Newsletter - 17 December 2020

Issue 39


Principal's Report

Appreciations and news

Thanks to the Community! Whether you are a parent, carer, student or a staff member, you are part of a community that cares.  Through collaboration, understanding, empathy and purpose we were able to manage the ‘challenge of the age’, as well or even better than we could have imagined.  What has this experience taught us and how can we use this wisdom in the future?

Grade 6 Graduation – Once again I was in the most privileged position to have a role in the annual grade 6 Graduation on Monday. Due to the pandemic, our usual venue, the most impressive Quin Auditorium at Chisholm College was unavailable and the largest indoor space that was practically within our scope was our very own Gecko building.  It was very evident when in the preparation stage that the event was only able to cater for the graduate students, staff and other adults required for the event.  We acknowledge that the parents and carers of the grade 6 students have had to deal with the very real disappointment of not being in attendance – something simply unthinkable less than a year ago.   The grade 6 team of Marco, Towela and Shannon worked with inspired energy with the collaboration of the grade 6 graduation cohort to prepare for the event with a most positive attitude.  The Gecko building interior was breathtaking.

This is a most outstanding group of students. We felt a very strong wish to support them in the most practical of ways, as this COVID blighted year has affected all of us, but we often have felt it has robbed the senior grade of many of the aspects that define the right of passage of the transition from primary to the secondary years.  With only one excursion, no camp, no interschool sports (after term 1), no socials and nearly a semester of remote learning, it would have been understandable if the cohort had developed a negative mindset. Even before they had returned to school during this term, they had demonstrated great commitment and a sense of community.  Through their representative leaders in the Captains’ Crew and JSC they regularly inspired others with great ideas and a regular presence within the weekly assembly videos.

Please read a more comprehensive Graduation report, photos, appreciations and list of award winners on page 3.

Our annual Through School Transition sessions concluded with current students from grades 5 to Prep second visit to their 2021 classes on Monday. Thank you to all the staff and students for managing this process with optimism and good grace.

Moving time – In order to best manage the challenge of moving 5 of our grade One classes, 2 of our grade Four classes and administration, leadership and student services offices into temporary buildings on the oval during the Wallaby building repair next year, we eventually settled on 18 moves of teachers and classes. This process of moving started on Tuesday with easily transportable items and will conclude today (for now) with professional movers attending to move the heavy things.  As we are required to make these moves while the school is fully operating, it is very important that we do this with a focus on safety rather than expediency.  Our maintenance staff member, Taleb and OH&S consultant Rick have been directly working with the movers to ensure the safety of everyone.

When the relocatable buildings arrive in January the next phase of setting up and moving will continue.

Musical Futures grade 6 performances – A big thanks to John Paterson who recorded all of his grades’ musical performances last week. With the super shortened face to face time this semester it was a terrific effort.  As I have learnt this year, the editing of any video work is a real time sink, so I do hope you can appreciate that we have linked just the grade 6 performances at this stage. They were uploaded on our FWPS website on Tuesday and can be accessed through the Musical Futures Link

Captains’ Crew Annual Brunch – All 14 school, class and vice captains joined Shannon and me for a relaxed and enjoyable brunch on Wednesday in the staff room. This was an opportunity to reflect on this most tumultuous of years.  We were able to thank them for their service, terrific ideas and motivation they showed as we negotiated the gamut of learning experiences this year.  Each member recorded some thoughts and tips for next year’s crew.  An appreciation to them all, Shannon for being a wonderful conduit during remote learning and the office team for organising the food and some very special and unique thank you cookies. 


Christmas/Holidays Mufti day
– Thanks to members of JSC, capably supported by Joanna and Medha, for the commitment to enjoyment and public service with our final Christmas and Holidays themed Mufti day today. A figure of $619 was received and will be directed to the Les Twentyman Foundation, a great western suburbs charity that centres on support for families and kids and was selected by the JSC representatives.  We have a historical link to Les and we love to support his Foundation’s work.

