Newsletter - 4 February 2021

Issue 1


Principal's Report


The tightening of COVID safe restrictions announced late last night will require all adults; staff and visitors to wear masks when indoors in shared spaces at school. This revised status will remain in place until further information is received from the state government.

Welcome and appreciations

Despite the untimely deluge last Friday morning, we have been very pleased with the positive start to the school year.

I have a strong feeling that we will be able to draw on increased resilience as students return to a school environment that despite some significant changes, currently feels as normal as it has since term 1 last year.  We know however, that family experiences of COVID vary greatly.  As part of our response to this, we are currently developing a school response to the state government funded Tutor catch-up initiative announced in term 4.

We appreciate having our newest prep cohort all joining us for the first time on Monday.  We appreciate how our new families have embraced learning about our school remotely from the many videos and information shared regularly on our website and through phone conversations.  This work has been led by Prep (and K-P) transition coordinator, Karri Sinclair, with the outstanding support of the Prep and the admin teams.  May I also share a very big appreciation to the Parents’ Association for preparing take home welcome packs to the parents and carers in lieu of the usual welcome morning tea.

What’s new …

The Wallaby repair project – During term 4, I provided newsletter readers with an explanation as to why, despite the expected inconvenience, we were pleased to announce initial details relating to the Wallaby repair project.  For over two years, sub floor instability has caused very significant cracking in the northern end of our iconic 105-year-old Wallaby 2 storey (3 storey when we count the attic building).  Through our initial investigation, we prioritised student and staff safety following a thorough structural engineering report and subsequent bracing of the external Argyle St facing wall.  Throughout 2020, restoration plans were delayed by the complexity of the problem and COVID strictures.  As we returned from a long period of remote and flexible learning, we were somewhat relieved that our difficult year was not further challenged by having the project start during term 4.  Due to the many metropolitan major school projects (including locally, Footscray High, Footscray and Footscray North primary schools) access to relocatable buildings for decanting classes and services was limited. This meant initial stage 1 preparation works could not effectively begin until 18th January.  Consequently, we have not been surprised to learn that to place 7 classes, staffroom, student services, teaching support offices, administration and leadership spaces, along with power, water and data, will take at least another three weeks.  We are satisfied that all grade 1 classes and the two grade 4 classes are well set up in the Wallaby during the interim.  Only after classes and administration has been able to move will the focus turn to the major sub floor works required to repair the listing Wallaby building.  We have developed positive communication with the architect, the project manager from the Schools Building Authority and the building contractor, City Living.  We are assuming the project will take most, if not all of the school year.  I will regularly keep the community informed of the progress in the newsletter and assembly presentations.

New split recess and lunch timetable – We decided late last year that the loss of half of our oval space during the building project necessitated us finding a practical way to ensure our student have enough place to play during recesses and lunchtimes.  As a result, a complex timetable that splits the specialist classes and recess and lunchtimes into two ‘groups’ was started last Friday.  Of course, due to inclement weather, we could really only test the effectiveness this week.  I am pleased to report that the feedback from students and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive.  The senior students (3-6) have had to get used to an earlier recess and lunch.  For the junior students (P-2), the times of recess and lunch have not changed.  This alteration to the program therefore almost halves the number of students in the yard during any recess and lunch.  This modification will be in place for the duration of the project and until access to the whole oval is re-established.

Coming up …

Curriculum day on Friday next week – As outlined in an Updat-ed post sent yesterday, due to a postponement last year of literacy curriculum day, originally planned for September, we have rebooked the presenter from the limited dates afforded us for Friday, 12th February.  This is earlier than we usually would plan to hold a day of student 'non-school' attendance.  This day will involve classroom-teaching staff from FWPS and Carlton Gardens PS.  While initially planned to be held at an offsite venue, we have had to change the location due to limitations placed on the venue and it will now be held in the Gecko building at school for classroom teaching staff and literacy coaches only.  On this day students are to remain home unless parents choose to book their children into the full day Their Care program, or are involved in the Swim carnival (see information below).

Swim trials and carnival – We are pleased that the annual event for grade 4, 5 and 6 students who qualify tomorrow will proceed even though it clashes with the Curriculum day next Friday, 12th February.  At both the Vic Uni pool (trials) and MAC (carnival) unfortunately, COVID safe rules will preclude parents and carers assisting, or attending to support the children. 
On Friday 19th February the Carnival qualifying students will be bussed to the MAC accompanied by Stratos and some members of our Specialist and Education support teams.  On Monday relevant details will be communicated to the students who qualify.  Competitors will be able to attend either if they can be at school at 9.15 for a 9.30 am departure and be collected on their return by 1.00 pm. Alternatively competitors who attend the Their Care program on that day will be included.  All students will need to wear school uniform for transit.

