Newsletter - 11 March 2021

Issue 6


Principal's Report

School start time

Late for school – As we transition to the next step of our COVIDSafe plan, we expect all students to be at school by 9.00 am.  If you have been making your way to school after 9.00 am, from next week please make the very best effort to meet this shrinking time frame.  This way we can ensure that our specialist programs are able to begin on time.


Congratulations to the following students elected to be the class representatives for the Environment Team. 

Grade level

Student grades and names


1CW Adele Boscolo, 1HP Pranika Subedi, 1JN Louie Ashley-Chiew, 1TN Freya Twomey,  1LB Lydia Coglin


2BD Solomon Flight, 2JI Etta McLauchlan, 2LP Ryan Barham,

2LE Lola Vuddamalay,  2ES Siena Battaglia


3JS Oscar Ashley Chiew, 3AC Skye Coonerty, 3MK Charli Kemp, 3BC Kara-Li Bennett


4LB Harley Shepherd, 4CL Audrey McLauchlan, 4DW William Polli 


5HK Seb MacKenzie-Wee, 5KT Indie Sisworo, 5LC Thomas Ebzery


6MP Hugh McMullan, 6SM Lyla Joyce, 6TS Asha Camilleri, 6MK Isabelle Yallappa 

The Environment team will usually meet during the last session, on alternate Thursdays.  There will again be a strong alignment with our Orchard to Plate program.

We will feature the children in next week’s assembly video.  Unfortunately we are awaiting on a consignment of new Environment team badges. We will feature our badge presentation after the parcel has arrived.

School Council news

This week I thought it ideal to publish the full membership list of our new school council.  Roles are usually filled over a two-year period.  On occasions such as this year, there is significant change.  Regular readers will understand that the relationship our outgoing council had developed was a very positive one.  Nevertheless, we see the infusion of new membership as both positive and exciting.  I have been pleased to meet with all our new parent council members and am delighted they will be joining us. Our three new members all have prep children, so we hope the partnership on our Council will be long and fruitful. We are looking forward to all meeting, hopefully in person, on Monday 29th March, the start of the final week of term 1.

Parent/Carer members


Newly elected - 2021 – 22 term of office

Parent of …

Katie Berman

Samuel Jago PHS

Tim Solly

Pippa Solly PAF

Darren Stock

Eden Stock 2BD

Sullivan Stock PKS

Current parent members newly returned for 2021 – 22 term of office

Suzie Bourne

Harry Patching 5HK

Current parent members in second year of role


Andrew Newman

Hugo Newman 6MK

Harriette Newman 4LB

Otis Newman 1LB

Amanda Dunn

Molly Dunn 2JI

Andrew Charles (1-year casual vacancy) replacing Marcus, our outgoing SC President.

Dylan Charles 6TS

Vacant role – this remains unfilled.  Please contact Brendan if interested in discussing this vacancy.

Community role – this role will be filled annually by Parents’ Association membership

Parents’ Association role – a representative of the Executive attends meetings and provides a report on PA activities.


Staff members




Brendan Millar – Executive officer (mandatory)


Current members - newly returned for 2021 – 22 electorate

Anne Reciszen

Leading Teacher

Libby Buck

Leading Teacher

Carolyn Lockie (1-year casual vacancy)

Leading Teacher

Lisa Peterson (1-year casual vacancy)

Learning Specialist

What’s happening at FWPS?

Wallaby building repair project

Yes, finally the move is on!  The shift from the Wallaby building to the temporary classrooms on the oval will be a three-step process starting tomorrow.  In the early afternoon on Friday, firstly the grade 1 students, with the support of their class teachers, Taleb, our maintenance staff member, and senior staff, will move light resources, such as book boxes, cushions, games, chairs and stationery to their new classrooms.  Later in the day, 4CL and 4LB will also shift similar resources to their classrooms.  On Saturday, our building contractor City Living will be responsible for moving furniture, boxes and heavy and unwieldy resources, including those that have been stored since late last year in the Gecko. When the students return on Monday, there will be additional relief teachers on hand to support our teaching staff while they set up their classrooms.  We are confident that by Monday afternoon the students and staff will be comfortably established in their new learning environments.

