Grade 6 Graduation Update

Dear Parents/Guardians of grade 6 students,

Following the current restrictions about gatherings (consistent with the most recent update of the School Operations Guide of 4th November), the 2020 Graduation will be held in the GECKO building with grade 6 students and school staff.

Unfortunately, with a need to confirm our arrangements at this stage, we will be unable to host any family members at this year’s graduation event.

Grade 6 students will remain at home on the morning of December 14th (last week of the term) and arrive at school ready for the daytime ceremony to commence at approximately 12:30 pm (TBC).

A 2-hour post ceremony celebration for the grade 6 cohort will be held immediately afterwards. Our staff will provide food and drinks and supervise the students during this time of celebration and reflection through until the normal home time of 3:15/3:30 pm. This will be in the style of the grade 6 socials which were unfortunately cancelled due to COVID 19.

All performances and award ceremonies will be recorded prior to and at this time and will be provided to each student on a USB memory device in the days following our graduation event.

While we understand that parents and family members will be disappointed at this necessary decision, we hope that you will be understanding and supportive. We wish to continue to work cooperatively to ensure our unique graduation is a positive and memorable event for our very worthy, grade 6 cohort.

Term 4 will finish at 1:30pm on Friday 18th December. 

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.


Grade 6 Team

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