Newsletter - 26 November 2020

Issue 36


Principal's Report

It has been great sharing smiles at the main gate due to the reduction of COVID-19 restrictions and the relaxation on the requirements for masks to be worn outside.  We all may need the occasional reminder, that as soon as it becomes impractical to stay a safe distance apart, it is time to pop the masks back on.  That is most usually the case during the end of day pick up.

Thanks to Karri our Prep coordinator who last Thursday evening, led a Prep 2021 Q&A session.  A small group of parents, many accompanied by their (soon to be prep) children, attended the session. 

This week we appreciated inviting our 2021 cohort of preps to visit, along with a parent or carer for the first time.  The prep team have ensured this has been a wonderful and engaging ‘bespoke’ experience.  We have reached the half way point with small group visits.  They will also run from Monday to Thursday next week.  The Prep team have done a phenomenal job in flexibly transforming the Prep transition experience in 2020.

With the Victorian Government announcing a move to Last Step for reopening Melbourne, we are very pleased that there will be a significant change in our school operations next week.  For the first time in many months, we will be able to invite parents and carers onto the school grounds.  As I am sure you will understand, there will be some stipulations that will accompany this change.  We will provide more information in an Updat-ed post tomorrow.

Updat-ed – On the subject of our new communication application, it is great to post weekly an update of new/total subscribers.  Last week we had 436 and now we have 490 users.  If you are one of the minority of our parent and carer community yet to register, please make it a priority before it is overlooked in the busy last few weeks of term.  To download the app just visit the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Androids.  Search for Updat-ed by sponsor-ed and from the menu select our school.

Coming up …

The Class allocation process is continuing.  We are at the ‘fine grain’ stage.  Students will learn the classes they are assigned to when we have our first Through School Transition day.  This will be held on Tuesday, 8th December.  When we have the opportunity to ascertain the effect the most recent Department of Education COVID-safe announcements will have, we will be in a better position to provide you with details.

Our grade 6 students are such a positive and mature crew.  This week they have been working with Dianne (Orchard to Plate) and the grade 6 teaching team on a most amazing MasterChef Challenge.  I have included pictures of the two outstanding dishes (thanks Ben and Leah) I was fortunate to taste - well eat - this afternoon.  Well done to all the Grade 6 squad.  They are really excited about the graduation event.  We will provide an update for the community on these plans next week.



All the best,



Coming Events in Term 4



Fri Nov 27Secrets of the Sky Incursion - Grade 5/6 - 27 Nov, 2 Dec, 4 Dec

Mon Nov 30
- Thur Dec 3

Small group meetings for 2021 Prep students. 

Week Beginning Mon Nov 30

Prep 2021 Letter including child's class teacher, classroom map, online meeting time and assessment time sent to families
Mon Dec 14Grade 6 Graduation 12:30pm
Fri Dec 18LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR 2020  -  1:30 PM FINISH
Fri Jan 29Grade 1 - 6 Return to School
Mon Feb 1Prep 2021 First Day - early finish 12:30pm 

Pupils of the Week






Wonderful effort applied to working in a cooperative group and successfully achieving your goal. Superb! 



Putting in effort to read independently for 10 minutes.  Well done!



Applying a lot of effort into improving his handwriting. Keep up the great work!



Your engaging imagination, wonderful good humour, and helpful nature.



Your amazing work in sharing quantities equally. Well done!



Making good choices during group discussions.


Leo H

The effort that you put into publishing your creative narrative. Well done! 



The kindness she shows towards others and the fantastic effort she applies to her learning. 



The terrific focus and effort you put into all your tasks. Well done!



Applying a growth mindset throughout learning tasks, particularly with her character description and narrative writing.



The wonderful effort and knowledge that you demonstrated to create your fraction robot using halves and quarters. 



Her perseverance to complete all academic tasks. You consistently apply your personal best effort. Brilliant!



A great retell and improved reading. Well done. 



The wonderful contributions you make to class discussions.



Showing resilience when faced with challenges. Well done Audrey!



Encouraging others and going the extra mile to make others feel positive about themselves



Attentively listening and contributing to class discussions. Well done! 



The questions you ask in maths. You think carefully about your learning and are always looking to deepen your understanding. Well done, Seb!



Challenging yourself when writing and listening to feedback from your peers and teachers.



Your effort and improvements made in maths this term. Keep up the great work.



Always displaying a positive attitude towards learning.



Her outstanding effort during literature circle reflections, and when crafting a blurb for the Grade 6 book covers. Your detail and consideration during this time is one to be celebrated!




Working collaboratively with your group to film your advertisement. Well done!



