Newsletter - 10 December 2020

Issue 38


Principal's Report

We have the finish line in sight and we hope it isn’t a mirage!

Appreciations and news

A big credit to our senior cohort of students who have been so mature, positive and engaging to work with, particularly on their return to face to face learning.  Their enthusiasm has been matched by our amazing grade 6 teachers; Marco, Towela and Shannon, who have worked tirelessly to ensure the challenges and disappointments of this year will not be the abiding memories of our current grade 6 cohort. A shout out too for Sandra, Yvonne, Natalie and Zowi in the office.  They have provided great help with ideas and logistical support.  This week our senior students have been busy preparing and videoing their performances, prior to the actual event on Monday afternoon.  Following the formal aspect, it will be time for a mid-afternoon party, the very first social event the grade 6 students have been able to attend this year.  On Tuesday they will then have a relaxed morning of games followed by a picnic on the oval. In the days following the graduation, families will receive a USB drive with the performance and presentation packaged for family memories.

Through School Transition 1 and 2 – Each year we prioritise students having the opportunity to meet their new teachers and classmates as they step up into their new classes for an hour or so.  This was successfully done on Tuesday and a follow-up will occur from 9.30 am on Monday. Prep team members visited all the classes to take pictures and they are included in today’s newsletter and will feature in next week’s assembly video.

Last week I mentioned that the Junior School Council end of year meeting and party will be held tomorrow. If you have a JSC rep in your family make sure you pack a lunch with perhaps some party food for your child.  JSC has planned for a Mufti (casual dress) Day on Thursday of next week.  The theme will be a Christmas holiday theme.  A great opportunity for showcasing Santa hats and student T-shirts.  We will have a child focused charity as the recipient of our gold coin donations.  JSC will choose the charity when they meet tomorrow.

The class and school captains will have an opportunity for some reflection over brunch next Wednesday morning.  Joined by dynamic grade 6 team member, Shannon, we really want to show our appreciation for how they have worked with us as a sounding board and agents of communication through our weekly video newsletters from the start of term 2.

There is word of a grade 6 V staff, skittle challenge late next week.  Stand clear!

Student reports were printed on Wednesday in preparation for being sent home with the students on Friday.  They are addressed to and should be opened in the presence of parents or carers.  A very big appreciation to our part time IT guru Quang (who also works at four other schools) and senior team member, Anne Reciszen, for their superb work.

Our prep 2021 classes will all get to meet briefly for the first time with their class teachers via WebEx video conference on Monday. Just another work around in this challenging year.

Soundgarage 2021
Enrolments are closing for SoundGarage for 2021! Enrolment forms are available from the office or use the link Soundgarage Enrolment Form 2021.  Please ensure you complete both sides, the online component and return the form to the school office by 4pm on Monday 14th December 2020. This is the final date. 

Wallaby Works – For much of the year we have anticipated a substantial and rather disruptive building project to repair the sub floor stability of the ground floor of our original 105-year-old Wallaby Building. Finally on Tuesday FWPS reps met with the architects, building contractors and Vic Government School Building Authority rep.  As recently mentioned in the newsletter, the effect of ensuring the Wallaby building is properly repaired, ready to serve WEFO families for another century, is going to cause us significant dislocation during 2021.  While we know this will be at times difficult, we have proven especially this year that we are a strong, resilient and flexible community. I have confidence we will again manage the challenges we are faced with.  A map indicating where grades and programs will be located (strictly not to scale!) can be found by clicking this link 2021 Class locations.
Building preparation will start during January with the boring of a service trench on the oval to assist with the placement of 6 mod5 double classrooms.  These will need to accommodate all the current classes and programs currently housed in Wallaby.   As we are also endeavouring to keep teams located as closely together as practicable, there is also the need for considerable staff movement.  In fact, 18 class teachers will need to move classrooms!  Italian will be taught in classrooms, or when weather suitable, in the gazebo.  Whole school music classes will be taught in what is currently the Italian room in the Gecko building.  We will be doing lots of set up next week.  Students will work with their teachers in moving small and safely transported items, such as book boxes and maths resources, where all heavy items will be moved by professional removalists, supported by our OH&S representative, Rick and maintenance staff member, Taleb.  The safety of students and staff will be the key for a successfully managed process.

Last day arrangements will be finalised next week and shared through next week’s final newsletter of the year. The school year always concludes at 1.30 pm. We are pleased that amended COVIDsafe rules will allow us to plan for an outdoor assembly.  We are very keen to ensure parents of the grade 6 graduating class have the opportunity to be there with their children on their final moments as primary students at FWPS.

