FWPS Return to Onsite Learning Update 17th February

Dear parents and carers,

As a local community we were delighted this morning to hear the confirmation of a return to onsite learning tomorrow.  Expectations will remain consistent with those in place last week, with gates opening at 8.50 am and all but the main gates closing at 9.10 am, with an expectation of all students being onsite by that time.  Parents and carers will not be permitted to enter classrooms or buildings unless they enter through reception and sign in, stating the purpose of their visit.  Guidelines in the wearing of masks should be consistent with the current state government ruling.

Meet the Teacher

Thanks to the many parents and carers who switched to remote mode when meeting their child’s teacher on Monday.  A reminder that the second day of our annual Meet the Teacher sessions will be held this afternoon and evening.  We stress the importance of ‘attending’ a WebEx meeting at this early part of the year. 
Building a relationship with your child’s teacher is of value for your child, for you and for the teacher.  While the booking site was closed at 2.00 pm, your child or children’s teachers will be keen to have  a conversation, even if you need to rely on a phone chat.  We anticipate that every family will have engaged in this important communication opportunity by the end of the week.

School Photos

As posted in an earlier reminder today regarding arrangements for family photos, Thursday is also the first day of our annual photo day, this year extended over two days. The final day being Monday of next week.  Please note, that despite this being the first day of our return to onsite learning, student and staff photos will take place tomorrow as planned.  Tomorrow the Junior school will have their class photos and individual portraits taken in the morning (with the necessary exception of grade 2LP due to the unavailability of Lisa, the class teacher, due to a medical appointment).  Family photos will be taken in the afternoon.  2LP along with middle and senior grades will have their class and individual photos taken on Monday morning.  The family photographs will continue on Monday afternoon.  Please ensure that you have booked today if you wish to have a family photo. Understand that we cannot reschedule or reshoot class photos.   Due to COVIDSafe rules, the traditional staff photo will be developed as a composite this year.  Even though it may be a difficult choice, if your child is showing any signs of cold, cough or flu they should not attend school.


Our canteen, The Lunchbox 3012 will be open as usual on Thursday and Friday this week and again from Wednesday next week.



Brendan Millar



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