Canteen returns … on Wednesday 10th Feburary.  Please see the LunchBox page in this newsletter on how to register, update your account and order.  

Prep classroom visits – One parent or carer from each family will be able to visit in small groups (no more than 5 at each session) in the week starting 15th February.  Details will be shared in tomorrow’s first Prep specific newsletter.

2021 Information packs … were sent home to each family with the youngest sibling this afternoon.  As well as encouraging you to make necessary school payments, this is also an opportunity to update contact details, vital when we need to communicate, sometimes urgently. All excursions and incursions will continue to be paid for separately prior to each excursion or incursion. We don’t want kids to miss out!

As with recent practice, parents who assist with excursions will need to have or have applied for a working with children check in order to attend. 

CSEF Eligibility - The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like, school camps, swimming and school-organised sport programs, outdoor education programs and excursions and incursions. You may be eligible if you hold a current Centrelink Health Care Card, Veterans Affairs Gold Card or Pensioner Concession card.  Please contact a member of the office team, Assistant Principal, Caren or me if you have concerns about your current capacity to meet these requirements.

If you registered your child in 2020 there is no need to re-register, however you DO need to register new Prep Students. 

CSEF application form

School Council membership – Each year our new School Council meets before the end of March.  Prior to that time, we advertise the vacancies for the parent and employee electorate.  If you have an interest in nominating for a position on Council, I encourage you to drop into the office, or give me a call to discuss your interest.  More specific details will be posted in next week’s newsletter.

Student access to phones – All families whose children bring mobile phones to school must be familiar with our policy and to complete the necessary paperwork.  Once received each student phone user needs to follow our practice by signing in their phone to the teacher in their classroom each day.   The school will not take responsibility for lost or damaged phones.

Sunsmart – As a long term Sunsmart school we encourage students to practice sensible sunsmart behaviour such as using sunscreen. We require however all students to wear a broad brimmed hat outside during recess or lunch and during all outside activities during the school day from the beginning of the school year, until the end of April and again from the beginning of September until the end of the school year. 

Privacy Policy - Our school collects, uses, discloses and stores student and parent personal information for standard school functions or where permitted by law, as stated in the Schools’ Privacy Policy

Please take time to remind yourself of the school’s collection statement, found on our website FWPS Privacy Policy.

For more information about privacy, refer to: Schools’ Privacy Policy — information for parents. This information is also available in nine community languages: Amharic, Arabic, Dari, Mandarin, Somali, Sudanese, Turkish, Urduand Vietnamese

Victorian High Ability Program 

Each term primary schools across Victoria are notified of students from grade 5 or 6 that have been selected to be a part of VHAP in either maths or writing.  This term at FWPS we have one student selected to participate in the VHAP maths program.

Congratulations to Indigo Troedel

Indigo was selected by the DET from grade 5 and 6 students across the state to participate in the online program. She will work with an expert virtual teacher and will have the opportunity to learn exciting new concepts with like minded students during the virtual lessons. At the end of the term, it is planned that there will be a day for the online class to meet in person and participate in activities. - Libby Buck

I hope you have a terrific week. 




Coming Events



Fri Feb 5School Swimming Trials VU Grade 4 - 6 
10.15 - 12.40
Fri Feb 12Curriculum Day - Pupil Free Day
Fri Feb 12Interschool Swimming Carnival MAC
Thur Feb 18School Photo Day - Prep, 1, 2, and Family Photos
Fri Feb 19Cross Country Trials. Shorten Reserve. Grade 4 - 6 9.30 - 11.30
Mon Feb 22School Photo Day - 3, 4, 5 & 6 and Family Photos
Mon March 1 to
Fri March 9

Grade 1 / 2 Swimming Program -  9.10 – 11.30 am, 2 sessions daily for 9 days (Permission forms will be sent home shortly)

Wed Mar 32021 Western Region Primary Schools Volleyball Championships Grade 5/6
9.30 to 2.30
Fri Mar 5District Cross Country. Hansen Reserve
Grade 4 - 6 9.30 - 12.30
Mon Mar 8Labour Day Public Holiday
Fri Mar 12Kanga Cricket Gala Day. Hansen Reserve Grade 5/6 9.30 - 1.30
Fri Mar 19Grade 6 Social 13:50-15:30
Mon Apr 19First day of Term 2

Prep Update 2021 - Welcome

TERM 1 2021

Hi everyone, the Prep year has begun and we have welcomed over 110 Prep children into our school and we are now becoming familiar with class routines for happy, productive classrooms.