The following item is a summary of our strategic planning for student learning and wellbeing for next year.  This was discussed at our final School Council meeting of 2020 last Monday.

An appreciation to senior team member Anne Reciszen for this summary.

Department priorities

Learning Catch up and Extension

Happy, Active and Healthy Kids

Connected Schools

Focus on writing

Tutor program




Trauma informed practice

Strengthening engagement in learning

Incorporating connections from remote and flexible learning

Learning Catch up and Extension

Focus on writing
This was identified as a priority area in our latest school review, with professional learning and implementation planned for 2020. However as much of this was not possible due to Covid 19, it is one focus that will be carried over for the first half of 2021. A curriculum day, initially due to be held this year was postponed.  It will now be held as a student free day on Friday, February 12th

Tutor program
The implementation of small group intervention in 2021, to be run by experienced staff and targeted on a needs basis across the school.  The Department of Education are providing professional learning and assessment resourcing for identifying students to be involved in the program.  This will be also be factored into our own teacher judgements of student progress during 2020.

Classroom Instruction that Works
Our whole school learning model CITW will continue to be a major focus as we know that these strategies have a high positive impact on student engagement and achievement.

Happy, Active and Healthy Kids

Establishing the Department of Education’s Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships model within the school will build upon and complement our successful Tribes process.

Ensuring that students are able to reengage with all aspects of their schooling.

Trauma informed practice
Monitoring of students and staff mental health and wellbeing after the Covid crisis.  Staff have engaged in some professional learning on return from remote learning and this will be a continuing focus in 2021.

Connected Schools

Strengthening engagement in learning
Identifying what we have done well in the past and bringing this back into everyday life at school.

Incorporating connections from remote and flexible learning
Determining the positives that may have evolved from remote and flexible learning such as:

  • Partnerships between schools and families
  • Digital learning etc and finding a way to build upon these.

Coming Events



Mon Dec 14

Through School Transition (2) - 9:15am

Mon Dec 14Grade 6 Graduation 12:30-3:30pm
Thur Dec 17Mufti - Casual dress Day 
Fri Dec 18LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR 2020  -  1:30 PM FINISH
Fri Jan 29Grade 1 - 6 Return to School
Mon Feb 1Prep 2021 First Day - early finish 12:30pm 

Pupils of the Week



Your interesting and highly thoughtful contributions to our class discussions about animals. Superb! 



For being so thoughtful and helping others. It is appreciated.



The wonderful improvement in her reading.  Keep up the fantastic effort.



The wonderful effort you apply to all your learning.  Well done.



The way you care for the people around you.



Being a fabulous classmate. We will miss you at FWPS. Enjoy your new school.


Olivia B

Her creative narrative writing. Keep up the great effort! 


Owen E

Applying his personal best effort when publishing his story. Fantastic!



Being a wonderful helper to your classmates.  Well done!


Ayden S

Trying his hardest during learning activities and asking for help when he needs it. Ayden has been applying his personal best during recent writing tasks.




Your wonderful effort working through the writing process to create a narrative with excellent word choice and descriptive language.



Showing mutual respect to his classmates and being inclusive of others during social and academic tasks. Fabulous!



All of your fantastic and consistent effort throughout the year.



Continually following the Tribes Agreements in 2020.



Being a kind and caring classmate and looking out for her friends.



Being an outstanding role model towards all students.



Always following the Tribes Agreements and working cooperatively with your classmates. Fantastic, Grace!


Elise C

The effort you put into writing poems.  It’s great to see you use all your learning about word choice!



Following the Tribes Agreements and being such a positive member of 4LB!



Listening attentively in class.



An amazing year in grade 4 and for being a great role model for everyone.



Being a respectful and enthusiastic member of the class this year. 5BC and the FWPS community will miss you. All the best for Grade 6, Archer!



Consistently trying her personal best and bringing a positive attitude to our class!



Demonstrating perseverance and resilience in every single task that you complete. You are a superstar Lily!



The effort you put into creating your advertisement. You showed great collaborative skills working with your partner and we were all entertained!



The effort you applied to write a well-written narrative about a trip to Mars.



Being a great role model to others, always following the Tribes Agreements and staying focussed in class.



Your enthusiasm when helping out with all school activities. What a top effort you’ve put in over the years Kiana!

A greatly improved attitude to your reading. Keep up the amazing effort.

