and Student Led Conferences (G5-6).
Wed 23 June Winter Solstice Event
Fri 25 June LAST DAY OF TERM 2 - Early Finish 2:30pm

Pupil of the Week






The superb effort and commitment you apply to completing all writing tasks.   Excellent Effort!



Being a role model of attentive listening. You display this by using your whole body. Well done!



Using a growth mindset and your knowledge of letter sounds to have a go at writing your sentences. Great work!



Being a cooperative and kind classmate who always demonstrates mutual respect and attentive listening.



The growth mindset you have displayed when attempting to spell tricky words. Keep it up!



The effort she is putting into understanding friends of tens. Keep it up! 



The effort you are putting into your reading goal. Keep up the hard work Vihaan, it’s paying off!



Her thoughtful contributions during our reading discussions. Keep up the great effort!



Working hard on recent recount writing. Jovelyn is beginning to use time words to help structure her writing. Well done!



Trying your personal best to use the sounding out strategy to read unfamiliar words. Well done Zara!



Always praising your peers on their efforts and giving appreciations to others.



Applying a growth mindset to tasks and sharing thoughtful appreciations during community circles. You are a respectful and kind student. 



Participating during class discussion with enthusiasm and respectfully challenging the opinions of her classmates.  Well done Eadie. 



The great effort she put into finding and sharing words with double letters.



Applying effort to class activities.



Being so friendly and inclusive of all his classmates and for always working well with the people around him. Well done on demonstrating so many Tribes agreements every day!

Tahlia H


Applying her personal best effort during writing. Fantastic work, Tahlia! Keep it up.



Showing care and concern towards others and showing great effort towards all tasks

Keep it up!



The creativity you demonstrate in your writing. You have such wonderful ideas, Jimi! Keep it up!



Putting so much effort into your work with the jump strategy in maths and showing such a growth mindset. Very impressive Poppy. 



Putting a great deal of effort into

her homework tasks. Keep up the terrific work.



Looking for and responding to feedback in a timely manner. Your attitude to learning is great, Mae!



Your enthusiasm during our Robogals incursion. You demonstrated a growth mindset and worked well in your group.



Participating enthusiastically in our Robogals incursion about coding with lights. Well done for working with your team to code your traffic lights!



Your curiosity in learning and eagerness to always participate in class discussions.



The incredible effort that you have been applying during maths sessions.



Displaying the Tribes agreements by being helpful and supportive of the student teacher, Gemma.



The effort that you put into your reading reflections. Amazing attention to detail. Keep it up!



Being a kind and inclusive student who is always willing to help her peers. A wonderful role model Sophia!

Sebastian Wirth


Always showing incredible manners and being polite as well as always being a fantastic prep line leader in the mornings! Keep up the amazing work 

Term 2 in the 3/4 Department

Welcome to Term 2! Firstly, we’d like to congratulate all students and parents for a great start to the year for term 1. 

This term’s newsletter will provide you with information about your children’s upcoming teaching and learning experiences this term. 

Our integrated unit on ‘Wellbeing’ continues into term two. Students have focused on developing their media skills and learning content from the health curriculum. This will culminate in a Wellbeing Film Festival where their group projects will be presented to the grade 3 /4 classes.

Our ‘Geography’ integrated unit this term explores the impact humans have in using various types of land with a focus on being sustainable. Our excursion ‘Connect to Country’ explored native flora and fauna as well as the importance of land and country to Aboriginal people. Students learnt about the Boonwurrung people of the Eastern Kulin Nation and examined the sustainable land practices used by Aboriginal people. 

In Literacy, all students have been working hard on writing narrative and persuasive texts. We will continue to focus on the 6+1 writing traits and work on reviewing, revising and editing as part of the writing process. For our grade three students, this is preparation for Naplan. Additional Naplan practice tasks will be undertaken and it is always terrific to see our students approach these assessments feeling well prepared and with a growth mindset. Class reading sessions will continue to develop reading comprehension strategies. Individual conferencing and goal setting will continue to be part of this process. Homework continues this term. Grade 3 students will be keeping a reading log and grade 4 students will be expected to also complete a weekly reflection. We ask parents to assist by continuing to monitor these weekly expectations.