FWPS Care Cupboard
The Parents Association have provided the FWPS Care Cupboard for any in our community who may need a helping hand, or have friends, family or neighbours who might need a little assistance during this wild Covid ride.  You can see it is located just at the right of the car park boom gate. (TheirCare and Dumbo access).  As the carpark gate is frequently open, please have a look and take what you need, or if you know what others might need. 


Christmas gift giving – Thanks to all who contributed a gift to
support the Salvos Christmas Appeal supported by JSC. The items
were collected last Friday. 

Canteen last day – Thanks to Lindy and the team. The Lunchbox 3012 has provided an important service since the return from R&FL@H 2.0 and (understandably) the service concludes today allowing sufficient clean up time tomorrow.  We look forward to their return next year.

All OSHC providers have had a challenging year. We are pleased our relationship with TheirCare has remained positive and resolute.  Today Michael, the CEO dropped in with a unique gift - two copies of a delightfully wirtten picture story book, produced by TheirCare for all their partnership schools.  It will be placed in our library collection. 

Last day arrangements – School will conclude at 1.30 pm tomorrow following a whole school assembly on the oval. We welcome parents to attend, by standing on the outside of the assembled students and wearing a mask, as maintaining sufficient social distance maybe a challenge.  This assembly allows us to acknowledge staff and students who are leaving and to provide a final opportunity to farewell our fabulous grade 6 students.  As their parents and carers were unable to attend the graduation on Monday, this farewell is even more important than previous occasions.  We will focus on our graduation group towards the end of assembly, provide an opportunity for them to circulate past our other grades of children and then be the first to leave together, with their wonderful class teachers and through the main school gate on Argyle St together for the (symbolic) final time.  As the students leave, we will provide the opportunity for their parents and carers to follow them.

  • Students in Grades P-5 with parents in attendance will then be able to leave from the most convenient gate. 
  • All remaining students will be directed to the currently utilised exit line up areas and then exit through the gates we have used since our return from remote learning.
  • The TheirCare OSHC program will begin at this earlier time. The students will initially meet at the gazebo after being dismissed.
  • After a well earned break we anticipate seeing our current grade prep to grade 5 students return in grades 1 to 6 on Friday, 29th Our new preps are due to start on the following Monday, 1st February.

We would like to acknowledge the following Grade 6 families who are the last of their family members to attend our school

Zakiya Abas

Isaiah Aguilar

Kamil Aman

Rosie Bilszta

Jason Bonica

Kiana CabreraWilliam ChristieSetia Darmawan

Charlotte Dawkins

Jack DowellPippa Emerson-HastingsJacob Fitzgerald

Ella Foley

Cooper HamlinOscar HaugeOlivia He

Murray Hildebrand

Souljah HoffmanMitchell HouareauAmelia Kent

Lelle Kovacs

Hannah LeCarissa LiCharlotte Mach

Tilly McNamara

Clara MullalyLouis MullalyAllison Nguyen

Noah Pitliangas

Zara RamzanLola RoseLila Ryan

Huseyin Sanli

Jamison SimmonsOphelia Sutcliffe-TrubyOlivia Swinge

Isabella Thomas

Stella ThurleyAndrew TrinhAiden Tschappeller

Leah Wheeler

Amelia WilliamsonGrace WongSamuel Zachariah

We would like to acknowledge the following families who are leaving our school

Josephine Anagnos

Leo & Olivia BoardmanOlive TalesvkiIsaac Windridge

Kribisha Acharya

Elliana & Valencya AnastasiBillie ZachariahBehnia Esmaeilkoukandeh

Amelia Huynh

Yohan RSKaelan VassalloArcher Earl

Some final thoughts.  I would like to thank the staff, students and parents and carers who form the community that learns and plays together at FWPS.  This year has tried us in many ways. At times we may have wondered how we might cope, when the anxiety would diminish and when the long period of lockdown would be behind us.  Through remaining solution and community focused, our community, city and state have managed in a manner very few large populations have been able to.  In the microcosm that is FWPS, I have felt a huge level of support and appreciation on behalf of our teaching and staff team.  That has played an important role in our capacity to support your children and of course, you.  I thank you warmly.

