Newsletter - 11 February 2021

Issue 2


Principal's Report


Thanks to our parents and carers for the terrific adherence to the tightening of COVID safe procedures.  We remain hopeful that in time we will be able to adjust to a more regular state.  In the meantime, we are really grateful that students and staff are learning together in harmonious and productive classes.

How exciting for Dylan Lucas in 3MK who through his keen interest in tennis was fortunate to have a ‘never forget’ opportunity last week.  Dylan's father Kain, provided us with his account. 

"This is a photo of Dylan on court at the ATP cup with the world number one Novak Djokovic. Dylan had an amazing day, he was selected by his coach to go and perform the coin toss at the ATP cup. When we arrived we were informed that he would be tossing the coin for his favourite player Novak Djokovic. As shown Dylan got to go out on court and also go behind the scenes at Rod Laver arena and had access to areas that the general public just never get to see.  Dylan has been coached at Tennis since he was three years old, Tennis is a major part of his life and this was an amazing experience for him. He will never forget it.   Thanks again for allowing him to go and supporting him in his passion for tennis." 

What’s new …

Congratulations to our grade 6 class captains who were named today following a democratic process held in each of our senior classrooms.

They are:

Captain - Vicky Zhuang
Vice Captain - Greta Ligertwood
Captain - Yuvan Yellapragada
Vice Captain - Monty Di Giorgio - Yates

Captain - Tia Cursio
Vice Captain - Mia Garcia
Captain - Aden Paksoy
Vice Captain - Noah Hong

Captain - January Moore
Vice Captain - Dilara Mese
Captain - Alan Luu
Vice Captain - Oliver Flight

Captain - Eloise Pola
Vice Captain - Isla Gillberg
Captain - Hugo Newman
Vice Captain - Malik Jalloh

I had the pleasure of having a brief meeting with our new Class captains, along with our (slightly less) new School captains, after lunch and we have included a quick photo from that meeting.  As a group, we plan to meet regularly to ensure that the voices of our senior students are heard and considered.  This was particularly successful and valauable during our challenging 2020 year.  We anticipate high standards from this group. 

We will soon be able to announce our membership of Junior School Council and the Environment team as well.

New split recess and lunch timetable – As mentioned last week,  we have a new timetable that splits the recess and lunchtimes into two ‘groups’.  See below for the new times. 
Senior School Recess (Grade 3 - 6) - 10:40AM to 11:10AM 
Junior School Recess (Grade P - 2) - 11:30AM to 12:00PM
Senior School Lunch (Grade 3-6) -  1:00PM to 1:50PM
Junior School Lunch (Grade P - 2) - 1:50PM to 2:40PM

Reminders …

Safety first – A reminder that after 8 am and before 4 pm we stress that parents should not choose to walk through the car park on the way to Their Care in Emu Corner.  The best path is to duck carefully through the main car park gate to the right side of the boom and along the path that takes us over the ramp past Koala and Wallaby across the Gecko end of the basketball court and left past the bike sheds.  Safer and perhaps an extra 30 metres walk.

Wearing of masks – As a defined public place, all staff and visitors are required to wear masks when entering our school buildings.

Keeping kids at home – A reminder that consistent with our messaging since we have returned to school post our long period of remote learning during term 3 last year, all students exhibiting cold and flu like symptoms should remain at home until these symptoms have dissipated, usually following a negative result for a COVID-19 test.  This is the same expectation we have for our own teaching, education support and contract staff.  As it is inconvenient to you, this requirement is frequently inconvenient for us too. 

Coming up …

Curriculum day tomorrow – A final reminder that normal school day will be substituted by a professional learning day for the classroom teaching and literacy support staff tomorrow.  It will be held in the Gecko building, as other venues are unable to take groups of staff due to the recent return to increased COVID-19 restrictions and vigilance.  By providing this literacy focus for the staff it is most relevant to, we will be able to maintain our commitment to sharing the learning opportunity with our colleagues at Carlton Gardens PS.  An appreciation to our literacy coordinators, Lisa and Towela. 

Swim carnival – We are pleased that the clash of our early Curriculum Day and the annual Swim Carnival has not caused our 23 qualifying students In grades 4-6 from missing out.  Thanks to Stratos and members of our specialist and Ed support teams for facilitating this.  An additional level of staffing support has been required due to current COVID restrictions prohibiting parents attending the MAC to assist and barrack. 