In Numeracy, the areas to be covered this term include addition and subtraction, chance, location and transformation, measurement and problem solving. Through each of these units we will also further develop efficient problem solving strategies. Weekly Mathletics tasks will continue for homework this term to reinforce the areas being covered in class.

We are excited to say that very soon you will be able to view samples of work in your child’s digital portfolio. This will complement the school report. Please ensure that you log in regularly to see work samples and assessment rubrics as they are added.

There is also plenty of additional information provided via “Updated app” throughout the school year, so please make a point of touching base regularly.

A reminder to send along a box of tissues for your child’s class this term along with any items that your child may have misplaced such as pens, rulers or erasers.

The 3/4 teaching team
Dan, Monica, Carolyn, Jane, Bre, Ashleigh and Libby


Term 2 in Italian

Buongiorno! Ciao a tutti! Hi everyone,

What’s happening this term? Well, there are so many things to do, to learn and to organize. We want to give our best effort and happily complete this semester .

At the end of the term there will be a Winter Festival, like a cherry on the cake!

Until then, Preps are exploring more greetings, colours and numbers, Ones will complete their project about animals, Twos follow the little red car in her journey around Italy, Threes and Fours are learning to offer appreciations in Italian, Fives and Sixs are preparing a conversation and wonder how they can help with a party preparation.

An appreciation and many thanks to Gabby who is helping me to cover all classes in the school with her calm and gentle attitude. We hope that the students are enjoying their time and becoming more and more curious about languages and the many ways they help us with.

Buon lavoro!/ happy activities!



Term 2 in Physical Education and Sport

Term Two provides our students with a variety of interesting and challenging activities incorporating many of the Fundamental Motor Skills.

Winter Inter School Sport has begun in term 2 with four teams from Grade 6 representing our school in Football, Soccer, Netball Girls, Mixed and Tee Ball. Games begin at 11.45 am and all children involved have been provided with a fixture. The children in Grade 5 will focus on the same games in an Intra School format at school and local reserves.

Some of our middle and senior children will also be participating in the Maribyrnong Division Cross Country, which is to be held at Brimbank Park in early June. Information regarding this event will be sent out two weeks prior to the date.

GRADES PREP - 1/2 will be working on the FMS of Dodge and Weave, Bouncing and Single Handed Strike incorporating various drills, activities and ball games, which require increasing degrees of difficulty.

GRADES 3/4 will be working on completing our fitness program and testing, FMS of the Continuous Bounce and Single Handed Strike. The use of minor games and drills will make up a large proportion of the activities incorporating these skills.

GRADES 5/6 will also focus on completing our fitness program and testing, the FMS of the Continuous Bounce and Single Handed Strike using both forehand and backhand. The focus of the drills and games will be of an appropriate standard and challenge to their age and development with the emphasis on performing skills under pressure and in game situations.

Stratos Tzanoudakis


Winter Sports Results

Results of  Winter Sport Round 1 V Corpus Christie

Soccer 7 – 1

Tee ball 18 – 1

Netball Girls 14- 0

Netball Mixed 12 – 0

Football 14 – 6 - 90  to 1 – 0 - 6 



State-wide NAPLAN testing is due to begin next week with all students in years 3 and 5 sitting the tests, unless they have been withdrawn or are exempt.

The school’s schedule for testing is as follows:

Day and Date

Time and classes


Tuesday – 11th May

9.20am - all grade 3 classes


Wednesday – 12th May

9.20am – all grade 5 classes


Thursday – 13th May

9.20am – 3BC & 3JS

11.20am – 3AC & 3MK


Friday – 14th May

9.20am – all grade 5 classes


Monday – 17th May

9.20am – all grade 5 classes

Conventions of Language

Tuesday – 18th May

9.20am – 3BC & 3AC

11.20am – 3JS & 3MK

Conventions of Language

Wednesday – 19th May

9.20am – 3BC & 3MK

11.20am – 3AC & 3JS


Thursday – 20th May

9.20am – all grade 5 classes


If you have any concerns in relation to your child sitting the test, please contact your child’s teacher or myself.