Prep Staff and contact details:

PKS – Karri Sinclair– Prep and Transition Coordinator -
PKS - Janeane Millar (Thursdays) -

PAC – Amel Colosimo -

PAF – Amelia Fantuz -

PAK - Anna Kurvink -

PHS – Helen Simmons -

Our integrated unit this term is ‘Who am I and where do I belong?’ This unit will focus on the children as individuals and as a part of a family and community. We will also work on the Tribes Agreements, encouraging the children to participate, show mutual respect, achieve their personal best, give and receive appreciations and no put downs. We will also focus on developing a growth mindset. Literacy sessions include comfortably handling and respecting books and knowing that we can make meaning from written and pictorial texts. In writing, Preps will have a go at conveying a message through pictures and written text.  In handwriting, fine motor skills will be developed, including learning how to hold their pencil comfortably to form legible letters. In math, all classes will be counting each day of Prep using a range of materials in anticipation of 100 days of school. We will be exploring numerals and their quantities. Students will be identifying 2D shapes as well as creating and continuing patterns using a variety of resources.

Look out for our Prep newsletter every Friday which will include further information about your child’s start to school.

We look forward to working with both you and your child over the course of the year.

Kind regards, 
Karri, Amel, Amelia, Anna, Helen and Janeane

Well done on having a terrific first day of school everyone!!  Here are some photos from our first few days!










Grade 1 / 2 Update - Welcome

Welcome back! We trust that everyone had a restful and relaxing holiday break and are feeling refreshed and ready for a busy year ahead. It is wonderful that we can all be at school together.

This year we have 5 grade 2 classes and 5 grade 1 classes. The grade 2 classrooms are all in the Bilby building. The grade 1 classes are in the Wallaby building for now and will move into portable classrooms on the oval while the building repairs are conducted. Staff will continue to plan together to ensure that all students receive a guaranteed and viable curriculum in all classrooms.

We have a busy and exciting term ahead with the Intensive Swimming Program in weeks 6 and 7 of the term, and we are in the process of planning an incursion to compliment our Inquiry unit.


This term in Grades 1 and 2 we will focus on settling in, understanding the Tribes Agreements, identifying and expressing our feelings using appropriate and effective language. The Tribes process is fundamental in helping students get to know one another and to reflect positive behaviour. Our Inquiry unit will focus on exploring emotions which links closely to our Tribes Agreements and building relationships.

Students will have opportunities to:

· apply the Tribes Agreements to everyday work and play

· get to know each other through games, community circles and role play

· identify and describe emotions they experience in daily life through the use of the ‘Five Tribles’

· understand how to manage personal behaviour and the effect it has on their own and other’s feelings

· understand their role as digital citizens and the importance of using technology appropriately and safely

· setting and working on class and personal goals

· showing a ‘growth mindset’ in all tasks and activities, no matter if it is challenging and hard to achieve ‘yet’

· reflecting on individual, peers and group work and to understand how to give feedback using the ‘glow and grow’ method


Our main focus during term one in numeracy is to develop strategies to establish an understanding of counting and place value. Students will also study 2D / 3D shape, Data and Time (calendars and timetables) throughout the term. To assist your child with counting and place value, we suggest practising skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s, as well as counting forwards and backwards from different numbers. Playing games like Monopoly, Uno, chess or Snakes and Ladders is also a good way to reinforce maths concepts and strategies.


The main focus of writing will be using the ‘6+1 Traits of Writing focusing mostly on sentence fluency and conventions. We will introduce a range of genres throughout the year to engage students to write what they feel passionate about, with a focus this term on writing recounts from personal experiences. Students will also continue to explore punctuation such as how to use full stops, exclamation marks and question marks. They will be encouraged to use their ‘Have-a-go’ book to support their spelling, as well as classroom word walls, word lists and dictionaries. Developing fine motor skills and handwriting will also be a focus in the junior grades. Students will be engaged in reading activities in class including choosing ‘just right’ books and what independent reading is. We will focus on the reading strategy of visualising, as well as explore effective reading strategies in small teaching groups.

We look forward to getting to know everyone a little better during the ‘Meet the Teacher’ afternoon/evenings that will be held later this month on the 15th and 17th of February. Other dates to be aware of: Curriculum Day 12th of February and School photos will occur over two days the 18th and 22nd of February.

