Newsletter - 25 February 2021

Issue 4


Principal's Report


I was pleased to present our recently elected Grade 6 Class Captains and Vice Captains with their badges on Friday afternoon in preparation for (last) Monday’s video assembly Latest Assembly with the assistance of our School Captains, Bea and Cassius.

Congratulations to the following senior school representatives:

Class Captains

Vice Captains

Vicky Zhuang
Yuvan Yellapragada

Greta Ligertwood
Monty Di Giorgio - Yates

Tia Cursio
Aden Paksoy

Mia Garcia
Noah Hong

January Moore
Alan Luu

Dilara Mese
Oliver Flight

Eloise Pola
Hugo Newman

Isla Gillberg
Malik Jalloh

Thanks to members of the grade 6 teaching team for running democratic elections in their classrooms, Marco for overseeing the process and Shannon for assisting with our meeting with the captains and the video segments.

Senior school transition – Parents and carers of our grade 6 students  today received an Updat-ed post prepared by our Grade 6 and 6 – 7 Transition coordinator, Marco. This is in response to some queries that were made during Meet the Teacher.  As the Department of Education has yet to distribute the official documentation, Marco has applied his knowledge to prepare information that is relevant and timely.  It is important for all parents and carers of grade 6 students to make sure they check Updat-ed whenever they receive an alert to the Grade 6 Grouping and/or general news.

Wallaby repairs – Work is continuing on Stage 1, the preparation of the school oval decanted buildings throughout the last week, with power and data now installed, external carpentry near completion and interior partitioning beginning.  Water installation, carpet, concreting and movement of furniture and resources are all ahead.  School reps will meet with architect and contractor reps again on Tuesday.

Prep Open sessions were delayed due to the COVID lockdown and are now due to occur next week.  The latest prep newsletter, with reminders and specific prep related information, will be sent home with all the prep children on Friday.

Late after 9.10 am – We have operated ‘soft starts’ from since we returned to school for face to face learning for the second week of term 4, 2020.  That has involved the opening of 6 gates (currently 5 due to building works) at 8.50 am daily with these gates remaining open to 9.10 am.  Students have been able to arrive up to 9.30 am before we have required teachers to mark rolls and students to sign in late.  We feel with a reduction of COVID restrictions it is time to rein things in somewhat.  From next Monday we will anticipate all students being in class by 9.10 am.  After this time, they will need to sign in on the office iPads as late.  With students arriving after 9.10 am it creates a further challenge for teachers of Specialist classes and Soundgarage.  This has led to some confusion in ensuring all students onsite have actually been marked as present.  We also are bothered if we erroneously send an absent SMS to a parent who believes their child should be at school.  Aligned with previous practice, we will eventually anticipate all students arriving by 9.00 am.

Coming up …

Excursions and incursions
After a break of almost a year from the last opportunity for excursions and inter school sport, we have a whole raft of excursions and incursions being planned. 

Grade 1/2 swimming will run between 1st to 12th March  after a (COVID caused) gap during 2020.  Due to the requirement for students to attend swim classes daily each morning for a fortnight, it is necessary to prepare a replacement Specialist timetable for this period. Consequently, many classes in Italian, Music, Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts and Orchard to Plate will be held at different times and even on different days.

On 3rd March grade 5 and 6 students will be involved in a volley ball championships held at MSC.

On 3rd March and on 4th March students in grade 3 and 4 will visit ACMI for a integrated topic related excursion.  If you have not returned your permission form or paid for this excursion please do so ASAP.

On 15th March, the Refugee Council will provide speakers to provide an incursion for students in grades 5 and 6 for the Inquiry related topic.

On 17th and 18th March grade 1s and 2s will welcome a visiting artist for an incursion related to their integrated topic of learning.

On 1st April deposits for the grade 5 and 6 Camp to Kangaroobie farm camp are due.  The deposits for the grade 3 and 4 Camp to Ballarat are also due. 

In addition, today term 1 Soundgarage payments will be deducted from parent accounts for the approximately 270 students participating in this program.

I am sure that on reading this list you all will understand that our admin team is under the pump.  As a consequence if making an EFT or Bpay payment please do the following:

Please develop the practice of marking on the permission return slip if you have made the payment prior to returning the slip to the office

Educator and author Lucy Turnbull recently published 50 Risks to Take with Your Kids.  The following excerpt was printed in The Age Sunday Life on the weekend.  It makes uncommon sense and sits well with the very point of abiding by timelines and learning to fail.Abiding by timelines – Consequent with the above points, I wish to throw my support behind Sandra, Yvonne, Nat and Zowi who form a most magnificent office team.  Despite our best endeavours to communicate through weekly newsletters, hard copy notes, regular, timely and targeted Updat-ed communications and a very functional website, we regularly have to deal with a small number of parents and carers who act as if an advertised deadline is not something they need to abide by.  Our team are unfailingly polite and respectful, but sometimes accepting that no means, well no can lead to pretty unreasonable responses.  Mutual respect is our most important Tribes agreement. Let us practice it!