Her persistence with creating 3D nets for her space station model.



The focus and effort you have put into your writing this term. Well done Flynn!



Always taking on challenges and applying your best effort to tasks. 



Your excellent effort in maths sessions where you work hard and clearly explain your thinking to others 



Being a great friend in and out of the classroom. What a fantastic role model you are!

Prep Update

Students in PAC enjoyed working in cooperative learning groups to make an animal out of newspaper as part of our integrated studies unit. 


2021 Soundgarage Enrolments CLOSING!!

Enrol now for SoundGarage for 2021!
Enrolment forms are available from the office or use the link below.

Does your child want to be a rock star? Of course they do! Now is their chance to put down the air guitar and pick up a real one! With a contemporary student driven approach, Soundgarage is a fun way to enjoy music.

Children can sing or learn an instrument, build their self-confidence and be involved in a variety of music performances. 

If your child/ren would like to have lessons with Soundgarage in 2021, please register your child  sing the Soundgarage Enrolment Form 2021.  Please ensure you complete both sides, the online component and return the form to the school office by 4pm on Monday 7th December 2020. 

Soundgarage lessons will cost $155.00 per student per term. 

For further information please contact Maddie Owen 0401 844 522 or

An update from the FWPS Parents Association

Hi everyone,

A friendly reminder about the Parents Association AGM…

The FWPS Parents Association AGM is on Thursday 3rd December. 

If you’ve been thinking about what next year can look like, why don’t you come along (virtually) to the FWPS Parents Association Annual General Meeting to meet some of the current Exec and Committee Members or to put your hand up to fill one of the PA Exec or Committee roles in 2021.

In addition to the more “formal” parts of the meeting, we’re also planning on running some fun activities and doing some reflection on the year that’s been.

To come along to the event as a non-member, please email:


To join the PA OR to nominate yourself for a position, please follow this link:
FWPS PA e-registration form and AGM Nomination form

We hope you can make it on the 3rd.  Once you've responded by email above, we will send details on how to log into the meeting.
We look forward to seeing you then!

From the 2020 PA Exec (Sharee, Kate & Tinny) & Committee


West Footscray Football Club

Footy 2021 is ready and waiting for you.

The West Footscray Football Club has been entrenched in the local community for a long time. Since 1932 in fact.

Throughout its 88-year history the club has come to reflect the richly diverse community, offering locals the opportunity be part of thriving junior and senior teams.

In 2018, West Footscray Roosters kicked off our Girls Football Program with a great opening season. With a growing number of girls wanting to play footy, our aim is to continue to expand this program to bring more opportunities for girls to join in the fun. In 2021 Rosters has places for girls to participate in all our age groups, with dedicated teams in under 12’s, under 14’s and under 16’s. No prior game experience in needed, just an enthusiasm to play in a great team sport and enjoy making new friends.

To further develop our girls program in 2021, we are pleased to announce Co-Captain of the St. Kilda Saints AFLW squad Kate Shierlaw as the West Footscray Girls Head Coach. Regarded as one of the best football minds of the Saints, Kate will take a mentor role for our female Roosters during training and acting as our Under 16’s Girls head coach game days.

There is also plenty of ways players can join in the fun. With lots of events already in the planning for 2021 from Come and Try days, free footy clinics, pie nights and opportunities to meet the coaches, you’ll have as much fun off the field as on.

At West Footscray Football Club our focus is on enjoyment, participation, and an inclusive environment for all. If you want to be part of a great community sports organisation, please email our friendly team at 

Community Notices

A Christmas-e-Carol will get people singing Maribyrnong’s very own Christmas Carol written and recorded by local artists. Our special version of the 12 Days of Christmas is a nod to our local traders and the delicious diversity of food offerings in this City. Residents are asked to learn the song (even just a piece of it as it is long) and record themselves singing, dancing or playing instruments along. Then send their videos in to be part of the bigger edited version. All the videos compiled will be a a wonderful tapestry of our community singing as one and we want to see all sections of the community, young and young at heart singing together. Submissions are open 13 November – 1 December, with the final video piece circulated from December 14.

Here's the website for all entry links including the song and some suggested dance actions.


Santa and Sirens involves a digital photo competition giving residents the opportunity to win a visit from Santa on a special vintage fire truck. A winner from each suburb in our municipality will be selected. Many of our suburban back streets will enjoy the Santa drive by from their front yard, in what will be a series of small Covid-safe events bringing Santa to the people. Competition entries are open 13 November - 1 December, with the tours taking place from December 14-18. Only residents of the City of Maribyrnong will be able to win this prize. For more details and links on how to enter head to