Meet the Teacher – I am pleased that as of Thursday afternoon 410 appointment times had been secured for the annual Meet the Teacher sessions next Monday and Wednesday.  Nevertheless, those numbers indicate there are a substantial number of families yet to make a booking.  Communication between home and school is a vital aspect, a step that is always better happening early in the year.  Positive parent/teacher relationships are a key driver to students being engaged and holding their education in high esteem.  This seems particularly apt after last year when the nexus between home and school was particularly crucial. I have requested all class teachers to communicate with all parents/carers who have not made a MTT appointment.  Please assist by taking five minutes to book a time for Monday or Wednesday, or arrange another time, or phone call to ensure this early communication takes precedence.  Remember this is not a progress interview, it is a chat about your child, sharing what makes them tick and ensuring you are comfortable that your child’s teacher knowledge of them as a personality and as a learner.

Prep Update - The Prep teachers are enjoying spending some 1-1 time with the students as they come in for their assessments. We are learning so much about your children and love that they are becoming more familiar and comfortable with us, sharing their many experiences and knowledge. The positive attitude that we have seen by children is remarkable, and most are using a growth mindset to have a go at tasks that they may find a bit tricky. We look forward to meeting with our last six students next week and will then use the information we have gathered to plan effectively for our classes.

Prep classroom visits – One parent or carer from each family will be able to visit in small groups (no more than 5 at each session) in the week starting 15th February.  For details see last week’s Prep newsletter.

Information packs … We will regularly remind parents and carers that we are keen to receive updated contact details for every family that has changed address, phone number, emails and so on.  It can be concerning when we are unable to contact you and we have a very real need to do so.  We of course also appreciate receiving remuneration for all student fees as soon as is practical.  Please contact us if this is a matter that may be causing you some concern.

All excursions and incursions will continue to be paid for separately prior to each excursion or incursion. We don’t want kids to miss out!

As with recent practice, parents who assist with excursions will need to have or have applied for a working with children check in order to attend.  Many families are eligible for fee relief through the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund.  For instance, if you currently hold a Health Care card. Please contact a member of the office team, Assistant Principal, Caren or me if you have concerns about your current capacity to meet these requirements.

Wallaby building project – Stage 1 of the project continues daily, this however is just the preparation for the big job of repairing our iconic, 105 year old building.  School, contractor and architectural representatives will next meet on Tuesday afternoon; therefore expect an update on progress towards the decanting process next week.

School Council membership – We have had the fortune of working with a positive and capable school council.  I have so appreciated that when we meet we have done so with a strong sense of working towards the same positive goals.  It is at this time each year when we ascertain how many positions are up for renewal, how many current councillors at the end of their two-year stints choose to, or not to stand for re-election and how many are no longer eligible for the obvious reason their children have moved onto secondary schooling.  Our current council schedule includes 10 parents elected over two-year terms and a community Parents’ Association representative.  These are staggered so that each year there is a spill of half the electorate. In recent changes last year Council voted to hold a community position for a representative from our Parent’s Association. 
Sometimes due to circumstances, there may be positions that need to be filled for half the normal term.  For example, Marcus, our outgoing President, was re-elected last year with the full knowledge that with his youngest in grade 6, his position would need to be spilled after one year, the half waypoint of the normal span.  There was also a member who due to personal circumstances stood down during the year.  Therefore, we are seeking interest in filling a minimum of 2 half term positions (1 year) and 5 full term (2 year) places.  Of course, we hope that some of these positons will be refilled by current Council members.  Please call reception, or drop in and ask to speak with me, or if I am unavailable, our business manager, Sandra to learn more.

I do hope you have had a terrific week.



Coming Events



Fri Feb 12

Curriculum Day - Pupil Free Day
Fri Feb 12

Interschool Swimming Carnival MAC
Mon Feb 15 & 
Wed Feb 17

Meet the Teacher - 3:40pm - 7:00pm
Thur Feb 18

School Photo Day - Prep, 1, 2, and Family Photos
Fri Feb 19

Cross Country Trials. Shorten Reserve. Grade   
4 - 6 9.30 - 11.30
Mon Feb 22

School Photo Day - 3, 4, 5 & 6 and Family Photos
Mon March 1 to
Fri March 9

Grade 1 / 2 Swimming Program
9.10 – 11.30 am

Wed Mar 3

2021 Western Region Primary Schools Volleyball Championships Grade 5/6
9.30 to 2.30
Fri Mar 5

District Cross Country. Hansen Reserve
Grade 4 - 6 9.30 - 12.30
Mon Mar 8

Labour Day Public Holiday
Fri Mar 12

Kanga Cricket Gala Day. Hansen Reserve Grade 5/6 9.30 - 1.30
Fri Mar 19

Grade 6 Social 13:50-15:30
Thur Apr 1

Mon Apr 19

First day of Term 2

Pupil of the Week - Week 3






Being a great role model in class. Keep up the great work! 



