Newsletter - 3 December 2020

Issue 37


Principal's Report

Today, we mark International Day of People with Disability.  I feel that we have come a long way in education and in the wider community in appreciating and understanding the myriad of challenges that so many of our community members have to deal with every day. An official day can assist us all take a moment to reflect.

For safety sake!  After school yesterday, class teachers Jane and Dan were so concerned about some dangerous behaviour, that they rushed to my office to share their concerns.  It seems that at the rear of the school access to Blandford St, too many of our students exiting in family groups, particularly through the wider, vehicle access gate, were not crossing where they should at the supervised crossing.  Jane and Dan’s immediate concerns related to a prep child crossing in front of a car, the driver who was forced to brake heavily to avoid a serious incident.  Within a couple of minutes, Dan was approached by one of our parents who was shaken and upset with a separate matter, where an older child had also darted dangerously across the road.  This afternoon I will be attending the back gate to assess the situation for myself, but not before having some serious words with the students who have risked their own safety.  We are wondering whether we will need to slow the exit of students, by also directing the family groups through the pedestrian gate to encourage them to use the adjacent supervised crossing.  Please be a responsible adult by not waving your child to cross the street where unsupervised.  Please also take five minutes to discuss safe road behaviour over dinner this evening.  The rush really isn’t worth it!

Appreciations to all who have supported the Salvation Army Appeal. This year staff chose to forego the usual staff KK, instead donating to the appeal. It isn’t too late if you would like to add something under the Christmas tree in the office. 

I was pleased to learn that members of the Parents’ Association who had planned to meet virtually tonight, will now be meeting in person this evening.  They represent the very best of our Tribes culture. New members will be welcome in 2021.

Prep Orientation – We have now provided opportunities for a school visit for every child enrolled in Prep for 2021.  The feedback from the prep team and from many of the parents and carers I have chatted to has been positive. The small group format of only 5 students and 5 parents/carers attending at the same time has proven very popular.  We will reflect on what changes we were required to make this year, as some have enhanced the learning experience.  We also need to balance this against the additional commitment for our teaching staff who are already stretched for time and the additional costs in releasing teachers for this purpose.

Staffing next year – We are very pleased that contracted staff members, Eliza Stebbing, Lauren Crump, Lauren Baker and Jessica Russell-Davies will continue with us next year.  We welcome new members to the teaching team, Ashleigh Cavoli who will be teaching in the grade 3 team and Kerrie Ahrens who will be taking on Laura’s family leave in a grade share role (with Helena) in the grade 5 team next year.  Our newest staff members are very excited to join us for a whole day of induction that also will coincide with meeting their classes.

Updat-ed, our new communications app will from now on be the only communication app we use.  For the last month or so we have continued to replicate all messages on Flexischools while (successfully) encouraging a strong take up by parents and carers.  With now 541 users registered, we are adhering to our plan of no longer supporting Flexischools past the end of November.  If you haven’t yet downloaded Updat-ed please do so today. It really is your responsibility to be informed about your children’s school.

Next week

School Council meets on Monday for our final meeting and end of year dinner.  In such an incredible year, the support of our Council members who provide a parent perspective, has been outstanding and deeply appreciated.

Through School Transition – Next Tuesday 8th December after recess, all current students from grades prep to 5 will visit new classrooms and meet their 2021 classmates and class teachers.  The session will take place straight after recess at 12 midday.  We therefore encourage all students to be at school unless health reasons preclude attendance.  This will be the first of two TST experiences, with the follow up day to be held from 9.15 am the following Monday 14th December.

Secondary School Transition – For very good reasons, our secondary school partners have had to manage a logistical jigsaw in trying to find the best way to provide an authentic orientation experience for our district’s grade 6 students.  As the restriction rules have been changed, schools have understandably taken a variety of approaches. Variations include; an online experience, a one-hour face-to-face experience and the more traditional whole day opportunity.  This information was relayed to parents and schools last week.  While we have plenty of empathy and understanding, it does cause us some practical issues as well.  We usually rely on most students (all government schools) attending their new schools for a full day on the Statewide Orientation Day.  This provides us some greater staffing flexibility when it comes to us running our own Through School Transition experiences.

Wallaby works – I reiterate the most recent explanation (Principal’s Report 12th November) when I explained (not for the first time) that the Wallaby Building will be closed for school use next year.  During the holidays we will have 6 relocatable building installed on the oval with a plan to move all the current Wallaby classes into these buildings, along with administration, offices, staff room etc.  As we have still not been able to have our initial meeting with the contracted builder, there are still many unanswered questions.  On our Through School Transition days, grades who will be placed on the oval next year, of course will be meeting in our currently available learning spaces.  After all, a visitation to the actual classroom, is not the main purpose of our TST program.

Hope you are having a terrific week.