Our new double gate on Blandford St will be inaccessible next week, so we will only use the large vehicle access gate during this period.  The reason for this is to enable our contractor to realign the temporary fences around the oval classrooms in order to block the two admin/meeting buildings closest to Blandford street as the remaining works focus on preparing them for moving day the following weekend.

Staff absences – From time to time I do feel it appropriate to inform parents that staff may be away for a variety of very valid reasons.  Of course, a common reason since our return from R&FL@H 2.0 last year, has been illnesses that could indicate COVID-19.  Just like we have stressed to parents that it is important to keep your children home with colds, coughs, high temps etc, we hold the same requirement of staff.  Additionally, our staff members and partners, parents and children of ageing parents and often are required for carer’s duties.  We are very confident our staff take the days off work they need to and therefore we have a culture of supporting our staff team.  We have a strong relationship with Teach Direct, our relief staff agency and they liaise closely with us to ensure staff absences are managed effectively. 

The daily swimming program for students in grade 1 and 2 held over the last fortnight concludes tomorrow.  A big thanks to the teaching staff and students who have worked together to ensure everyone made the bus each day (both directions!) and were able to maximize the allotted lesson time.  As well, appreciations to the parents who ensured the children were ready (and in togs) daily, the staff at the pool and the bus drivers as well.  Our team coordinators commented that they were particularly impressed by the level of independence shown by the children. Notable, as the inability to have parent assistance had been considered a challenge.  The reality is, that the teachers, education support staff and the children collaborated successfully every day.  We are regularly impressed with the capacity of our students when really required.  It has been fantastic for the children to have a regular activity outside the school grounds after such a long time without excursions, but I expect the teaching team will appreciate returning to a more regular program.  I would also like to acknowledge the positive attitude evident with the students who did not attend swimming.  As we are unable to mandate that every child must attend the swimming program, and families may choose not to attend for a variety of reasons, we always need to meet this need in an effective and engaging manner.

A very big thanks to our Physical Education teacher Stratos for the overall planning and team coordinators, Linda and Heather for the exemplary daily management.

A snapshot of views on swimming from students in 2LE

Swimming is fun. Erin 2LE

I had fun kicking on my back for backstroke. Sofia 2LE

I like playing ring a rosy in the water. Finn 2LE

Dolphin dives are great. Ella 2LE

My group got to play Marco Polo and I didn't get tug.  Alex P

I had fun diving for the sinking toys. Donnie

Non swimmers

It is good to learn about being safe and rules like not jumping in. Ayden S

We learnt water safety rules for at the beach, at home and at the pool. Evie

Tsuru Kai martial arts – Over the last 13 years we have regularly on Saturdays welcomed Tsuru Kai Karate to the Gecko building.  Firstly managed by Dale Hatty and more recently by Matt Andripov and Bill Suckling, we have seen many students, parents and others in our community participate in TKK’s challenging and resilience building program.  Unfortunately, the FWPS chapter of Tsuru Kai has fallen victim to the ongoing effects the pandemic has had on many groups and clubs in the community.  We wish them well.

Reminders …

Camp Deposits
A reminder to families with students in grades 3 to 6 that the expression of interest and $50 deposit are due by the end of term 1 for our Camps to be held in Term 3 and Term 4. Payment is due by Thursday 1st April, 2021.
If forms and the deposit are not returned, it will be assumed students do not wish to attend camp. The parent helper expressions of interest are also due back by Friday 26 March, 2021.

