End of day Gate Arrangements - Return to onsite learning on Friday 11th June

Remote and flexible learning ceases today

I am sure many of our parents and carers, students and staff felt relieved to hear the news delivered yesterday by the Acting Premier Mr Merlino, that all schools in metro Melbourne would revert to onsite learning from Friday 11 June.

  • It will be back to ‘kiss and go’ at the gates, as we are reuired to reduce the number of non-essential visitors onsite.  In the eonctextof our reduced yard space, this includes parents and carers. Parents and carers will be able to access the office via the Blandford St administration entrance.
  • We will return to the practice of all entrance gates being opened at 8.50 am and all but the gate to administration (now temporarily located on Blandford St at the rear of the school) closing at 9.10 am. After that time, all students will be required to access the school via the school office by signing in at the school office.
  • Students can enter from ANY gate in the morning from 8:50am
  • Students in the afternoon will need to leave by a gate designated for the area of the school where their classroom is located. In most cases this will be a gate closest to where their classroom is. 
  • Students will leave in family groups first. All siblings will exit via the gate designated for the YOUNGEST sibling in their family from 3.20pm 
    • For example - If there is a Prep and grade 6 in a family.  The grade 6 child will go to the prep child’s class and will leave the school via the prep gate which is the Main Argyle St gate, departure planned from 3.20 pm
  • Students who do not have a sibling at FWPS will leave next from the gate designated for their grade group.
  • Grade 1s and grade 4s will exit at the Blandford St gate, cross at the school crossing to be collected by parents at Shorten Reserve
  • Grade Preps and Grade 5s will exit the Argyle St main gate
  • Grade 2s (Bilby) will exit the Argyle St Habitat Haven gate 
  • Grade 3s (Koala) will exit the Argyle St Crossing gate 
  • Grade 6s will exit the Blandford Street vehicle gate
  • Students exiting via the Blandford St pedestrian gate will be accompanied by their teachers, all will be directed via the crossing to Shorten Reserve. Parents collecting their children will need to wait at Shorten Reserve (near Blandford St crossing).
  • Students with bikes and scooters will depart last. All students with bikes or scooters will assemble at the gazebo.   If one or more children in a family have a bike or scooter, all siblings will leave together through the gate designated as the exit gate for the youngest sibling. (eg. Grade 5 child, grade 3 and grade 1 siblings will leave last from the Blandford St pedestrian gate).


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