Coming Events in Term 4



Fri Dec 4Secrets of the Sky Incursion - 6MP, 5KT, 5BC

Week Beginning Mon Dec 7

Prep 2021 Letter including child's class teacher, classroom map, online meeting time and assessment time sent to families

Tues Dec 8

Through School Transition (1) - 12:00pm
Mon Dec 14

Through School Transition (2) - 9:15am

Mon Dec 14Grade 6 Graduation 12:30pm
Fri Dec 18LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR 2020  -  1:30 PM FINISH
Fri Jan 29Grade 1 - 6 Return to School
Mon Feb 1Prep 2021 First Day - early finish 12:30pm 

Pupil of the Week






Your interesting and highly thoughtful contributions to our class discussions about animals. Superb! 



Being a true mathematician working through the problem solving process to check your work using a calculator.



The positive way you listen to feedback and apply it to your learning.   Keep it up.



Being a kind, considerate and helpful class member.



The way you apply effort to all that you do. Well done!



The amazing effort you put into all of your learning tasks. We’re proud of you Sophie.



The creative publishing of your narrative. Well done! 



Applying a growth mindset to his reading and writing tasks. Keep it up!



Always giving your personal best effort in all tasks. Well done!



Constantly demonstrating all Tribes Agreements, but most recently applying her Personal Best to all learning tasks. Rory perseveres and works through any challenges. Well done!



Consistently showing the Tribes Agreements and being a kind friend to others in our class. 



Making wonderful contributions during class discussions on various topics. Sensational!



Joining in class activities and playing with others in the playground



Writing a wonderful descriptive poem about nature.



Writing an excellent poem using a variety of poetic devices. Fantastic effort Liye!



Using initiative and showing maturity during class.



Always applying your personal best effort. You should be very proud of what you have achieved this year, Christa. Keep it up!



Showing great resilience when solving multiplication problems. You've got a great attitude to learning, Ada!



Writing two narratives with creative problems and great word choice!



Your excellent application to your classwork.



Applying your personal best effort to all tasks and for showing a growth mindset.



Applying his personal best during creative writing tasks. Your knowledge and enthusiasm for the RAFTS strategy shines through during these sessions. Well done, Malik!



For participating readily in group activities to contribute his ideas.



His detailed reflections and efforts during Literature Circles. Well done, Seb!



Working hard to write an interesting narrative.


Milly W

Encouraging and caring for others and always putting in your personal best to your work.



Always listening attentively and being a kind and appreciative classmate. Terrific effort Zakiya!

Prep Update Week 9

This week our Preps have continued to support our 2021 Preps transition program by working in the Dingo building on various days. The Prep teachers would like to share an appreciation with our current Preps for their flexibility and resilience to work within a different space.


We have continued to work with our classes to develop their skills when working in cooperative learning groups and giving and receiving feedback. The prep students have been enjoying note taking, creating factual posters about animals and furthering their numeracy skills in a range of areas such as, capacity, sharing and chance.


The Prep classes will collect all take home books on Friday the 4th of December. Please have a look around your home to find any books that may be floating around. We strongly encourage all students to continue reading daily, even over the holidays, so that the skills they have worked so hard to obtain continue to strengthen. Please utilise the levelled reading books on Wushka. Your child's teacher will send home your child's login details in case you have misplaced them by the end of the week.


Thank you to our families for your ongoing support.

PAC Updated
Exploring capacity using the hands on WATER way!

PAC have been learning all about capacity this week. We’ve been enjoying lots of hands on activities, comparing the capacity of different shaped containers and estimating the amount that they would hold.

Here we are predicting which one would hold more out of two containers.

Then we poured from one container to another to check. We tried our best to make our measurements accurate by filling one container all the way to the top.

Next, we tried different activities, such as ordering containers from holds least to holds most.

We filled containers to different levels, such as – Full, Half Full, Half Empty, Nearly Full, Nearly Empty and Empty.

We’ve had a great week and now we know a lot more about capacity!

Soundgarage Enrolments 2021 - CLOSING!!

SoundGarage 2021 is CLOSING! 
All forms are due to the office by Monday 7th December. 

Enrolment forms are available from the office or use the link below.

Does your child want to be a rock star? Of course they do! Now is their chance to put down the air guitar and pick up a real one! With a contemporary student driven approach, Soundgarage is a fun way to enjoy music.

Children can sing or learn an instrument, build their self-confidence and be involved in a variety of music performances. 

If your child/ren would like to have lessons with Soundgarage in 2021, please register your child  sing the Soundgarage Enrolment Form 2021.  Please ensure you complete both sides, the online component and return the form to the school office by 4pm on Monday 7th December 2020. 

Soundgarage lessons will cost $155.00 per student per term. 

For further information please contact Maddie Owen 0401 844 522 or

The Lunchbox

Munchmonitor Account Closure Procedures

For students departing the school you can receive a refund of the balance in your munchmonitor account. 

Email;, stating your childs name & school.  A full refund will credited to your credit card.

Many thanks for your support.  Wishing you all the best in new year.

The Lunchbox Team.