ZigoZago arrives in Lecce


Eccoci! Here we are!

Where are we? Dove siamo?  Dov’e` Zigo Zago?

We are in the city of Lecce, capital of the Salento, an area also known as “tacco d’Italia”, the heel of Italy, (if you see the shape of the Italian country as a boot, well, we are right in the heel of the boot!)

Here in five pictures zooming in, we post a bit of geography for all those who want to have an idea of where we have moved for the next week.

ZigoZago is so happy, he is singing all the time, have a look: http://youtu.be/Tpp7xEmdK5I

Ciao a tutti, ci vediamo presto!


ZigoZago e Giuliano

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