Safety reminder – A reminder that students entering or leaving the school should not ride through the car park at any stage.  Students walking in the car park should be accompanied by an adult and only when on the way to and from Emu Corner to attend the Their Care program before 8.00 am/after 4.00 pm.  Please use the entry gate near the boom gate so that you can walk along the path and ramp between Koala and Wallaby buildings all the way to Emu Corner.  All students who ride and leave their bike or scooter at school, must have applied and received a bike/scooter pass that they have signed, along with parents to indicate they understand and will follow the rules, applied for the purpose of their safety, the safety of others and security of their bike, scooter or (in grades 5 and 6) skateboard.  The school policy can be viewed at: FWPS Policy

I hope your week has been terrific.





Coming Events



Fri Mar 12

Kanga Cricket Gala Day. Hansen Reserve Grade 5/6 9.00 - 3.00
Mon Mar 15Grade 5 / 6 Immigration Incursion with Refugee Council 
Wed Mar 17Maribyrnong Division Swimming Carnival - Oak Park Aquatic Centre 8.45 - 2.30
Wed Mar 17 &
Thur Mar 18
Grade 1 / 2 Artist drawing Incursion 
Wed Mar 172nd Hand Uniform Shop Sale 3.20-3.40pm
Wed Mar 17PA Committee meeting 7.30pm
Fri Mar 19

Grade 6 Social 13:50-15:30
Mon Mar 29First Meeting for New School Council members 6.30pm
Thur Apr 1

Mon Apr 19

First day of Term 2
Thur Apr 29Grade 3/4 Excursion - Royal Botanic Gardens - 10:15 - 2:15
Thur May 6Prep 2022 Parent Information Session #1
9.30 - 11am

Thur May 6Prep 2022 Parent Information Session #2
6.00 - 7.00pm (includes option for Live feed)

Thur May 27Prep 2022 Parent Information Session #3
9.30 - 11am
Thur June 3Prep 2022 Parent Information Session #4
9.30 - 11am

Pupil of the Week






Being a wonderful role model of Whole Body Listening. Excellent effort!



Being an attentive listener and always trying your best. Keep it up!



For being helpful and kind and applying best effort to tasks. Well done!



Being a wonderful helper in the classroom.



Always following instructions and listening attentively. Well done!



For being a great role model at swimming and being responsible for your belongings.



The fantastic effort you put into your swimming lessons and the way you got really speedy at getting changed afterwards.



Participating enthusiastically during class discussions. Great effort! 



Being an enthusiastic and resilient student throughout our swimming program. Angela has shown great confidence in demonstrating her skills in the water.



Always following the Tribes Agreements. Well done.



The fantastic commitment you are showing towards your reading each night! Wonderful effort!



Consistently showing Mutual Respect and kindness to others. You are a wonderful role model. 



Always trying his personal best effort in maths and for asking for help when needed. Keep it up Isa! 



The fantastic effort she has put into swimming and for being so independent at the pool



For always following the Tribes Agreements.



Being a cooperative, kind classmate who always demonstrates mutual respect and active listening. 



Consistently supporting others within the classroom and for applying her personal best to complete set tasks. Well done, Dione!



Showing mutual respect during class discussions by raising her hand and for trying her personal best.



Using interesting words to describe the character and setting in your narrative. Fantastic effort, Finn!



For great choice of words in your narrative.



Always striving to achieve his personal best.

William P


Being a kind and inclusive student who goes out of their way to make others feel welcome. We love your attitude, William!



Your enthusiasm to help in the classroom, it is greatly appreciated!



Her perseverance and renewed growth mindset when taking the TORCH test.



His fantastic efforts during maths when renaming decimals. Well done David!



Your contributions to class discussions and for showing attentive listening.



Being a collaborative and supportive classmate, especially when working in groups.



Always following the Tribes Agreements in and out of the classroom. You've been an outstanding role model!



Being a wonderful role model to others in the classroom. You are a kind and considerate leader. Fantastic effort Vicky.

Footscray District Cross Country Results

Congratulations to all of the students who competed in the Cross Country which was held at Hansen Reserve last Friday. Fine conditions made for a fast track and excellent performances from our athletes.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who assisted on the day and offered their support and encouragement during the races. A total of fifteen competitors who finished in the top seven will go on and represent the Footscray District at Brimbank Park in term two. Permission notes and details will be provided to students in term two.

