Updat-ed post Sunday, 14th February

Dear parents and carers,

We appreciate the very strong take up and use of our Updat-ed application to access all school communications in a timely manner.  Very few calls were made to the office after the Premier’s press conference was held on Friday afternoon and I contend that this may have been due to an expectation that we would communicate with our families by Updat-ed as soon as was practical.  Thank you for your trust in us.

In that communication, we did promise that I would provide subsequent posts where relevant.  

Our teaching staff met at the end of the Curriculum day on Friday.  Staff were advised that they would be required to work from home during the three days of return to Stage 4 restrictions, unless it was necessary for them to work onsite for reasons student supervision or management purposes.  We arranged for a whole of staff WebEx meeting to take place at 8.45 am on Monday. 

Due to these rapid decisions, there should be no expectation of online learning being facilitated tomorrow.  Teaching staff will work collaboratively during Monday to prepare appropriate learning activities that will ensure consistent expectations across each team.  This information will be forwarded via Updat-ed to the relevant grade groupings that all families who are registered will have access to. 

As mentioned on Friday, we will proceed with our afternoon Meet the Teacher appointments tomorrow and on Wednesday. 

To reiterate:

  • Meet the Teacher appointments will still be held on Monday and Wednesday, however now all meetings will be held remotely via WebEx.
  • If you have made an onsite Meet the Teacher appointment, your appointment time remains the same but you will need to use the WEBEX link that was issued with your confirmation email. Should you have any queries relating to access, please contact the office from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm on Monday to Wednesday.

It is important to highlight that the reason for parents and carers to meet with class and specialist teachers is to share knowledge of your child; how they learn and socialise.  Let us not let COVID hijack this valuable time!

As school will not operate until Thursday at the earliest, our online assembly will not be posted at this stage.  Any other information relating to planned events, for instance school photo days, will be communicated as events unfold.


Yours faithfully,

Brendan Millar


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