Class Photos 2021

2021 GRADE 1

2021 GRADE 2

2021 GRADE 3

2021 GRADE 4

2021 GRADE 5

2021 GRADE 6

Library Update

Premiers' Reading Challenge

The Premiers Reading Challenge certainly was a challenge this year, with the closure of our school library and public libraries making it very difficult for students to access books. Despite these challenges, I’m happy to announce the following students completed the Challenge. Congratulations!

Zoe 12A
Joshua 2LE
Mahibah 3JS
Zarif 3JS
Harry 3JS
Oscar 3JS
Scarlett 3JS
Lexie 3JS
Noah 4MK

End of Year

The Library has now closed for this year. Please check your bookcases and under beds at home and return all school library books. 



An update from the FWPS Parents Association

Hi everyone,

Firstly, a very big thanks to everyone who replied to our email about the Parents Association Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM was held last Thursday evening at Harley and Rose, where we thanked all outgoing Exec and Committee representatives, and welcomed in the 2021 office bearers.

A REALLY big thank you to all PA representatives who participated, helped or contributed in some way during 2020 (even despite the crazy year!), including: Angela Ashley-Chiew (School talks), Suzanne Mosca (Social connections), Teresa MacKintosh (Bunnings BBQ), Jane Scott-Kemp (2nd Hand Uniform Shop), Maggie Rybka & Bec Pratt (Mother’s and Father’s Day Stalls), Mo Cushnie (Earn’n’Learn stickers), Kate Garcia (Treasurer), Tinny Sestokas (Secretary), Fiona Spruzen (Vice President), and Sharee Logan (President). Plus, a special shout-out to the fabulous volunteers who assisted with the 2020 Prep Families Welcome Picnic and 2nd hand uniform shop, and to Kristen Mackenzie and Randall Wee for supplying plants for the Mother’s Day Stall and in support of World Teacher’s Day.

Thanks also to the following people who put their hands up to take on a PA role in 2021:

  • President: Sharee Logan
  • Treasurer: Kate Garcia
  • Secretary: Tinny Sestokas
  • Stalls (Mother’s & Father’s Day): Maggie Rybka and Bec Pratt
  • Fundraising: Sharee
  • PA Committee: Bec Lacy

And a few other announcements……

  • We’re super pleased to let you know that the FWPS Care Cupboard is now up and running. Please check out this FAQ for information about how to access the Care Cupboard, as well as how to contribute.
  • If anyone has a basket that they could donate to store ‘overflow’ items in the office, can you please let us know at
  • We’re busy planning for the start of 2021 and the arrival of the new Preppies. To help welcome families, we’re organising a ‘Welcome bag’ for each family and a ‘social connections’ sign-up process to connect people with others families in their Preppie’s grade
  • We’re working on a survey to send out to members to see what you’d like the PA to focus on over the year ahead.

If you have any questions about the above or in general, please email us at: Or, if you’d like to join the PA, please follow this link: FWPS PA e-registration form.

Westgate Imperials Basketball Team

Westgate Imperials have selected their teams for 2021 and we have a number of Footscray West Primary students that have made the cut.
Westgate Imperials represent the inner western suburbs in the Junior Victorian Basketball League JVBL.

Congratulations to the following FWPS students. 


Under 14.1Under 14.2Under 14.3
Lyla JoyceArlyn PattersonJanuary Moore
Tilly McNamara Sunny Storti Ljubas
Marnie Rowe Indigo Troedel
Leah Wheeler  


Under 12.1Under 12.2Under 12.3Under 14.1Under 14.2Under 14.3
Bodee McleodTomasi WatersOscar CameronRyan LawMax PhelanGriffin Barker
  James Joyce  Artisan Sairat
  Finley Rowe   

Vic Health Free Soccer Clinic

Western Suburbs/Sunshine Height Free Soccer Clinics every Saturday from 9.00 am – 10.00am throughout 2021. Have fun, stay active, meet new friends and play the beautiful game within the local community every Saturday for up to 40 weeks of the year at no charge thanks to Vic Health.

Starting - Saturday December 12th 2020
All abilities welcome, girls and boys. All age groups from 4 to 16

Where – Ralph Reserve, Ralph Street, West Sunshine.,+Sunshine+West+VIC+3020

When – Every Saturday morning from 9.00 am to 10.00 am
How - Register your interest by filling out the Jot form and booking a place for yourself in 2021.
Contact – Jose Mansilla on 0414 077 745