9/10 yr Girls

9/10yr Boys

11yr Girls

11yr Boys

12yr Girls

12yr Boys

Evie Millsom  4DW

Oscar Cameron 4LB

Kashifa Abdallah 6MP  

Charlie Talevksi 5KT


Lyla Joyce 6SM


Harry Lynn



Ella Knights 4DW

Oscar Shrestha 4DW

Sophia Brownstein 5HK

David Borg 5LC


Indigo Troedel 6MP


James Lynn



Ella Meyer 4DW

Joshua Griffioen 4LB

Bea Anders 6MP

Fletcher Bodman 5HK


Sophia Camilleri 6TS

Hamish Sully


Audrey McDonald 4CL

Finn Phelan 4DW

Pippa Whitbourn 5HK


Hugo Lovell 5KT



January Moore 6SM


Jordan Palmieri 6MP


Rachel Hanley 4DW

Arthur Cowie 5LC

Edie Fitcher 5LC  


Lucas Viravouth 5HK

Greta Ligertwood 6TS

Will Denby 6MK



Emily Luu 5LC

Harrison Earl

Meleuc Lear


Sebastien Mackenzie Wee 5HK


Isabelle Yallappa 6MK

Artisan Sarat





Swimming update

On Wednesday 17 March the swimmers below will be representing Footscray West at the Maribyrnong Divisional Swimming Carnival to be held at the Oak Park Aquatic Centre. 

National Ride 2 School Day

Friday the 19th of March 2021 is National Ride to School Day.  We encourage students to participate by riding their bike, scooting, skating or walking to school. 

Active travel is a great way for students of all ages to meet their recommended daily dose of 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

The purpose of National Ride2School Day is to show school communities that riding, walking, scooting and skating to school is an easy and fun activity.

Part Way is OK!

Many students live some distance from the school so having parents park a couple of blocks away and then having students ride or walk the rest of the way is an alternative to parents driving to the school gate or looking for parking. This provides students with the opportunity to ride and walk a portion of their journey to school.  It also has the added benefit of reducing congestion around the school gates.

The Environment Team

2nd Hand Uniform Shop

It’s with great excitement that we annouce a pop-up 2nd Hand Uniform Sale!

2nd Hand Uniform Shop Sale on the Basketball Court 
Wednesday the 17th of March between 3.20 and 3.40pm.

Come along to grab a bargain! Most items will be $1 or $2, with the exception for Bomber jackets, dresses, and items with a tag, which will be selling for $5…. You might even find some items in a ‘free’ pile!

Items can be paid in cash at the stall, or via card at the office.

If you’re able to assist with shop set-up, selling or pack-up, please let us know at

Please note: as parents are only allowed to be on school grounds for 15 minutes, we’ll need to ask you to please make your purchases as quickly as possible either before or after pick-up, and to move away from the area as soon as you’re done.

This will ensure we meet all FWPS and Government COVID requirements and enable us to hold more Uniform Shop sales in the future!

Parents Association

The FWPS’s annual Mother’s Day stall is coming up and we’re looking for people to help us make this year’s stall bigger and better than ever! Are you able to contribute in some way? Donate cookbooks, homemade jam, plants, handmade craft items… or help out with wrapping and packaging gifts. We’d also love some volunteers to help run the stall on the day.
If you’d like to get involved and can help out, then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! You can get in contact at:

The next PA Committee meeting is coming up on Wednesday 17th of March at 7.30pm. So, find something green (in honour of St Patrick’s Day!), and come and join us for an enjoyable night out. No prior PA experience is needed to come along, and you don’t even need to be a member…. Though please do register your interest via the PA’s email address so we can let you know the meeting location once confirmed. RSVPs by Friday 12th of March would be appreciated.

If you have any questions about the above or in general, please email us at:

Or, if you’d like to join the PA, please follow this link: FWPS PA e-registration form.

All the best,
2021 PA Exec (Sharee, Kate & Tinny) & PA Committee