Gli asini la sanno lunga! Donkeys know a lot of secrets!


ZigoZago takes his name from an ancient and secret place somewhere in Italy, ruled by Queen Babaluba and her faithful wizard. As it happens in all the legends, it’s hard to tell what is true and what has been added up to give flavor to the story. ZigoZago is investigating his background and insists that only a donkey could unveil the truth about his origins.

But where do you find a donkey in a city, in 2015?! We’ll have to explore the country….

Cerca qui e cerca la`, look here and look there, we have finally found a family of donkeys and ZigoZago finally was able to have a good chat with Agostino and Camilla, two very kind donkeys who whispered something in his ear. Now I am so curious but our cheeky Zigo Zago still keeps the segret! He will drive me mad! What do you think Donkey Agostino told him?



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