Daisy Turnbull on parenting: children should face risks and challenges (

Reminders …

Sunsmart – Despite an insistence on the wearing of school broad brimmed hats outside during recess, lunchtimes and physical education and sports activities, sometimes the intensity of the sun along with a paucity of shade can be a problem.  This seems to have been the case with some of the senior students who attended Johnson Reserve for the Cross country trials in sunny, windy weather last week.  We do encourage students to wear sunscreen and even sunglasses.

However it is impractical and against current practice for school and staff to provide or apply sunscreen directly.  We encourage students to apply this at home and/or bring a travel pack for at school reapplication. 

School Council – Our outgoing 2020 School Council will meet (remotely) for the last time on Monday.  I would like to thank all members of a Council that has been an important sounding board and source of support during a very challenging period.  I would like to acknowledge parent and staff members who will be relinquishing their membership, either because they are no longer eligible, or after a substantial commitment, have adjusted their priorities. 

A very big appreciation to retiring School Council President, Marcus Hildebrand.  Marcus leaves our Council and our school community having been President for two years and a member for a much longer period. Marcus, along with his partner, Janine have had an active, unbroken period of parent community members for longer than the 14 years I have been a staff member at FWPS. 

Tibor Kovacs has been a Council member for most of the 9 years he has been a parent at our school.  Tibor could always be relied on to take a sensible, supportive and community approach.  He has been a fixture at most of the many working bees held over this period and could be relied to bring along some interesting European beer for afterwards! 

Tristan Andrews has been a representative of Council over the last four years and an active Facilities sub committee member for longer still.  Tristan could be relied on for thoughtful and fair debate – surprising for such a dyed in the wool Collingwood supporter.

Darren Bennett joined Council following an interest in school improvement via the Facilities subcommittee.  Darren has been a considerate representative of the Communications subcommittee, as well during the period as a parent representative of Council.

From a staff perspective, Assistant Principal Caren Taylor has been a member of Council during nearly the whole time I have been at FWPS.  She has contributed to every major decision (and plenty of minor ones too!).  Caren as former chair of both Policy and Planning, and Communications and a long-term member of the Finance sub comm, has been an integral and highly respected voice throughout this long tenure.  Her presence on Council will very much missed.

Lyn Wilkinson will also step down after a (nearly) decade of service to Council from the Staff electorate.  As an active member of Policy and Planning and Communications, Lyn has contributed through her deep knowledge and commitment to our school as teacher, coordinator, Leading Teacher, Literacy coach and acting Assistant Principal. Lyn has transitioned to a part time role as one of our Tutor Learning Initiative teachers and Council will no longer be part of her remit.

We will be pleased to provide some small tokens of our appreciation when we meet remotely on Monday evening. 

We are currently finalising representation of both parent and staff electorates prior to our new Council meeting for the first time on Monday, 29th March.  I will share who our new representatives are closer to this date.  We are hopeful that our new Council will be able to meet in person for at least this initial meeting.

I do hope you have had a wonderful week



Coming Events



Mon March 1

School Council Meeting #1 (Outgoing Council)

Mon March 1 to
Friday March 5

Prep Open Sessions - Rescheduled.  Booking information to be provided shortly

Mon March 1 to
Fri March 9

Grade 1 / 2 Swimming Program
9.10 – 11.30 am

Wed Mar 3

2021 Western Region Primary Schools Volleyball Championships Grade 5/6
9.30 to 2.30
Wed Mar 3 &
Thur Mar 4
Grade 3/4 excursion to ACMI 
Fri Mar 5

District Cross Country. Hansen Reserve
Qualifying Grade 4 - 6 - 9.30 - 12.30
Mon Mar 8

Labour Day Public Holiday
Fri Mar 12

Kanga Cricket Gala Day. Hansen Reserve Grade 5/6 9.30 - 1.30
Fri Mar 15Grade 5 / 6 Refugee Council Incursion
Wed Mar 17 &
Thur Mar 18
Grade 1 / 2 Artist drawing Incursion 
Fri Mar 19

Grade 6 Social 13:50-15:30
Mon Mar 29First Meeting for New School Council members
Thur Apr 1

Mon Apr 19

First day of Term 2

Pupil of the Week






Her great Junior School Council speech. Well done! 