Following the Tribes Agreements and being a whole body listener.



Exceptionally demonstrating the Tribes Agreement of Attentive Listening and applying his personal best effort to class tasks.



Applying his personal best throughout learning tasks, particularly the presentation of his work. Well done Eli!



Showing great enthusiasm towards your learning and demonstrating the Tribes agreements. Well done.



Applying your personal best effort to all work tasks. You're a star!



Being thoughtful and respectful to others while working cooperatively during group tasks. You are a great role model.



Always following the TRIBES agreements and being a role model for his peers. Great start to the year Dhrubo!



Her great reading response. Well done.

Sebastian L


Applying effort and doing his personal best.



Always doing the right thing and always doing his personal best. Keep up the great work and your amazing efforts!



Applying her personal best when practising her handwriting. Your use of a growth mindset was terrific. Keep it up!

Lawrence U


His engaging and convincing speech as a JSC representative. 

Lawrence L


Your insightful contributions to class discussions. You have had a fantastic start to the year, Lawrence!

Harrison E


Supporting your classmates so well and listening attentively.



Being friendly and inclusive towards others.



Being a kind student. Thank you for giving your time to help others.



Being a respectful and enthusiastic member of 5HK.



His persuasive classroom job application and dedication to being our class gardener.



Your choice of persuasive language in your leadership speech. Keep up the great work! 



Following a growth mindset and for showing a positive attitude towards learning.



His impressive effort with writing and presenting his leadership speech. 



Writing and presenting a creative speech about leadership. Well done!



Being a kind and considerate classmate and leader. You are a fantastic role model to your peers.

Sophia-Jane Hibble

TheirCare Award

Her warm nature, humour and helpfulness she shows day in day out!

Grade 3 /4 Update - Welcome

We would like to welcome all of the students and families to the Grade 3/4 Department in 2021. First of all, we would like to show an appreciation to all of the students for their positive start to the year. You will find that classes are busy establishing routines and revisiting the Tribes Agreements which allows them to build positive working relationships with their peers.

Despite running single grades again this year, the majority of the topics we are focusing on will remain the same. For that reason, our newsletter articles will be combined. Nonetheless, there will be some periods of time where the focus of each grade level will differ - one such example of this will be during NAPLAN testing. When this is the case, we will let you know where the differences will occur. 

In the Inquiry unit, students will learn about health and wellbeing. Firstly, they will explore how their mental and physical wellbeing can be influenced by the choices they make in their daily lives. They will then strengthen and build skills in the media arts to create a video presentation which will educate the wider community on improving wellbeing. To support their learning in this unit, the students will visit ACMI (The Australian Centre for the Moving Image). 

 In writing, the students will continue their focus on the 6+1 Traits of Writing and how writers use these to create effective and engaging pieces of writing. Students will start the year by focusing on two traits: organisation and conventions. They will strengthen their understanding of these traits before applying them in both narrative and persuasive writing pieces. In reading, there will be a clear focus on developing specific strategies to strengthen comprehension skills. The students will work independently and in groups accessing a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.

In Numeracy, students will study units of work on a wide range of areas:

  • Number & Place Value 
  • Data
  • Time
  • Measurement

To complement and reinforce classroom learning at home, students in the 3/4 department will complete maths and reading homework each week, beginning in week 4. Homework for Grade 3 and 4 will consist of:

  • 15 minutes (Grade 3) and 20 minutes (Grade 4) of reading, 5 nights a week
  • A reading log which will be taken home by each student
  • Assigned Mathletics tasks based on current classroom learning

Due to COVID restrictions, parents cannot currently meet with teachers face-to-face in classrooms before and at the end of the school day. For that reason, we are providing our gmail accounts. Teachers will check these daily and strive to respond within 24 hours.

Many thanks, and here’s to a great year!

The 3/4 team
Dan, Monica, Carolyn, Libby, Jane, Bre, Ashleigh and Amber

Grade 5 /6 Update - Welcome

What’s Happening In the Grade 5/6 Department for Term 1?

The grade 5 and grade 6 departments are looking forward to a busy and productive 2021. We have begun the year with class building activities, incorporating the Tribes Agreements along with focusing on CITW and using digital technology responsibly.

