Return to School O-Z

Alphabetical grouping O-Z please follow these instructions.

All students in grades P-2 will continue to use the same 3 entrance/exit gates they have been using over the last fortnight.

Three ‘supplementary’ gates will be opened daily. They are located near the gates we have been currently using.

Gate Locations
Drop off anytime between 8.50am - 9.10am

GateAlphabetical GroupingCollection Times

BLANDFORD St access path

(Blandford St)


Students P-2 & Students 3-6 

with a sibling in P-2


BLANDFORD St Vehicle access gate

(Blandford St)


Students 3-6 

with no siblings in P-2


*Before school students attending TheirCare will be directed to class
*Teachers will accompany students attending the TheirCare after school program

Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for parents, carers and guardians


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