Kind Regards
Anne Reciszen
NAPLAN Coordinator

Orchard to Plate

The orchard to plate cooking classes take place every Wednesday and Thursdays of the school term. To run the program at its full potential, we need volunteers to take come along and support the students during in the classes.

If you would like to volunteer, you will need to complete the parent volunteer's induction sessions and have a working with children's volunteer check.   Please follow the link to register to volunteer. 
Orchard to Plate Volunteers

Dianne Macdonald

Prep Tours 2022

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Preps in 2022.
Come along to find out about our school community and programs.
Parents and families are invited to visit Footscray West Primary School for
a tour and information session on the dates and times listed below.

Thursday 27th of May - 9:30 – 11:00 am

Thursday 3rd of June - 9:30 – 11:00 am
BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL and are now open.

Go to Prep Tours 2022 and follow these simple instructions:

Enter Code: v97f6 and hit GO
Enter your details
Select the date and session that you wish to attend. 

When you click FINISH, your interview timetable will be emailed to you automatically.  

If you do not receive your email immediately, check your junk mail folder AND make sure you have spelled your email address correctly.

You can return to School Interviews at any time, and change your interviews until the bookings close.  Please contact the school on 9687 1535 if you require assistance. 

Enrolment forms will be available at our first school tour on Thursday the 6th of May and accepted at the office any time after this session.

Please also ensure you reside within our school zone at

Classroom Helpers Program 2021

After such a long break from having parents/carers onsite we were pleased that this term we could welcome people back onto the school grounds.

While COVID is still with us there have been some lifting of restrictions by the department, which means that we can again run our FWPS classroom helpers program which is necessary to complete before helping out at the school.

Many of our parents/carers in grades 2 – 6 would have participated in the program, while there was limited access last year for the 2020 prep parents before we all went in to lockdown.

This year we have scheduled sessions on a Thursday morning with a choice of either participating in the program face to face at the school or online. 

We are however still limited to the number of adults we can have in any space and therefore numbers for each session will be capped.  Book early to avoid missing out.

To help in the school you must attend one of these sessions and have a current working with children’s check (WWCC).

Sessions are scheduled for the following dates.  You will be able to choose from a face to face session at the school or an online session via WEBEX. 

  • Thursday 13th May face to face at school 9:15 - 10:45am
  • Thursday 20th May face to face at school 9:15 - 10:45am
  • Thursday 27th May online via WEBEX 9:30 - 11:00am
Go to Classroom Helpers Program and follow these simple instructions:

Enter Code: mnzca and hit GO
Enter your details
Select the date and session that you wish to attend. 

When you click FINISH, your interview timetable will be emailed to you automatically.  

If you do not receive your email immediately, check your junk mail folder AND make sure you have spelled your email address correctly.

You can return to School Interviews at any time, and change your interview.  Bookings are still open. 


Dear parents, guardians, staff and friends! 

Last week we had the theme of Animals where children created lots of fantastic animal arts and craft. Nelly was absent for the week after being injured from Football, so we are thrilled that she is back this week and she is happy to be with the kids.  


This week we have been focusing on Mother’s Day and Friendship developing at TheirCare. Children will be creating gifts for special people within their lives, and we will be encouraging children to embrace new friendships within TheirCare. 

Throughout the year we will be trying to focus on important dates and events within the calendar. Last week was Guide Dogs Australia day and this week was Asthma awareness and we will continue to make everyone aware of these important dates.


This week’s TheirCare Star of the week is Sebastian Wirth for always showing incredible manners and being polite as well as always being a fantastic prep line leader in the mornings! Keep up the amazing work.


With it getting colder we are seeing more and more jackets get left behind, please ensure you are all checking our lost property bucket near the sign in desk! We also have quiet a few items from the holidays that do not have names on them. 

As a part of our community engagement, we will be starting a food drive later in the term to donate to those in need. If you can all start to look at your pantries and follow this space to see when we will be collecting. 

For all families, if you have any questions about TheirCare and would like to come and have a chat please come visit us in Emu Corner in the morning or afternoon, alternatively you can contact us on the details provided and we will help you as best we can. 

TheirCare Team
Luke, Nelly, Louise, Eleanor & Callum 

Contact Details
Service Phone: 0487004072 
Service Email: 
Head Office: 1300 072 410