Following the Tribes Agreements and always doing your personal best.



Her excellent and well thought out JSC speech. Fantastic!



Challenging himself to achieve his personal best and being a good role model for his peers.



The terrific focus and effort you put into all your tasks. Keep up the great work. 



Being a great role model in class and having a growth mindset towards all tasks. Wonderful effort! 



Applying his personal best and demonstrating enthusiasm when completing his tasks. Brilliant effort.



Presenting her JSC speech with confidence and making great suggestions on how to make our school a better place. Well done Sienna! 



The fantastic effort he put not using reading strategies.



Following the Tribes Agreements.



Showing teamwork, generosity and inclusivity every day in the classroom. Well done for being such a positive classmate!



Showing mutual respect during class discussions by raising his hand and for trying his personal best during reading with his teacher. Well done, Miles!



Always doing the right thing and always doing her personal best. Keep up the great work and your amazing efforts!



Asking questions and trying your personal best during the place value unit. Keep it up, Gaby!



Always including others and being a friend to all.



Listening attentively and doing your personal best.



Being a kind classmate and for always sharing his ideas in class. You've had a great start to the year!



Your thoughtful contributions to class discussions.




The effort and diligence with which he completes set tasks. Keep it up!



Following a growth mindset and for showing a positive attitude towards learning. Well done, Bodee!



Always showing attentive listening. You are a great role model for your peers.



Always being the first to offer to help or take on extra responsibility 



Consistently applying a personal best level of effort across all subjects. You've made a great start to grade 6!



Putting your best effort and qualifying for district swimming and cross country trials this term!

Felix Richards

TheirCare Award

All his help during the pupil free day and his support of younger children at TheirCare, thank you Felix!

Cross Country Trials Results - Shorten Reserve

The Cross Country Trials for FWPS were held last Friday 19th February. The list of qualifiers below will now participate at the District Cross Country to be held at Hansen Reserve on Friday 5th March. Races will begin from 10.00am.  Students will compete in the following: 

2km – 10yr Boys and Girls

3km – 11 and 12 yr Boys and Girls 

9/10 yr Girls

9/10yr Boys

11yr Girls

11yr Boys

12yr Girls

12yr Boys       

Evie Millsom  4DW

Oscar Cameron 4LB

Kashifa  Abdallah 6MP

Charlie Talevksi 5KT

Lyla Joyce 6SM

Harry Lynn 6MP


Ella Knights 4DW

Oscar Shrestha 4DW

Sophia Brownstein 5HK  

David Borg 5LC

Indigo Troedel 6MP

James Lynn 6SM


Asher Sheldon 4DW

Joshua Griffioen 4LB

Bea Anders 6MP

Fletcher Bodman 5HK

Sophia Camilleri 6TS

Hamish Sully 6MK

Audrey McLaughlin 4CL

Finn Phelan 4DW

Pippa Whitbourn 5HK

Hugo Lovell 5KT

January Moore 6SM 

Jordan Palmieri 6MP

Rachel Hanley 4DW

Arthur Cowie 5LC

Edie Fitcher 5LC

Lucas Viravouth 5HK

Greta Ligertwood 6TS

Will  Denby 6MK


Emily Luu 5LC

Harrison Earl 4LB

Meleuc Lear 6TS

Sebastien Mackenzie Wee 5HK

Tia Cursio 6MP

Artisan Sarat 6MP





School Photos 2021

Our annual school photos have been taken by Arthur Reed Photos.

To view the images of your child and order photos, you will need to first register online.

  1. Go to Order Your School Photos and enter the 2021 image code for your child (from their personalized flyer).
  2. Tap on ‘Add another child’ to enter the image codes of any siblings
  3. Fill in your email and mobile details and then review all details before confirming your registration

That’s it! When 2021 photos are ready, you will be notified by email and SMS.

Even if you registered last year, it’s important that you do each year using your child’s new image code to link their photos for the current year with your contact details.

To ensure you are ordering school photos for the current year, please wait for notifications that 2021 images are online before placing orders.

In the webshop you can view photos and customize your photo package; Choose ANY layout, ANY image and purchase multiple digital image downloads.

Order within 10 days of notifications to take advantage of the discounted pricing period and ‘free back to school’ delivery or opt to have your photo order sent directly to your nominated address (postage fees may apply).

REGISTER ONLINE NOW to be notified when 2021 school photos can be viewed and ordered.

If you have any issues with the registration or ordering process, please contact Arthur Reed customer service directly for assistance, 03 5243 4390.