Zigo zago techno-savvy

Ciao a tutti! Hi everyone!

We are getting ready to fly to Italy, we are very excited and checking up if we are able to use this technology!

I’m lucky because Zigo Zago learns fast like all the youngsters and he is teaching me lots of tricks.

He is so happy to represent all the students of FWPS during this journey and already loves them all dearly.

One of our students even took him a cup-cake while he was resting in his magic bed. Zigo Zago & the cup-cake!I think it was Daniel: thank you Daniel, Zigo Zago was very touched by your kindness! Here is a picture of the event, enjoy your holidays everyone, and keep following us!

Hey, click on this link and see if it works: http://youtu.be/sLgjAHmXvNw

Forza ragazzi!

Giuliano e Zigo Zago

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