Gli asini la sanno lunga! Donkeys know a lot of secrets!


ZigoZago takes his name from an ancient and secret place somewhere in Italy, ruled by Queen Babaluba and her faithful wizard. As it happens in all the legends, it’s hard to tell what is true and what has been added up to give flavor to the story. ZigoZago is investigating his background and insists that only a donkey could unveil the truth about his origins.

But where do you find a donkey in a city, in 2015?! We’ll have to explore the country….

Cerca qui e cerca la`, look here and look there, we have finally found a family of donkeys and ZigoZago finally was able to have a good chat with Agostino and Camilla, two very kind donkeys who whispered something in his ear. Now I am so curious but our cheeky Zigo Zago still keeps the segret! He will drive me mad! What do you think Donkey Agostino told him?



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ZigoZago ha fame di dolci!


Zigo Zago ha fame! He is hungry like… a donkey, I guess, but he likes the same things I do: gelato, nutella, cioccolata… Here is my friend poking his nose into a yammy icecream, (actually two, he is planning to have ‘mille’, 1000 of them before leaving!) and…hey, look at this street signal! It doesn’t say ‘work in progress’, it seems that something else is in progress here! Can you tell what is it all about?

ZigoZago e Giuliano

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ZigoZago arrives in Lecce


Eccoci! Here we are!

Where are we? Dove siamo?  Dov’e` Zigo Zago?

We are in the city of Lecce, capital of the Salento, an area also known as “tacco d’Italia”, the heel of Italy, (if you see the shape of the Italian country as a boot, well, we are right in the heel of the boot!)

Here in five pictures zooming in, we post a bit of geography for all those who want to have an idea of where we have moved for the next week.

ZigoZago is so happy, he is singing all the time, have a look:

Ciao a tutti, ci vediamo presto!


ZigoZago e Giuliano

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2015: Buon Anno! Happy New Year!

ZigoZago al Colosseo

2015…. Landed!

Happy New Year! Buon Anno!

Giuliano & ZigoZago arrived in Roma, Italy, on the 1st of January and had a winter tour of the capital city before flying south to the city of Lecce, the heart of an ancient land called “il Salento”.

Here is a picture of Zigo Zago at the famous Colosseum in Rome and the first excited message the two travellers sent to all friends and supporters.

It’s freezing cold here now, but it’s sunny and so beautiful, BELLISSIMO!

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