The extra-curricular events have already commenced with the swimming trials taking place last week, and throughout the term, grade 5 and 6 students will also have an opportunity to represent their school in cross country running, volleyball and kanga cricket. Towards the end of the term, grade 6 students will start to select and try out for the winter interschool sports teams, which will commence early in term 2.

This term, ‘Immigration’ becomes our integrated focus with students investigating the historical, political, social and economic factors that have influenced modern Australian society. Students will research / interview an Australian migrant and share their findings in a short presentation about their chosen subject. More information about this will be provided near the conclusion of term 1.

In reading, we will further develop comprehension strategies including questioning, activating and connecting, and summarising and synthesising. Individual conferring and goal setting will continue to be part of this process. In writing, revision and further development of the ‘6 + 1 Traits of Writing’ will continue to be a focal point with organisation and ideas being the main traits of focus.

In numeracy, the areas to be covered this term include place value, 3D shape and measurement. We will also be revising and using a range of problem solving strategies to find solutions to real world maths tasks.

Homework has commenced this week with the first work due in week four. The specific day that homework is due has been set by your child’s teacher. Students are expected to read at home 5 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes for grade 5s, and 40 minutes for grade 6s, and record one reading reflection per week. From next week, students will also be required to complete a mathematics task and reflect on it each week. Please allocate some quiet time at home for your child to complete the homework.

The first grade 6 social will be held on March 19th. This year’s 5/6 camp will be held at Kangaroobie Camp, Princetown from Tuesday 19th October - Friday 22nd October. More information about these events will be distributed during the term.

We also ask students to bring in a box of tissues to share in the classroom.

If you have any questions you can contact your child’s teacher using the email address below.

5/6 team
Marco, Kim, Towela, Shannon, Medha, Kim, Lauren, Helena, Kerrie, Amber

Kimberley Tong (5KT)
Lauren Crump (5LC)
Helena Lizos (5HK)
Kerrie Ahrens (5HK)
Marco Pitisano (6MP)
Towela Sinkonde (6TS)
Shannon Mason (6SM)
Medha Kaul (6MK)

2021 Art Program

Welcome back to art for 2021! It’s so exciting to see you all again!

Just letting you know we have a brand new art teacher at FWPS - Luke Sutton.  Luke is an amazing teacher and artist. He will be a great asset to the art room and to the FWPS school community. Welcome Luke, we are lucky to have you!

Thank you, Susie! I am so excited to work in the art room this year with the wonderful students and staff at FWPS. I know that we are going to have so much fun creating amazing pieces of art throughout the year! - Luke

DONATIONS - We are still looking for donations for the art room, no matter how big or small. At the moment we are putting a call out for empty yogurt containers and those little fruit cup containers. Most importantly, we are in need of newspapers. Our supply is a little low at the moment!

What’s happening in the art room this term?

Preps - The Preps are learning about Vincent van Gogh and creating a watercolour/collage painting of his famous artwork, ‘The Starry Night’. This activity introduces many new concepts and opportunities to experiment with a mixed media to create an art work.

Grades 1 & 2 - The students in Grade 1 and 2 are creating an abstract collage based on the colourful works of Henri Mattise. They will be learning about his life, discovering his amazing growth mindset when creating his art. The students’ work will focus on the art element of Shape - Geometric and Organic. 

Grades 3 & 4 - This term in art, the Grade 3 and 4 students are creating self-portraits using cardboard and black paper as their canvas. We have collected cardboard from old boxes and the students are recycling it by cutting and layering it to create depth and texture in their self-portrait image. 

Grades 5 & 6 - For Grade 5 & 6 art, the students have been provided with their own personal art folio book. They will use this book to complete their sketches and designs over the year. This week, we have begun sketching still life images of flowers and fruit, looking at the works of Vincent van Gogh as our inspiration.


If you have any questions please, please contact myself or Luke!

2021 in the art room is going to be big, we have lots of fun stuff planned!

Susie and Luke  

2021 Italian Program

Dear FWPS families,
Welcome back to school!

We hope you are all well and ready for a great 2021,

We know that we live in challenging times but we would like to collaborate with all the community to help our students and ourselves to rediscover our best energies and the pleasure to learn.

This year the Italian program will be travelling all classes, as the Italian room has become the refuge for our music program.

Appreciations to Gabby, who is stepping in again to help me, as our school keeps expanding; she will be in charge of 2LP, 2JI, 5KT and 5LC.

We will start this term with a general revision of basic language, in order to build a common ‘base line’ in every class after last years discontinuity and disruptions. The topics for each level will be negotiated and adjusted and communicated in the next few weeks.