Best wishes and please, stay safe


Coming Events



Fri Dec 18LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR 2020  -  1:30 PM FINISH
Fri Jan 29Grade 1 - 6 Return to School
Mon Feb 1Prep 2021 First Day - early finish 12:30pm 
Thur Feb 18School Photo Day

Grade 6 Graduation

Graduation Appreciation

We wish to acknowledge some special people who have helped us make this event happen despite the constraints we have had this year.

Thank you to members of the Parents’ Association who generously sponsored the awards.

To our staff, past and present, we appreciate your hard work and dedication to ensure that our students continue to achieve their best. A special thanks to the always helpful and supportive team in our office (Sandra, Yvonne, Natalie and Zowi). Believe me not every office team in schools is so committed to supporting what is happening in classes.


A very special thanks to Steve (Soundgarage) and Sonia Lear (parent and media professional) who prepared the sound and audio-visual display. Thanks to John and David (Musical Futures), Steve (again) for helping the band rehearse and also Lauren Jamieson (Performing Arts) who assisted with the dance performance.

The grade 5 students led by Kim, Bre, Lauren, Helena and Andrew prepared the most outstanding book cover testimonials (pictured) for every child. This tradition of grade 5 students interviewing each of the grade 6 students and then preparing a mock book cover dust jacket, the blurb containing a mini bio and projection to the subject’s future is a highlight.  Perhaps inspired by the circumstances, advanced digital compositing skill and the support of the teachers, the presentation this year was the best I have ever seen.  They will be a wonderful keepsake for our grade 6 students.


Thank you to Happy Camper Pizza for providing the food for the post-graduation event.

To everyone in the decorations committee and all the other staff members, especially Silvana, Susie and Taleb for helping to transform the gym.

Congratulations to the grade 6 students who were worthy recipients of the Civic, Academic, and Specialist awards that were presented at graduation on Monday.

Russell Ford Classroom Encouragement Awards
6MP BoyJackson Patching
6MP GirlRosie Bilszta
6TS BoyWilliam Christie
6TS GirlAbby Jovan
6SM BoyKoda Herrick
6SM GirlAmelia Williamson

Civic Awards
Peer selected Citizenship AwardLouis Mullaly 6TS
Teacher selected Lyn Burnham AwardAlana Birdahic 6TS

Specialist Awards
Physical EducationHarry Gardner-Solomon 6SM
ArtNoah Pitliangas 6MP
ItalianAmelia Kent 6SM
MusicJohanna Wells 6SM
Performing ArtsLouis Mullaly 6TS

Academic Awards - Literacy
Frank Burton-Clay AwardSetia Darmawan 6SM
Frederick Mellor AwardBen Barham 6SM
Centenary AwardMarnie Rowe 6MP

Academic Awards - Numeracy
Sylvia McColl AwardBlaze Gardner-Solomon 6SM
Paul Bailey AwardBen Barham 6SM
Jeanette Fielding AwardMarnie Rowe6MP

The All Rounder Award
Johanna Wells 6SM


Prep Update

Thanks to all of the 2021 Preps and their families who joined their teachers for small group meetings on Monday. The Prep teachers loved chatting with you and seeing your gorgeous smiling faces! We understand that this time was tricky for some families and we look forward to meeting all of you in person next year! 

From the Prep team

Vic Health Free Soccer Clinic

When:  Every Saturday morning from 9.00 am to 10.00 am

Where – Ralph Reserve, Ralph Street, West Sunshine.,+Sunshine+West+VIC+3020

Register your interest by filling out the Jot form and booking a place for yourself in 2021.

Western Suburbs/Sunshine Height Free Soccer Clinics every Saturday from 9.00 am – 10.00am throughout 2021. Have fun, stay active, meet new friends and play the beautiful game within the local community every Saturday for up to 40 weeks of the year at no charge thanks to Vic Health.

Saturday December 12th 2020 andSaturday 19th December.   Recommencing from 2nd January 2021. 

All abilities welcome, girls and boys. All age groups from 4 to 16

Register your interest by filling out the Jot form and booking a place for yourself in 2021.

Contact – Jose Mansilla on 0414 077 745