Grade 1 / 2 Staff and contact details:

1CW – Caitlin Wilkinson

1LB - Lauren Baker

1JN - Jessica Nem Singh

1HP - Heather Patterson

1TN - Trang Nguyen

2BD - Brooke Danaher

2LE - Linda Edwards

2JI - Joanna Innes

2LP - Lisa Peterson

2ES - Eliza Stebbing

Kind regards,

Heather, Jess, Trang, Caitlin and Lauren in Grade 1 and

Linda, Lisa, Gabby, Brooke, Eliza and Joanna in Grade 2

Meet the Teacher

MONDAY 15th FEBRUARY from 3:40 - 7:00pm AND
WEDNESDAY 17th FEBRUARY from 3:40 - 7:00pm 

BOOKINGS will open on MONDAY 8th FEBRUARY at 4:00PM

These Meet the Teacher Interviews will be conducted face to face or via WEBEX.  Please use the below links to book a time for your children.

Meet The Teacher is an opportunity for a conversation between parents and teachers.

Discussions are strictly 10 minutes only.  As you may wish to discuss sensitive information, students are discouraged from attending this first interview.

The students will be invited to the mid-year Parent Teacher Interviews or Student led conferences.

The smooth running of our parent-teacher discussions relies on everyone keeping to the timetable.  Please consider other parents and end on time.   If you need more time with a particular teacher, arrange a separate meeting or phone call.  Teachers will provide one interview, for each child, for every family.

Once bookings open on Monday 8th February at 4pm go to:

School Interview Booking Link and follow these simple instructions.

Enter the code:  cceqq

Press "Go"

Enter your details

Select the teachers you wish to see

Select the appointment times that suit your family best and ensure you provide your telephone number

When you click FINISH, your interview timetable will be emailed to you automatically.  If you do not receive your email immediately: -

Check your junk mail folder AND make sure you have spelled your email address correctly.

You can return to at any time, and change your interviews until the bookings close on Friday 19th February @ 9:00am

School Photos 2021

Annual school photos including sibling photos will be taken at Footscray West Primary School by Arthur Reed Photos on Thursday 18th and Monday 22nd February. 

There is no need to return any forms or money to school.

Unique image codes will be issued to all students on/after photo day so families can register online to view images when they become available in the webshop.

Registration is simple, just follow the 3 steps on your child’s personalised flyer once you receive it after the photos have been taken, and remember to add the codes for all your children attending this school.

Even if you registered last year, it’s important that you do again this year using your child’s 2021 image code to link their images for the current year with your contact details.

When images are ready to view and in the webshop, all parents who have registered will be notified by SMS and email.

Once registered, please wait for notification that 2021 images are online to view before making your purchase. 

If you would like your children to have a family photo, please ensure you register via this link:
Family / Sibling Photo information.   
You MUST pre register in order for a family / sibling photo to take place. 



Orchard to Plate and Connectabugs

Orchard to Plate

When we first started the program in 2018, it was purely driven by a small group of parents and grandparents, who came in each week and got their hands dirty both in the garden and the kitchen. This amazing group of people provided our students with a wonderful learning experience and great connection to our community.

Unfortunately with the events of 2020, we were unable to allow volunteers on the school grounds. Thankfully the school saw the importance of this program and allowed it to continue during this time and although it was modified significantly, we were still able to provide a supportive environment for the students to have a little fun.

We are very excited to finally have our volunteers back in the kitchen this year in a covid modified approach.

Starting in week 3 we will begin the Orchard to Plate program on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

For the program to run with increased potential we need a volunteer for each session to support the students. If you are interested in volunteering, you will first need to attend the parent helper program. If you have already attended this you do not need to do it again.

Please feel free to email your name and number to the school if you are interested or you can contact me directly on 0450179737.

The roster will be displayed on the notice board in the breeze way.



This year our Connectabugs group will run on a Friday morning from 9 am.

We will be working closely with the environment team to reinvigorate our litter free lunches and composting, as well as introducing some new environmentally sustainable initiatives.

We will also continue to maintain the orchard and run some fundraising stalls and cook ups across the year. This program is open to parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and community members. You will just need a volunteer working with children's check before starting.

Please feel free to email your name and number to the school if you are interested or you can contact me directly on 0450 179 737.

Looking forward to a great year in the orchard.


An update from the FWPS Parents Association (PA)

Hi everyone,

Happy new year for the start of 2021! We hope everyone had a nice and rejuvenating break, and are feeling positive and hopeful for the year ahead.

Also, a very warm welcome to prep families – we hope your preppies have had a great start to their school years, and that your first drop off as a parents/carers was a memorable one (maybe some celebrations, or perhaps even some tears!).