We would like to ask every family to support their children not just by welcoming all Italian greetings and popular words, but also by acknowledging the importance of learning a second or third language,  (not just in terms of job opportunities, but to foster and enhance our understanding of Australia’s many cultures and respect all contributions that every cultural community offers to our country).

Forgetting new words is more than normal, no need to feel guilty, remember them and find any opportunities to use them, that’s special and rewarding. For example, never hesitate to improvise Italian words in an ice-cream shop, you never know, they might serve you with a gelato GRANDE!!!

Grazie, Thanks for your time.  Happy first term to you all!

Buona giornata! Have a good day. 


Meet the Teacher

MONDAY 15th FEBRUARY from 3:40 - 7:00pm AND
WEDNESDAY 17th FEBRUARY from 3:40 - 7:00pm 

These Meet the Teacher Interviews will be conducted face to face or via WEBEX.  Please use the below links to book a time for your children.

Meet The Teacher is an opportunity for a conversation between parents and teachers.

Discussions are strictly 10 minutes only.  As you may wish to discuss sensitive information, students are discouraged from attending this first interview.

The students will be invited to the mid-year Parent Teacher Interviews or Student led conferences.

The smooth running of our parent-teacher discussions relies on everyone keeping to the timetable.  Please consider other parents and end on time.   If you need more time with a particular teacher, arrange a separate meeting or phone call.  Teachers will provide one interview, for each child, for every family.

Bookings are now open, go to:

School Interview Booking Link and follow these simple instructions.

Enter the code:  cceqq

Press "Go"

Enter your details

Select the teachers you wish to see

Select the appointment times that suit your family best and ensure you provide your telephone number.

When you click FINISH, your interview timetable will be emailed to you automatically.  If you do not receive your email immediately: -

Check your junk mail folder AND make sure you have spelled your email address correctly.

You can return to at any time, and change your interviews until the bookings close on Monday 15th February @ 10:00am

School Photos 2021

Annual school photos including sibling photos will be taken at Footscray West Primary School by Arthur Reed Photos on Thursday 18th and Monday 22nd February. 

There is no need to return any forms or money to school.

Unique image codes will be issued to all students on/after photo day so families can register online to view images when they become available in the webshop.

Registration is simple, just follow the 3 steps on your child’s personalised flyer once you receive it after the photos have been taken, and remember to add the codes for all your children attending this school.

Even if you registered last year, it’s important that you do again this year using your child’s 2021 image code to link their images for the current year with your contact details.

When images are ready to view and in the webshop, all parents who have registered will be notified by SMS and email.

Once registered, please wait for notification that 2021 images are online to view before making your purchase. 

If you would like your children to have a family photo, please ensure you register via this link:
Family / Sibling Photo information.   
You MUST pre register in order for a family / sibling photo to take place. 




Hi parents, guardians, staff and friends! 

We continue to welcome all new children and families to TheirCare this term and we are very happy to be getting more and more children each morning and afternoon and meeting more and more of the brilliant people in this beautiful FWPS community! 

This week we have celebrated Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year, we got to see many beautiful gifts and cards made by all the children that they were able to give their loved ones. We are grateful to be able to use the gym space and play group games in the morning, and also we have been able to use these morning times to touch base with all children and help to develop our program collaboratively. We thank you all for contributing to help us build our community at TheirCare. 


There are big numbers for Friday’s pupil free day and we have a great day filled with many activities planned. Next week we are also very fortunate to host Supreme Incursions to FWPS next Thursday the 18th of February, they will be providing us with an amazing Hip Hop workshop free of additional charges. If your child is interested, please book for the coming Thursday as places will fill fast! For more information around the Hip Hop workshop or Supreme Incursions please follow this link; 

This week’s Star of the Week for TheirCare will be Sophia Jane Hibble for her warm nature, humour and helpfulness she shows day in day out! Thank you Soph for always putting a smile on staff and children’s faces at TheirCare.


Reminder to all parents, guardians and children, that as it continues to be hot throughout Summer we all need to be wearing our hats and putting on sunscreen. However, some children are still missing hats and they are not able to play outside at before and after school care. Also make sure to come check out the school’s and our lost property as they are both filled with a huge array of hats and other lost items! 

For all families if you have any questions about TheirCare and would like to come and have a chat please come visit us in Emu Corner in the morning or afternoon, alternatively you can contact us on the details provided and we will help you as best we can. 

TheirCare Team:  Luke, Nelly, Louise & Eleanor 

Contact Details: 

Service Phone: 0487004072 
Service Email: 
Head Office: 1300 072 410 


Community Notices