Speaking of preps, the PA kicked off the year by preparing ‘Welcome bag’s for all prep families. These included a tea bag, bikkie, some tissues, and a welcome message from each teacher and the PA, and were prepared in lieu of the usual Welcome Morning Tea, which was unable to go ahead this year due to COVID-related restrictions.

The card also included a QR code to take people to the PA membership page, where prep families can sign-up to Social Connection groups for their classes to get in touch with other families… it’s not too late if you missed this, just follow this link: FWPS PA e-registration form.

A few other announcements……

  • Don’t forget about the FWPS Care Cupboard, which is now up and running. It’s available to any family who may need a little extra support with toiletries, food, and household staples. It’s located just next to the staff car park – look right as you step into the car park – and can be accessed at almost any time.
    Please check out this FAQ for extra information about the Care Cupboard.
  • If anyone has a basket that they could donate to store ‘overflow’ items in the office, can you please let us know at
  • We’re planning a pop-up 2nd Hand Uniform Shop sale at some stage in the new few weeks. 
    Further details will be sent out via updated once a date is confirmed.  We still need people to help assist with shop set-up, selling or pack-up. Please let us know if you can help at
  • We’re now busy planning for the rest of 2021 and are aiming to have a list of uniform shop opening times and Committee meeting dates available shortly, as well as a survey to send out to members to see what you’d like the PA to focus on over the year ahead.

If you have any questions about the above or in general, please email us at:

Or, if you’d like to join the PA, please follow this link: FWPS PA e-registration form.

All the best, from the 2021 PA Exec (Sharee, Kate & Tinny) & PA Committee


Hi parents, guardians, staff and friends! 

Welcome to all new 2021 Families to TheirCare, and welcome back to everyone! 

This year we have a full year of fun planned at TheirCare, we are looking forward to seeing all children, parents, and friends of the school to collaborate and build our program. These summer holidays we have had a very packed and super exciting holiday program, the children did lots of some amazing things like excursions to the cinema, Zoo, and incursions where children learnt about our nation’s first people, did some treasure hunting and also had an amazing colour run day! The next Holiday program is promised to be just as big and more info will come in the coming weeks, so stay posted! 

We welcomed all our new preps this week and will be working with them each day to ensure they are feeling safe and included into our program. Older children are taking charge here and have been excellent role models these past few days and for that we are incredibly proud. As a part of this week of welcoming back new and old faces, we did a lot of ‘about me’ and ‘welcome’ activities, making sure we get to know all children and families, and new faces in the school community.


Reminder to all parents, guardians and children, that as it continues to be hot throughout Summer we all need to be wearing our hats and putting on sunscreen. However, some children are still missing hats and they are not able to play outside at before and after school care. Also make sure to come check out the school’s and our lost property as they are both filled with a huge array of hats and other lost items! 


For all families if you have any questions about TheirCare and would like to come and have a chat please come visit us in Emu Corner in the morning or afternoon.  Alternatively you can contact us on the details provided and we will help you as best we can.

TheirCare Team:  Luke, Nelly, Louise & Eleanor 

Contact Details: 

Service Phone: 0487004072 
Service Email: 
Head Office: 1300 072 410 


The Lunchbox

The Lunchbox is a locally owned business, located onsite at Footscray West Primary School. We operate a lunch service and cash recess & lunch sales each Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  The philosophy of the business is to provide healthy lunch options to children. We know when children are fuelled well, they learn & play well too.

Our menu offers homemade options such as Bolognese, Pesto, Bento Boxes & Pork, Apple & Carrot Sausage Rolls, Sushi & Burgers, we also make our own Bliss balls, Granola and Brownies.
We offer what kids want to eat with reduced sugar & salt-taste is not compromised, the food is still utterly delicious!
We work in a nut free environment. Dietary needs have been catered to with plenty of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options available. If your child has more specific dietary needs, please get in contact with us so we cater to your individual requirements.  We operate in accordance with the Vic Health, Healthy School Canteens ‘Traffic light system’.

You will notice each menu item on Munchmonitor has been coloured coded accordingly.

How to order
Munchmonitor is our online ordering platform. Once your child’s class has been assigned, you can set up your account.  Remember to update your child's 2021 classroom

Head to
To Register
School ID; footscrayWPS
Password; munch3012

To Order
My account
Student profile
Edit Student profile
Class (righthand side of page - make sure you have updated it for 2021)  
Select classSave profile

See you Feb 10!

The Lunchbox team.